I Now Realize That I Was Being Inducted Into A Parasitic Consciousness And Soul Eating Astral AI Supercomputer

I Now Realize That I Was Being Inducted Into A Parasitic Consciousness And Soul Eating Astral AI Supercomputer

This is a world coming from someone’s subconscious: Barbara.

It makes sense why their “Gooru” said that his realm is not the real Gooru realm.

It also makes sense why when they showed the devil they showed the motherfucker from South Park:

While saying he is not the real devil and Yaldabaoth not being the real God…..

It also explains why they are all desperate to have you sign a Soul contract under at least one of emand why they report back to Barbara, who collects Soul pieces to claim a person for her coven and/ or realm:

They are all coming from Barbara’s subconscious mind and she uses Soul contracts through one of her entities so that after death she can place you in her subconscious mind in her realm in the astral so she could use your Soul as power for her machine…..

I talked about that here……


As she has done to so many people…..

It dawned on me when an entity, a roach named Pallet Numbre that was created by feeding off the Soul of my dad placed box entity attachments with chords attached to allow me to see and hear better – and interact better – with entities in the astral:

Here are the instruments used as part of these astral supercomputer:

Alot of things that have gone on now makes sense…..

The Situation Is Real Serious Now: Nanobots Being Placed Into Me To Make Me Get Possessed By Barbara’s Computer Program

This was scary!

These People Have The Ability To Apport Objects From Out of Nowhere That Is How Serious This Is

I Think Barbara’s Astral Coven Is An MK Ultra Government Program Designed To Destroy Starseeds And Lightworkers

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That is why they are so sentinent, intelligent and manipulative….

They are very cognizant.

It makes sense why at the start of this “Gooru” – the real, physical one, would try to help me retain my consciousness and leave little clues/ and messages telling me not to engage with these entities. Even Barbara’s higher self at times would step in to tell them leave me alone or lighten up.

At times I could hear what sounded like her real self saying, “Leave her alone. Leave that girl alone.”

I can hear these entities that look like this:

I Saw The Astral Entities That Turn People Against Me

How To Fight Off Sentinent Astral Parasites In Your Head

Tell me what Barbara is up to, the real one, and then, especially if I am trying to escape, tell Barbara that I am coming back to Malibu or my plans to seek revenge against her.

They also told me that they wanna take over my consciousness and make an “alliance” where they feed from me by inducing me to be jealous and sacrifice people, just as they induced Barbara Reina to be they told me.

These things feed off of folks’s misery and consciousness and their Souls…..

Depiction of what they do with the pieces of consciousness that their wraith like entity attachments from their entity attachment machines look like:

When I see these entities they tend to look like this (not quite but sorta holographic):

They are according to them in the 6th dimension.

They use a Soul connector chord like this to connect other folks to their little corner in the astral plane so they can get their Soul via the pineal gland:

They use entity attachment “programs” like Pallet Numbre (who is very sentinent) to eat rather expeditiously your consciousness and memories as they did me (when I awoke I noticed my chakras were gone – I feel dull as fuck – and a piece of my whole Soul consciousness gone and manipulated with other’s Soul pieces placed in). That and Pallet Sabe, a dragon like entity they call a roach attachment that is brown in color.

He doesn’t fuck me up as much cause my dad’s consciousness is in him.

These things are highly manipulative – very entitled to your Soul – and like to keep you in their “game” for as long as possible so they can feed off of you.

I noticed that when I try to escape they will go back to Barbara and whine, “We need to feed” and concoct something to keep me playing their game.

When I have tried to escape they threaten and will try viciously to pull out all the stops!

We get connected via this supercomputer shown here that is comprised of present and past victims who are unwittingly pulled into this. For instance I saw my mother and father – both of whom are not spiritual at all – operating these computers that create narratives for your life and what you say and do:

This lady here talked about the same thing pretty much so we are not crazy:

From what I have experienced the Soul connector you see above is attached to the pineal gland of someone who they find interest in based on who they have seen when going down your memories and then attaching the supercomputer you see to these people’s subconscious minds and then they try to push for a Soul contract so that they will have “legal” grounds to feed off of you…..

The way they work is they collect as many Soul pieces from you as possible and do everything in their power to separate you from the ancestors inside of you so you will not have spiritual protection so they will be able to manipulate you into playing their game and force you into a Soul contract!

Before this even started I heard Gooru saying how he separated me from my spirit guides, etc. to keep me from calling on them to fight them.

They then through the use of their own supercomputer create artificial and evil spirit guides and “higher selves” such as “Eden” and “Pallet Numbre” who are all parasitic to act as governing bodies to keep you in line and keep you playing their game.

I heard from these astral parasites that Pallet Numbre supposedly made a Soul contract with my “ancestors” – whom I heard these beings removed the real ones before forcing me into their game – to take my chakras, lifeforce etc. to keep me out the astral – shit they been saying they wanna do to me though they came to me (the parasites)!

Whar these super sentinent parasites will do is invade your consciousness using the Soul piece of someone else (possible victim) to knock on the door to your consciousness which is on the top right side of your face:

And then they come in and bully the entity that controls that part of your consciousness – your inner voice – then take over.

They also connect us to the subconscious minds of other victims like Deputy David Clarke and tell us things about said persons.

They hate me telling you all about this and are sending entity attachments connected to their realm to attack me!

They usually do this to those who are family and loved ones of those whom they target, who are usually spiritually gifted like I, so that they can push us into a Soul contract.

They will even create fake alter egos in the astral plane such as what they did by creating a dark entity (at first they said it was fashioned from the hat man and now they are saying it was from my mother and at first myself) called “Eden” to sign Soul contracts “for me” but without my consent just so they can get my Soul:

Now These Astral Parasites Got A Possessing Spirit Named Eden To Take Me Over

Another thing they will do based on what I heard is use a Soul piece to create an evil darker version of a person such as Eden and then have that entity program replace that person ie possess them such as what they tried to do to me using “Eden” the other night whom I could feel push into me through boxes placed in my sacral/heart and then my throat chakra, connecting to my consciousness.

Eveey night I can hear the cries of Souls who have fallen victim to them.

They have an obsession with making a person intranquil ie dead inside (such as how they now got me due to taking away my chakras) because that allows for said person to be obsessed, hence why in part they love eating away at a person’s consciousness.

They usually do this to those who are family and loved ones of those whom they target, who are usually spiritually gifted like I, so that they can push us into a Soul contract.

I can see through my third eye images like this:

I am able to physically through the use of my third eye grab them from the astral plane and throw them.

I will admit that though the astral parasites were put into me by that Soul connector you see above I did open up my pineal gland very wide – circling tue circumference of my body – which I think did in part act as a portal to allow these pieces of shit through.

In the beginning what they do is, when they invade your consciousness they use astral boxes to box in your consciousness, voice box (hence why me and my mother would sound different throughout this ordeal), and other essentials things pertinent to your body and Soul to, as I am now suspecting, use as bartering tools to make you sign a Soul contract. They will give these to other folks who cooperate with them and/or sign Soul contracts. They then take the Soul pieces of other folks they forced into this and put them in you to compromise you. For instance they took the Soul pieces of David Reina who, like Barbara, who I think is a willing participate based on what I have once seen in a dream:

He is represented by Gooru in the astral plane:

Who has alcohol urges and placed his Soul pieces in me to compromise my consciousness and frequency and make me weaker spiritually through these urges so I can easily be compromised.

They innundate the fuck out of you with entity attachment upon entity attachments using machines created from the Soul pieces of other victims to irritate and bully you into a Soul contract and so you will feel too overwhelmed to fight back.

In the early days they would do use astral technology to make my consciousness (which were mixed with others) stink and they would insist that they “have to” so they can feed:

This is how they looked in the beginning:

This is how they look now:

They will manipulate you by having different characters – with interestingly the same voices – act as friend or foe. For instance, one character named “Jackson” who now has my dad’s face was acting as if he was the representative for me and my ancestors who at one time was against me fight Pallet Numbre to defend our bloodline.

I have also heard that some of these folks are dead folks who got killed by these mofos and placed into this AI to forever be in their game.

Also I think David Reina and them are willing participants because I will get phone calls at certain times from these people after doing certain things in this “world”:

Phone Calls from David Reina:


Barbara Reina:

How she looks:

The “Barbara” coven in the astral:

Michael O’ Terrence:

How he look in the astral plane:

Rosie – a possessing computer program and possible former victim (they say they killed her in her sleep and got yer locked in her consciousness in the 8th dimension):

As of late these astral parasites have been placing possessing entity attachments in me – in one instance I felt a consciousness “come through” the sacral chakra and then the throat chakra – to act as me in the astral or, like in the case of Pallet Numbre, act as “protector spirits” who steal your chakras and energy vampire on you.

These things are big on collecting and feeding off of Soul pieces which they choose to dine off of. They say they could eat off of light but don’t want to.

They seem to pick those who have been greatly traumatised to torment who have suffered Soul loss so they can possess us easily and due to our fractured consciousness, which they like to play around with.

They currently have me in Pallet Numbre’s realm – me and my ancestors – a hell realm where they keep dropping lil entity attachments designed to irritate and curse me – and feed off of me – as I write this:

They are big and are obsessed with eating folks’ consciousnesses (they are messing with mines as I write this cause they don’t want word getting out about them and their existence) and just recently started eating away at mine and my whole Soul’s consciousness.

They use spirit technology like spirit jars connected to wires etc to keep me and/or my ancestors from escapingA

They currently got so many wires attached to me like this to keep me stuck in their realm so I won’t get out:

They use these along with lil boxes filled with entity attachments from which they broadcast from.

They currently got me filled with them!

They connected wires to control my Higher Self’s consciousness so I can’t defeat them and escape:

They are trying to get my Soul so bad they have fucked up me and my ancestors’ timelines to keep me and them from escaping!

They have even gone as far as taking my chakras out to keep me from fighting them.

I am gonna spend the rest of my day trying to find the portal within they use to get into my world – my head – and then fuck with me physically but, until then, reject these things when you see them coming!

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