White Woman Barbara Is Doing Black Magic To Keep Me Out Of Malibu So She Could Become Me

White Woman Barbara Is Doing Black Magic To Keep Me Out Of Malibu So She Could Become Me

This is a real jealous bitch.

David Reina and how he appears in the astral:

Barbara Reina and how she appears in the astral:

She changed my Soul – and my Soul pieces – to look like hers so she won’t get attacked!

Michael O’ Terrence and how he appears in the astral:

Here is Rosie, a victim whose whole Soul got placed inside her consciousness in the 6th dimension and of whom they took – as they are trying to do with me with “Eden” – a Soul piece which they turned evil:

– They plan on inducting my mother into their sick ass coven.

Aside from desperately wanting to sacrifice me – her and David Reina – to get my Soul this bitch is really trying to become me and take my identity hence why she is trying to keep me out of Malibu, with her constantly saying “I don’t want you back” and “niggers don’t belong in Malibu”:

What Barbara Reina And David Reina Are Doing To Me Is Just Like In That Film “Get Out”

Barbara Reina Steals The Little Bit Of Blessings I Got To Possess My Body

This woman has been using the astral parasites she has placed in me to steal bit of my Soul consciousness, personality so that she can become me. She uses her entity attachments that look like her coven:

So that she can steal pieces of identity like my Soul consciousness, personality, even memories to become me.

She also steals them so she can create these:

Which she will then attach and or place in me or in or on my family and ancestors which is designed to turn us into sacrifices and place us in hellish realms.

As I am learning she has put black magic on me cause she is jealous of me, jealous of my walking around shirtless and she wants to be me and based on what I am hearing from her astral parasites whom she placed in me to monitor what I am doing for her she hates when I am getting close to coming back to Malibu and has gone to great lenghts astrally – including placing possessing spirits like Rosie and Eden in charge of timelines where I come back as well as placing them in me as she did early this morning – so I won’t return…..

Now These Astral Parasites Got A Possessing Spirit Named Eden To Take Me Over

David Reina Just Tried To Replace My Brain Stem With Rosie’s

Barbara Reina Is DESPERATE To Possess My Body

Barbara Reina Steals The Little Bit Of Blessings I Got To Possess My Body

Late last night a large roach attachment as they call it jumped into my body and attempted to take me over that come from her.

Early this morning I felt a dark entity they call “Eden” speaking in the back of my head, which I am still trying to exorcise OUT! On top of that a roach attachment they call “Barbara the roach queen” started pushing my consciousness out (I can feel that demon right now twisting shit in my crown chakra as I write this).

That is how real this shit is.

Not to mention she has put droves and droves of entities, entity attachments in me that I don’t know where to begin to cleanse.

I have been trying to get an RV so I can come back so if anyone knows of one available or got one they can give away or sell themselves or if you want to donate here so I can get one:



Thank you so much!

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