I REALLY Need Help Out Of This Computer Simulation Subconscious Mind Astral Plane

I REALLY Need Help Out Of This Computer Simulation Subconscious Mind Astral Plane

HELP CAUSE JUST NOW THESE THINGS WERE ABLE TO GET INTO MY HEAD! These astral parasites that got into my head awhile back done created a portal in my head that allows for other parasites tp come through and keeps an open door for other parasites in their realm to come in. They keep trying to open up portals right now so they can get in! Their goal is to tranquilize your consciousness so that you are close to death and they can pull your Soul out your body!

From what I am gathering it is some evil entities that are extremely *sentinent* and intelligent and highly parasitic who feel entitled to feed off of those thry target.

They came from someone’s mind and rather than being a part of the astral plane it seems that they are some “self sustaining” realm of their own that enter via folks’ minds.

They are highly parasitic and I have a coupla entities – Barbara the Roach queen, Rosie the roach queen, Gooru 5 – that open up the door it seems to this parasitic realm that is in my mind.

They seem to monitor me and when I hear these entities – voice to skull comes to mind. An entity even confirmed it.

I think they do exist in the astral plane but these parasitic entities feast off of folk’s consciousnesses, hence why I call them consciousness eaters. They like to make folks’ “intranquil” or drain them of their chi until they are damn near dead. From there they can – while within – induce a person’s Soul out their body and eat it. They also like to confuse folks to throw them off.

From what I can see their world is surrounding me and I seem to be tapped into it 24/7 hence why they can come in and physically harass me and put curses on me but literally putting symbols designed to keep me stuck in their realm “in my mind” and so that I am stuck there in the astral plane.

They look like 2D holograms or cartoons and they replicate from astral machines when I have remote viewed them AND seen them with my own 2 eyes making me think they are some type of computer simulation. When I hear them in my mind they “broadcast” they don’t speak from my mind.

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