I Am Mitrice Richardson’s Revenge For The Sex Torture Trafficking of Homeless People In Malibu Do

I Am Mitrice Richardson’s Revenge For The Sex Torture Trafficking of Homeless People In Malibu

LMBAO RIGHT AFTER publishing article these rich mofos called CHP:

Means they’re threatened and Imma start finding out more shit on the crooked things they do and airing it out here and more cause this shit needs to be stopped!

What Happened to Mitrice Richardson

Man Says There Is A Cover Up of Women Going Missing In Malibu Involving Sheriffs and Local Government

– Sacrificing folks!

You wanna gangstalk me – and do all this heinous shit to others – I promised I will be a thorn in your side 😈

Ya’ll fucked with Abaddon:

Raven Masterson Named Abaddon In A Dream

– My job is to send ya’ll to hell where you all come from and belong!

Every. single. one of ya’ll – man, woman and child!

It all makes sense…..

Going back a few years, in addition to having visions of being the antichrist I also of being the angel of death who rules the bottomless pit: Abaddon

Raven Masterson Named Abaddon In A Dream

Spiritual Confirmation That I Am Abaddon

That explains why I can send mofos straight to hell and straight to hell all these mofos in Malibu will go 🔥🔥🔥

This didn’t happen for nothing……

Forest Fire Breaks Out At Sunset Mesa on The PCH In Malibu

Egyptian Man Fulfills My Curse And Sets Fire On The PCH

– Funny cause I am of Egyptian heritage…..

I Told Ya’ll In Malibu I Was Gonna Woolsey Fyre Fest 2.0 Dat Azz

Malibu Is Gonna Get Another Fire ‘Woke AND I Feel I Am Revenge For What Ya’ll Did To Mitrice Richardson

– Not too long after I wrote this this happened…..

Fuck I Got Pyrokinesis: Malibu Gets Fyre Fest ‘Woke After I Thought It

Here I am laughing as these rich human sacrificing assholes were losing their homes….. I saw in an astral vision three days before it happened this and I didn’t say shit cause I wanted their homes – and them – to perish #LetItBurnMalibuBurn

When these bitches lose their shit – and lives – in forest fires. Do not feel sorry for them. Remember the evil shit they have done here…..

What Happened to Mitrice Richardson

Third Eye Shows Me Red Haired Dude Involved In Mitrice Richardson’s Death Holding Woman Hostage In Basement In An Old Mansion In Malibu

Retracing The Steps of How and Where Mitrice Richardson Died

Lost Hills Malibu Sheriffs Tried To Set Up Itinerant Homeless Man for Mitrice Richardson’s MURDER

Mitrice Richardson was – and still is – a beautiful sister!

What I talk about in the video above and in those blogs above breaks down what happened……

Malibu has some lil rape sex trafficking ring going on – which I have heard from other homeless folks – where they kidnap mainly young women and sell them to be brutally raped and tortured by the psychopaths who live in Sunset Mesa, Topanga Canyon Village and all over.

They would the sheriffs – amongst other groups – to do it!

In Mitrice’s case she was taken into custody from Geoffrey’s Restaurant for failing to pay a bar tab which was and definitely now a citable offence.

She was brought to the Lost Hills station where she was booked.

Now here is what I saw through my third eye that corroborates what two other folks who had dreams about her murder saw…..

The sheriffs were taking advantage of her fucked up mental state, practically the child. I saw that they had her in a closet and were taking advantage!

I then saw them lead her out in a personal car out back in the station where the employees (they usually let you out through that door but towards THE FRONT of the station!

From there they drove her to two locales with really large gates….. I think this is one of em and my third eye is confirming yes……

I gotta get a better pic on a less cloudy day….. There is a white dome where I circled…..

It can be seen from Topanga Canyon Blvd with the public works facility across the street being a guiding landmark….

With that said they brought her there and another place that, as seen through my third eye, reminds me of deep underground military bases which many folks say operate in mountains and interestingly Point Mugu, a military base is not far from here…..



Interestingly this was posted……

Reminds me of how Phil Schneider spoke of a fire fight underground between aliens and humans……

With that being said – what I am seeing through my third eye is – she was being held prisoner in multiple homes where they had her chained and caged like an animal.

The mural here shows what happened to her while in captivity:

Funny I did this blog article here:

Third Eye Shows Me Red Haired Dude Involved In Mitrice Richardson’s Death Holding Woman Hostage In Basement In An Old Mansion In Malibu

– You can see her birthing a red haired baby while in captivity which I just saw through my third eye was taken by some rich assholes up here in Topanga Canyon Village – I see Paul and Fral Vamesan.

That child needs justice!

She went throught STRAIGHT UP HELL!

That said she was later found on pornographer Suzie Randall’s ranch which I talked about here:

What Happened to Mitrice Richardson

That said, also as mentioned in same article, two psychics saw that Mitrice died while literally being held in bondage in some torture dungeon of pro tem judge Bonnie Chermak.

She got that dead ass look like alot of these gangstalking mofos in Malibu be having.

Empty and dead. Soulless, evil degenerare mofos!

That said they are not getting away with it. They will get spiritual justice!

Now, let me say I got a good relationship with the sheriffs. They been nothing but nice to me and even helped me with shelter when I had my van taken away. They even have a homeless impact team built to address the situation that happened to Mitrice Richardson and make sure it never happens again.

Now, let me say I did not do this: Two untimely deaths occurred at this station recently:

Let me say as seen through my third eye none of these guys were involved in that – I sense many got moved after that…. and I even used my spiritual powers while in jail to lead one to a better realm cause, like my brother, he was trapped in a bad realm which is not all too uncommon.

There was one piece of shit who was there who I think is retired named Captain Martin who raped a woman with addiction issues while on the force:

– He look like a pooch dog…..

Now let me tell you why I hate that fucking fruit lady so much….

Arab Fruit Selling Bitch Who Hates The Homeless Calls Me A Nigger And Follows Through Plot Threat To Run Me Out

Racist Arab Seller Makes Good On Threat And Sends The Cutty Black Sow and Casper The Methhead Hoe In Sprinter Van They Stole My Way

Here is what she do: she chums up to homeless folks, give em lil jobs like she tried me with, then takes em to a ranch home and uses them in human sacrifice.

She a high level witch. She even look like one. When you look at the inside of that truck, she barely got any fruit in there. They are not making their money off of that.

That shit’s meant to fit humans in there…..

They’re involved in human trafficking and they cavort with them demonic ass mofos they call “customers” who use that truck as a cover to make deals on selling/buying humans.

That’s why you see so many rich mofos over there, supporting her!

A Cuban who once worked for them confirmed this, down to the ranch house up in the valley and all…..

She also broke down how many women go missing in Malibu, pointing to a sex trafficking ring of homeless women here.

Should call it rape trafficking cause that’s what it really is.

Also a nice lady who lives around here who, when praising me for my shirtless activism, let out that there is a billionaire up here who kidnaps African children for human sacrifice.

I also had a high level public works worker a long time ago say that certain parts of Topanga Village in Malibu is like “Murder Mountain” where even workers can’t go!

Here she is talking to a young homeless lady I see walking up and down Topanga every day.

They do alot of fucked up shit to the homeless out. This gentleman told me how a social worker who was once homeless out in Malibu told of a blue building located further down the PCH where they conduct illegal experiments on:

Man Informs Me That Homeless People In Malibu Are Being Abducted And Being Taken To A Blue House To Have Illegal Medical Experiments Conducted On Them

That’s why it pains me when, just like with Mitrice, they sacrifice the homeless by sending them to fuck with me:

Perfect Example of Rich Assholes Using Mentally Ill Gangstalkers To Gangstalk You

Proof That G The Illuminati Uses Homeless MK Ultra Victims Against Me In Malibu

His facial expressions – you can see the goodness in him – killed me:

– You can see he a good person…..

Racist Arab Seller Makes Good On Threat And Sends The Cutty Black Sow and Casper The Methhead Hoe In Sprinter Van They Stole My Way

– You can see this child got addiction issues…..

That fruit selling human sacrificing witch sent a pretty boy misogynist – NOTICE how crushed he got when I told him I do not need his or any man’s – or person’s – validation, thus removing power from him when he came over thinking that I was some “ugly desperate floozy who went topless out of desperation for sex” – bitch I was a prostitute who STILL got rich sugar daddies foh 😂🤣

I don’t have sex with em to get money. I ain’t impressed with his shit, especially since he ain’t got money…..

– Mofo look like a short version of Jason Mamoa lol…..

– Montana license plate 797RPV…..

That said, operating on triggers of mine, she sent this mofo to sexually harass me. I saw him coming around twice yesterday and, the second time he came around, as soon as I walked out my van in a coat he crossed the street to park where I was at.

I knew what was up!

He kept looking dead at my van, waiting for me to come out before I did.

This is how evil these mofos are. Like with Mitrice Richardson, they are sacrificing these people. They hate the homeless out here and so they are looking for any witch 🧙🏻‍♀️🪄🦖👤 way to run them out so, knowing my spiritual powers, they send them straight to me to in part fuck with me and for me to fuck them up…..

The White Supremacist With The Dyke In The Mitsubishi Is Now Homeless

Creepy Crakkka Methhead Pervert Gets ‘WOKED IMMEDIATELY After Being Ran Off

Violent Amorous Stalker Gets ‘Woked After Confrontation

I feel sorry for them cause they don’t know who the fuck they are fucking with but if you are going to come over and treat me like a piece of meat and I ain’t even getting paid, bitch you will pay!

I do not fucking play!

You will be losing your home aka your vehicle, not to mention your sanity like here, every fucking thing so to you poor mofos don’t let these rich mofos turn you into sacrifices cause they see you as trash and want me to take you down!

It all makes sense why I am heavily gangstalked……

They even sending work trucks as I saw the other day…..


Like I said I peep they been sacrificing these poor mofos, including workers as I been seeing alot of work trucks used in their schemes lately.

I saw through my third eye that they operate off of 4 apps/sites to do the stalking.

The poor mofos are dumb ass usually organic portal social climbers who want what their rich benefactors got and so thus they see gangstalking as a way to kiss their ass and climb up that Soulless ladder.

I see this guy driving up right across my van and then making them u turns then leaving…..

After I ‘woked him I heard him in the ether saying, “I hate her. Why she gotta have her titties. Why she ‘woked me.” 🤣😂 He was saying this to a female gangstalker handler, I heard.

I even saw him leave the area headed towards LA then come back!

Another homeless paid for sacrifice: Saw this dude staring dead at me before taking off……

This creature here was apparently roving for loosh – looka them eyes……

You can feel the intensity of the stare even though he has a helmet on……

Here one of them rich gangstalkers who fucked with me one day here and is about to pay, dearly:

Attack By A White Supremacist And Dealing With Brain Parasites

I think I know these guys….. they seem nice. I was checking for gangstalkers……

Now they sending black folks to do this cause they think I’ll go easy on them and I overheard both them brothers talking greasy, saying, “She got her tits out so she deserves the harassment”…..

Imma be honest with you in light of this new know-ledge, this ephiphany, I don’t even think the gangstalking will bother me much anymore. Since I know they know I am here for a higher vengeance, I’fld feel honoured to be gangstalked cause it means I am a threat witch 🧙🏻‍♀️🪄🦖👤 is what I came here to be!

Ever since I was a small child I always felt I was some agent of change and, really, karma. I have always noticed that I will get placed in the way of folks who had been doing others wrong and somehow be that wrong motherfucker who they’d step to who’d be that one to shut their shit down!

This is why I am out here in Malibu.

Alot of evil shit has happened out here to innocents that I am here to right.

Years ago I received a message in the astral plane of a blonde woman who back in the 1980s got ran off a canyon road right here by some motorcyclists who I see riding through here everyday, supposedly as part of some “sober christian” shit:

Astral Vision of A Malibu Motorcycle Gang Running Blonde Woman They Sexually Harassed Off The Road

– After publishing this one of em yelled, “Fuck you” lollll!

Man Says There Is A Cover Up of Women Going Missing In Malibu Involving Sheriffs and Local Government

Elaine Park from Glendale went missing out here and I saw through my third eye they used her as a ritual sacrifice at the Getty Villa which houses droves pf homeless folks, kids underground for use in satanic rituals and worse…..


Saw them come through yesterday which I sensed was on some gangstalking bullshit in defence of that human trafficking fruit selling bitch:

I know the guy who leads it too: dark, swarthy mofo and he an asshole!

Lotta mofos will be getting dealt with!

What happened to Mitrice Richardson – and countless other helpess, hapless people is evil.

These mofos know that I am the bill to be paid which is why they been trying to run me off with that weak ass gangstalking, witch 🧙🏻‍♀️🪄🦖👤 won’t work.

I’ve heard plots in the astral to kidnap me, kill me, all sorts of shit. A gangstalker even told me this during the Halloween season last year:

Pimping Up The Street A Wetback Human Trafficker

– Whoa I remember this…..

People Grooming Children For The Purposes of Child Trafficking In Malibu Captured On Tape

Like one gentleman with ears to s(ch)itty hall says….. “EVERY TIME they try to do something against me, the politicians lose a relative, car wreck, bad shit happens…..

Asshole In Blue SUV Who Tried To Run Over Me Gets His SUV Fucked Up

This was gorgeous 👏🏻🧙🏻‍♀️🪄🦖👤🩸

Spiritual Protection Steps Up To Fuck Up Gangstalkers

I always see these same rich mofos gangstalking me being carried away on tow trucks that are also involved in the gangstalking, too……

Stalked And Sexually Harassed By A Methhead AAA Tow Truck Driver

That said, I’m here to make them pay:

Raven Masterson Named Abaddon In A Dream

I will be straight up: there is an entity on the right side that is deliberately giving off sexual vibes which are not coming from me.

This is mean to draw in sacrifices so that I can ‘woke you and make you suffer in the afterlife.

Straight trickster energy.

I always felt I was some avenging angel too and that’s why it feels dead here.

I also wanna say to Dr Ronda Hampton:

Watch them snakes you are letting work on the Mitrice Richardson case, especially that blonde broad who as confirmed by my third eye – and I even sensed before – know more than what they are letting on about the case. In this picture with the exception of your daughter you are surrounded by snakes and I would not trust any of those mofos! None of em. When I was working the Mitrice Richardson case I got nothing but snake energy from alot of them white folks around you. It reminds me of stories of folks telling how the murderers – and their accomplices – show up at the murdered person’s funeral. Same thing here! Watch em!

If anyone got any more info on the human sex trafficking, info on gangstalkibg operations and gangstalkers, illegal experimentation and other egregious shit like human sacrifice covens in Malibu, drop a dime here:

[email protected]

You can be anonymous if need be and I will conceal your identity.

If you have any comments, anything personal you wanna share, send me an email here: [email protected] Also, feel free to donate here: paypal.me/RWilliams387 you like the content.

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