Getting Attacked By An Evil Astral Parasitic Coven That Won’t Let Me Go

Getting Attacked By An Evil Astral Parasitic Coven That Won’t Let Me Go

Going back to 2014 – when these pieces of shit, Barbara Reina and David Reina aka Gooru:

How he looks in the astral:

Barbara Reina:

How she look in the astral plane:

Michael O’ Terrence, an evil child killer in Malibu and how he looks (not him):

How he appears in the astral:

The other Baron Samedi “roach attachment”:

Dealing With A Rapist Stalker And How Much Society Hurts Me

His number 510-971-3600:

How their coven looks:

…..First spotted me, I was just starting my spiritual journey. I wasn’t doing that ‘wokeing bullshit. I wanted to move towards the light and ascend. I did not intend to deal with this bullshit I am now dealing with.

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This is how serious this is…..

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That said, somewhere down the line in 2014 my Higher Self – a child – made a deal with these two assholes and now they are hellbent and determind to not let me leave a coven I never even knew I was even apart of or gave consent to being a part of.

That said, when, in 2014, they tried to consummate the Soul contract when I was conscious while astral projecting, I refused and that is when I woke up with a bleeding third eye:

That said, these mofos are a royal pain in the ass to get off of you.

Yesterday, I think I figured out the root problem: the astral DNA which is located on my forehead, where the widow’s peak chakra is located that connects you to your true Higher Self, I think was placed there by Gooru and them to keep me from contacting my true Higher Selves – and God – in this situation:

Yesterday – I removed it (they have A TON of those DNA sticks rested in my sacral chakra) – and this entity called Gooru quickly placed an entity attachment right on my crown chakra, more intrusively right on the widow’s peak chakra which connect you to your Higher Selves – to keep me from contacting them to escape.

All throughout the day and night I heard these astral parasites, specificially the leader of the coven, Barbara, discussing how to keep me from escaping their coven and remaining their “slave” to power them in the astral. See, they like to lie as they did to my Higher Self in which they will come in the form of a celebrity, offering wealth and fame (I think they did that with my brother and father as I saw them talking with a famous blonde celebrity, I am thinking Britney Spears, and I am now thinking that coulda been a Soul contract between them and Gooru but I don’t know, hence why I keep seeing my family in troublesome places in the astral).

Now from what I am understanding it was the roach realm – these evil demented robot or plush toy looking entities that shapeshift and like to constantly and sadistically feed off of people by dropping entity attachment upon entity attachment upon entity attachment upon them to drive them crazy for their amusement and get off on the negative energy derived from doing that and in the astral plane taking them over and turning them into mindless warped robots just like them with no conscience or even consiousness – lead by Lionel made the deal:

Voodoo Demon Named Rubion Visits Me

I think this might be Rubion.

Rapist Mayate Is Behind The Baron Samedi Roach Attachment

I know one of the coven members is a black guy who calls from a 510-971-3600 number:

There is no telling and I can’t see very clearly through my third eye cause I am just – I will say they fucked me up. Good. by attaching Soul pieces that aren’t mine, from what I understand an “intranquil” version of a former victim (whose Soul piece now works with the coven) named Rosie:

They fucked alot of shit up which is why I am looking for a good shaman to help me readjust my Soul body, energy body – teach me how it is supposed to be and look like (cause I don’t know where the fuck is what supposed to go where and how it is supposed to look) cause I got so many of these astral parasites and entity attachments in me I am confused.

I got 4 main ones that keep the doors for this shit to enter and make them sentinent.


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They look like those and lil toy robots….

The “roach attachments” you see here or what I more aptly called “sacrificial heads” are actually entity attachments designed to feel like your consciousness, but are not:

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This is what I have seen in the astral plane when I have seen them:

I believe they are creations, extensions of Barbara’s sick, fragmented mind due to a fear of toys due to having been abused as a kid, which she takes out on innocent people by sacrificing them to these sick realms that exist in her mind. All of which brings me to another point…..

I recall when the curse started to really manifest I kept seeing through my third eye a chord with a Soul piece of Barbara’s that look like this:

That attached to my pineal gland and they put these entity attachments made to look like Gooru here:

They also placed them in my third eye:

I see these fuckers have been placing “doorways to my consciousness” so evil ass entities can come into my energy body via my pineal gland, third eye and the door to my consciousness and feed:

How To Silence The Voices In Your Head And Being Placed In Cursed Valley

Reminds me of what I talked about in that article up above!

That said, these are some real evil mofos that like to energy harvest off of you, drain your energy or kill you in your sleep so that they can drain you of your energy permanently in the afterlife and they go crazy psycho when you try to escape that fate.

They are deadly, and very psychopathic and resort to insane tricks to try to keep you stuck to them:

Even going as far as to create a fake alter ego Soul piece named “Eden” that looks like this and is designed to take my place (I saw in my dream the other night her taking over my body) and be evil and hate my family (so they can get their Soul) and take my place (without my consent) in doing Soul contracts IN MY NAME, ACTING AS IF SHE IS ME:

She really one of their previous victims, a devout christian (they hate christians) named Margaret who looks like this but dark and ashy (and sometimes she is wearing the outfits of their astral coven as seen below):

They really were made from these dark dark entities straight from hell that you see here:

These motherfuckers are so anxious to have your Soul that they have tied a “Soul string” comprised of Soul pieces of my dad in a guillotine to a laundry line designed to represent his timeline in which is full of wraith beings harassing him.

They have done this to my family and my entire bloodline.

Early this morning I could hear them in the astral plane – they have done something to keep me constantly connected to the astral plane when I am not astral traveling to where I can constantly hear and interact with them – discussing and actually doing in which they talked of taking my Soul pieces and making them look like Barbara and her coven members as seen above and they talked of placing my Soul, my astral Self – which they got zombified – in charge of said coven.

They are so desperate to pretty much enslave me that they have put dark, wrait entity attachments in me and my family and even placed an entity in my right hand that causes folks to turn into entity attachments when I try to use frequencies like 925hz (which can change a person), or 745hz (which frees spirits from spirit jars) or 354hz (which brings positive energy) into entity attachments or dark evil things, like them.

They literally put dark demonic entity attachments in geniuinely good people as was done to me in 2014 and my father and my brother Kristen so that we will turn dark and be on their frequency so they can use it as an excuse to attack us, such as when Gooru started placing his Soul pieces in me in 2015 so I will be as dark as him, hence why I was acting crazy for a minute.

They must have some portal opened in my mind cause every time I try to close it – like the astral parasites – I can’t find it.

I don’t know if it is in those “consciousness” entity attachments or what.

Yesterday as I was removing entity attachment upon attachment – not knowing what was originally and what is astrally – I SWEAR I heard an old style telephone ring and I could hear Barbara’s astral self say to Gooru “We can’t let her get away” and “She is in the process of escaping” like I am a runaway slave.

From what I keep hearing – I don’t know how true this is – they made a deal supposedly with Baron Samedi to get my Soul piece and keep it in hellish realms so I won’t ever be able to come into my spiritual power.

Also, a running theme with these entities is, “We gotta feed. We gotta feed.” At times I hear the SAME voices narrating through these entities which figures into the fact that these are people operating these parasitic entities at times from the physical realm:

5 Dark Sorcerers Against 1 Lightworker

They trip you up by stealing your Soul pieces and then turning them into whatever they want to suit their agenda such as in my case using them to energy harvest off of them or make you a sacrifice as they did to me.

They do really high level complexed shit which, aside from inundating you with entity attachments upon entity attachments they steal your Soul pieces and mix it with theirs so I believe they can use their Soul pieces mixed with your as portals to fuck with you.

They also artificially drain you as they did to me so that you will stay in their lil game and keep their Soul pieces so you can stay strong and survive such as how they lost it when I removed supposed “Soul pieces representing your consciousness” that look like skeletal heads with hair attached to a spine:

Which is why I had been feeling very weird on my right side for years.

Finally Removing Reptilian Entity From A Bottomless Pit That Has Long Been Trying To Possess Me On My Right Side

Evil Entity Physically Places Implant On The Right Side of My Face

Battling Possession On The Right Side And Healing The Throat Chakra

I called it out:

Astral Vision Showing That Etheric Fungal Hivemind Parasite Took Control of The Right Side of My Body

They use these Soul pieces and entity attachment “consciousness” to keep you stuck in their realm in the astral plane then in your head:

– Everytime I go somewhere these things – so that they can “feed” – make me stink! It is embarassing.

I will say when I removed the astral DNA all the entity attachments and entities went “away” and I felt like my old self!

I just removed an entity attachment right now by removing a consciousness stick (the one with the skeletal head and spine) related to Gooru.

So that is in part the key to breaking this bullshit!

I notice that they also get paid astral money or spirit money to pull people in as I have seen other folks thord eyes watching as I go through torment and torture dealing with this which translates to physical money for them in the physical world.

I even notice and removed one early this morning microphone attachments for them to broadcast from all throughout my head and body.

All I ever wanted was to ascend. I don’t wanna deal with this bullshit.

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