Attack By A White Supremacist And Dealing With Brain Parasites

Attack By A White Supremacist And Dealing With Brain Parasites

You can see him kicking me here…..

I pulled out the can of Raid. I don’t know if the vid captured it but I got a few Raid hits in…..

I also recall having a few punches in but, in my state, again I had another alcohol psyhic attack, I’m in no position to do shit.

That said, I said no lies here about white “boys” being women…..

Irrefutable Scientific Evidence That White Men Are Actually In Fact Women

Imma say this right now I know I was off – inebriated as fuck – that day due to the alcohol attacks I’d get (I’ve been removing inner entity attachments causing it) but, had I been a white woman, he wouldn’t of put hands on me:

Even the white broad – the IG hoe (apparently he some photographer) – said to him, “Let me handle it.”

I do recall – I don’t know if this was caught on tape – her saying, “Why you sexually assaulted her like that.”

Here is his vehicle:

– Yeah that lying creature was filming….

He drives a beige Subaru with Minnesota license plate number NSU 560.

That mofo look like a cracked out Dennis Hopper:

Ewwww that motherfucker looked cracked out.

Also, these two ugly ass white girls (just as I been calling the illuminati “G” cause of this from here on out I will be referring to white boys as white girls cause of this here) showed up in a black pick up truck the next day to harass me after being told to come by by another white girl who I had to run off in a dark greenish jeep who came here to disrespect and challenge me……

– They knew what they were doing.

Here are these two stupid dumb ass motherfucker’s license plate…. CA license plate number 03907E1….

Anyways, watch the vid and note that light dims after I ‘woke them two hoes……

I saw through my third eye and tarot cards they got into a car wreck. Wish it was fatal:

Asshole In Blue SUV Who Tried To Run Over Me Gets His SUV Fucked Up

Right after this I had a dumb crakkka in a white jeep/suv like contraption with wide windows yell, “Stop it” after posting this, bringing me to her attention so I can ‘woke that crakkkaroach too…..

Creepy Crakkka Methhead Pervert Gets ‘WOKED IMMEDIATELY After Being Ran Off

I been saying white people are some stupid mofos. At least Messycans, hispanics got HIGH ass intuition. Bobby Hemmitt said no lies about them being formed form animal parts in the lower astral (that’s why their organic portals have no spiritual consciousness) cause them fuckers – like the two white hoes in that truck and the bitch above – love to still aggravate and test mofos instead of just respecting a mofos power:

Now your dumbass is gonna get ‘woked too!

I told ya’ll white people have a stupidity about them mixed with arrogance.

They’re goofy mofos!

Imma say this as well – I know the crakkkas who took advantage of that day, the ones who regularly gangstalk me – to physically abuse me so now that I am in my right state of mind let me catch you now 🥊

Throwing a fucking cup of coffee at me. Let me catch you.

That said, that day was depressing in hindsight….. Got sexually assaulted – I don’t know if the video captures it but I had a dude in a grey car run up on me and stick a finger in me then run back.

I didn’t wanna watch it.

I think they are this Russian duo that – once during another alcohol attack – took pics of me while butt naked.

When I am in my power this don’t happen, even when naked so don’t blame that…..

To Folks With Souls: Never Let Motherfuckers Dim Your Light aka Your Soul

Now this was funny…..

You can tell I was out of it 🍺🍾🍷

And here is a full video of all the shit I did that day…..

That said I had to remove the energy parasites causing these urges……

That said I removed one of the core etheric archon implants that made it esp. difficult to fight the urges in that it was two snakes intertwined in a prison that was attached at the mouth, like a clamp with this silly ghoulish t rex reptilian headed demonic energy chord extending all the way up to my brain:

The T rex part was in my brain. THESE WERE NOT NORMAL URGES! When I would try to rationalise and talk my way out of drinking, a burst of energy would be sent to my brain making me OBSESSED with drinking, keeping me from recalling the negative effects of alcohol and it’s after affect on me, the regrets and just filling my mind up with “drink drink drink.”

It is analogous to the parasite that takes over a fish’s tongue or the parasite that takes over insects’ minds or the rabies parasite virus that takes over an animal’s or our minds.

It sat like this in my brain much like this parasite is acting as the fish’s tongue:

When a parasite is acting as your brain synapse, sending signals to the brain how can you fight that?

That’s why I had to remove it!

I saw this coming early that morning too in a reading I did right before the attack and tried – even at the time of the attack – to fight it but it’s hard:

There are even physical parasites that are called helminths that they put in food that causes urges, like for sugar:

I don’t give a fuck what a mofo says we really do not have free will in the realm of Yaldabaoth:

It reminds me of the speech Milton in “The Devil’s Advocate” gave…..

Very powerful speech!

I also recognise too that when I would ‘woke folks, I would absorb the energy of the ‘woke and those people via that parasite.

It’s fucking torture hence why I’d tell folks don’t fuck with me.

I think this shit might be a remnant from my second “initiation” into satanism because it was during that time when I started breaking away I had energy vampires GALORE trying to demand my energy and knowledge while DEMANDING THEY DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE ME SHIT – EVEN WHEN THEY COULD SEE I NEEDED IT – in return, like I had to be this selfless martyr.

That’s why I wrote this:

How The Image of Jesus Is Used To Destroy Soulled People And Black People

The Archon Jesus Soul Sacrifice Program Part 2: The Emotional Slaves To The Organic Portals Programming

Imma say this though: heal.

I saw through my third eye that the cause of what it was NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE to remove that snake intertwined imprisoned entity attachment was because my root chakra was fucked up.

I long felt it was fucked up and I saw that in a past life – the Vietnamese one – that I just decided to “give myself” to cope with the brutal gang rape at the time hence why it was fucked up.

That’s why alot of sexual assaults would happen when I’d go drunk due to these urges. These entity attachments would pilot me and feed off the alcohol and my self destruction caused by them commandering my brain and thus intuition.

That’s why I’d remember everything and not seem drunk.

Great example of that is here where everyone is drinking but not getting drunk due to a ceremony involving feeding a spirit:

– That is not the best example and not what I was looking for but a lil close…..

Quite certain that since it is santeria everyone been drinking but note how sober they look.

That said I have been exploring lately the concept of chakra removal, which this guy here expounds on:

I did it last night but it goes hella deeper than just disconnecting yourself from the matrix chords we call chakras:

Another thing I stopped doing is blaming myself – feelings which they induce after making you feed it as said in the Devil’s Advocate video above!

I find that simply starving it won’t do as it will find other ways to attack you such as when I had an entity manipulated astral vision in which this entity wanted me to ‘woke and thus feed it by imbibing the energy of someone with alcohol urges and, when I refused, created urges for other things which would not go away no matter how long I tried to starve it for…..

One way to stop it is to divert the energy of the alcohol towards your Soul so you feed that instead of empowering the entity in which it gets bigger from my experience when you give in.

Another thing is DNA activation. Activate an ancestor who is strong who can strike down the cravings or at least protect you while you give in.

I talk about DNA activation here:

The Curse of A Reptilian Bloodline And How To Deactivate It Via DNA Activation

These things use our energy against us and that is the most disempowering thing you can endure.

I right now just told my third eye to block all entity attachments from accessing my energy and it seems to be working.

Hopefully all of us folks with Souls can get a reprieve from this matrix, soon!

You know, what’s crazy is this perfect circle appeared which reminded me of the illuminati real name, G, that represents the orobouros – a snake eating it’s tail – which represents Yaldabaoth:

How To Defeat The Illuminati: Know Thy Names Yaldabaoth The Demiurge aka God And The Illuminati Real Name Is A G Symbol Interwoven With A Snake

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