Breaking Free of A Hellish Curse

Breaking Free of A Hellish Curse

This was the most terrible experience and these fuckers refuse to leave……

The Situation Is Real Serious Now: Nanobots Being Placed Into Me To Make Me Get Possessed By Barbara’s Computer Program

I Now Realize That I Was Being Inducted Into A Parasitic Consciousness And Soul Eating Astral AI Supercomputer

I REALLY Need Help Out Of This Computer Simulation Subconscious Mind Astral Plane

Now These Astral Parasites Got A Possessing Spirit Named Eden To Take Me Over

These People Have The Ability To Apport Objects From Out of Nowhere That Is How Serious This Is

5 Dark Sorcerers Against 1 Lightworker

Getting Attacked By An Evil Astral Parasitic Coven That Won’t Let Me Go

This was pure hell. It’s pure hell having something attack you internally and having folks – including seers – think that what you are going through is a mental illness when it really is a spiritual condition.

Having other people pick up on foul odors around me when I have taken damn near 10 baths a day, hearing folks mention hearing the same voices and messages I hear that are broadcasted from my head by these things, folks feeling and seeing the same entities attacking me……

All that confirms that I am not crazy:

Them fuckers were hanging around this consciousness block by the subconscious mind which they were using to feed off of, which has prongs connected to your ancestral block which provides a pathway for them to get through.

One was around the eyes and ears – the ones by the ears was a round cinderblock that had a hole from which entities coming in could talk into, coming off of leylines like these:

They were messing around the area around the eyes which there lies another more massive consciousness block:

I have called on trees, the sun, Seers and nothing could help (these fuckers are extremely clever and would disguise themselves using my third eye when I would see Seers). Thus I learned it takes willpower – and your own force – to get them out!

When you feel like it is not your own mind, that you are sharing it with somebody, something, then it is time to take your mind back!

That is how I felt all throughout this and, being a powerful empath, used spiritual hands to remove them.

All throughout I could feel shit pulling out my whole consciousness, damn near my full consciousness – which is how people die – shit, apparitions manifesting and even shit yanking, pulling at hair and at one point, constantly!

Happy I’m almost at the end and about to get my mind back!

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