Intuition Angel 444 Is An Idiot With Female Self Empowerment Issues

Intuition Angel 444 Is An Idiot With Female Self Empowerment Issues

You can hear her talking about me here:

I took an excerpt where she references that she isn’t shriveled like a Raven meaning old like me:

I don’t even wanna write about this SHIT but I feel compelled to address it since she connoted to me here……

In one of her vlogs I heard a lil thug ass nigga cursing – he sounded domineering – in the background.

Also as seen through my third eye her frequency vibrates at 17, which is lower than most people, even organic portals, hence why she is very simple minded and lacks a complex mind and thus complex approach to things.

I explain how you can use your third eye to change your frequency:

How To Raise Your INNER Frequency Using Your Third Eye To Stop Addiction

That is why she just simple mindedly and haphazardly regurgitates ole trendy new (c)age shit like “Venusian light codes” and “everything is about love” (bitch that is called mania as happiness is a fleeting emotion not meant to be a state of mind to be lived in constantly).

I sense, especially based on what I heard in the background of one of her vids that time, she is a grown child with arrested self development hence why she got 3 – not 1 – but 3 kids in her 20s, meaning unstable, codependent and extremely needy and thus seeking men to compensate for low self esteem and lack of identity.

She also lives in a river in Egypt called DE-nial!

Listen to how when she says, “not” she phrases it as a question like, “I’m not….” It is because she has ALOT of inner repressed issues – including dealing with misogynist men – in her life.

She is mixed race and I hate to say but many black men who go for no black women tend to be the male misogynist physically abusive type which I sense her dad is. She even said a grandpa or uncle would tell her, “You better have breakfast ready when I come over,” while recalling it fondly!

So you see what type of people – males – she was around!

I don’t even like devoting an inkling of time to this. I got more serious shit to devote my energy to such as the issue of homeless sex trafficking and illegal medical experimentation done on folks, mainly homeless folks, mentally ill folks, in Malibu and I got something that will blow your mind, coming up!

I Am Mitrice Richardson’s Revenge For The Sex Torture Trafficking of Homeless People In Malibu

Imma be exposing alot of dark shit that goes on here. The next blog article will be proof. Plenty of sacrificed bodies in Malibu, esp. up Topanga Canyon Blvd in that lil village up there.

Next blog article is proof.

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