5 Dark Sorcerers Against 1 Lightworker

5 Dark Sorcerers Against 1 Lightworker

I think there is something bigger afoot because when I mention “God” the demiurge aka Yaldabaoth’s involvement in this I get psychically attacked all throughout the video really, really bad.

You can also see entities.

That said, feeling what I felt I am kinda questioning my gnostic christian beliefs on who is really God and whether s/he IS the highest Source I need to be connected to to get myself away from this 👇🏻

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This in part is what got me on the gnostic christian perspective on God. Note the all seeing eyes on the “angels” which is how they actually look according to Ezekiel:

Angels Are Demons and The Bible Proves It

That said every time I defy God these demons that I am fighting seem to be “allowed” by a force to get stronger and defeat me.

At one point I felt disconnected from Source when I spoke against God so I don’t know.

I gotta investigate more by going within.

With that being said I am facing 5 sorcerers against 1 person = me.

This is how one of em, Michael O’ Terrence, appears in the astral:

How he looks in real life, more akin to.

From what I heard she is trapped in the 6th dimension, in a mental hospital.

These evil mofos killed her in her sleep and now she can’t wake up.

I also heard that from one timeline I diverged from on August 21 2022 when I got taken out my body – both my full consciousness AND Soul – they placed an evil Soul piece of hers that has her consciousness into my body!

There are times where in the astral plane I could hear her and Barbara together and one time when, through visualization, I tried to place my consciousness back into my body – the front – I could hear her saying, “Get out of my head” so I don’t know which way is up or down.

That said these people – are these things – done put entity attachments in my head, my Soul consciousness so I don’t know what is going on and once something is in your head they can play with your consciousness, your perception, what you see esp. through your third eye and including your physical eyes with the enemy being behind “enemy” lines in your eyes, your head!

I have even seen the memories of Rosie – she grew up in a big house, a nice wealthy home – it is ashame what happened to her – play in MY head!

I was even told the Baron Samedi roach attachment – one looks like Michael O’ Terrence and the other, when controlled by a black guy, looks like Baron Samedi in a white suit and a white face mask similar to how Baron Samedi was portrayed in the James Bond film:

Mofo loves abusing my family, especially my father, in the astral realm.

That said these are 5 people that use extremely complexed shit, basically, astral machines that are designed – as I am learning – to overlap on a person’s physical body to obfuscate their own natural world on their body and then drive them to schizophrenia and/or death (usually they get you in your sleep as almost happened to me a coupla times).

What they do is that the first thing they do is grab your astral dna stick which rests at the very front of your forehead and then compromise it by incorporating they themselves and their ancestors (it is usually your #13 bloodline DNA and #23 23rd DNA that they violate) and then from there place their Soul pieces into your body and integrate them with your Soul if you are missing a chunk of your Soul (which you can get via Soul retrieval) so that they can fuck you up from there.

That said the merging Soul pieces thing – using Soul pieces with your Soul consciousness – almost cost me my life when I was able to literally feel as I tried to go to sleep Michael O’ Terrence’s astral alter ego “Baron Samedi the roach attachment” use a flamethrower to burn my face, which I literally felt when I woke up:

That’s how folks die in their sleep.

They do something to place your Soul’s consciousness close to your head. In my case they poked holes into my Soul’s head then poked holes into my Soul’s consciousness (the whole Soul consciousness Soul piece) so my physical self would feel more in the astral realm where they could hurt me more.

That said as outlined here:

The Situation Is Real Serious Now: Nanobots Being Placed Into Me To Make Me Get Possessed By Barbara’s Computer Program

And here:

How To Fight Off Sentinent Astral Parasites In Your Head

Psychic Attacks Against Lightworkers Are Rising

And here:

Now These Astral Parasites Got A Possessing Spirit Named Eden To Take Me Over

David Reina Just Tried To Replace My Brain Stem With Rosie’s

Both these situations were scary ass fuck, especially last Friday when I could hear the possessing spirit of Rosie jump in via a roach entity attachment named, “Rosie the Roach Queen” and attempting to take me over, who I was able to quickly exorcise from out of my body.

These motherfuckers are extremely powerful and I don’t know if it is coming from the entity attachments or the people who created them (I think there is a possibility that they may not have based on a reading I just had saying that they are extraterrestrial in nature and they are too sentinent to be anything but in my opinion):

How To Get Rid of The Voices In Your Head aka Astral Parasites And Free Rosie

That said when Barbara Reina placed this entity attachment in my head here:

Which allowed for her astral parasites to enter my mind, first starting in, supposedly, the pineal gland then on forth to the subconscious area and now they are in my head which is according to them the “last stop” before they sacrifice you.

They have victims hooked up to the back of your head with computers, writing “books” on the narrative for your life from what I have experienced:

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

I just removed some plugs placed in me by astral entities.

That’s how serious this shit is.

That said she does something to connect you to the inner world of her subconscious mind and connect you to ger corner – inner mind – of the astral plane.

Or it could just be the realm of those astral parasites. There is no telling 🤷🏼‍♀️

I will say that I am on the verge of breaking free of this curse:

Close To Defeating The Curse of Barbara Reina And David Reina aka Gooru

* I JUST DID DEFEAT IT – ALMOST! I ‘woked ALL the entities – ancestors included – by removing them ALL from my head using a entity attachment of a third eye in the back of my head. Also there is a “pipe” that is on the left side that allows for foreign entities like non

That said they are trying to get back in and just now Michael O’Terrence used an entity attachment that he positioned in the back of my head to get back in.

He just got into my whole Soul consciousness so stay tuned…..

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