People Grooming Children For The Purposes of Child Trafficking In Malibu Captured On Tape

People Grooming Children For The Purposes of Child Trafficking In Malibu Captured On Tape

Me and a friend I was chilling with noticed this one day…..

That lil girl IS no more than 12 something years old…..

That day I also saw a school bus or rv of kids I sensed were not from America and the way the women were kissing them did not look like how moms kiss their kids……

In my alcohol induced stupor I could see – and hear – something was not right here.

I could hear him telling this young lady no more than maybe 13 or 15 years old to stand up while he put sand on her feet and the way he wanted her to stand – he was ordering her – was consistent with someone grooming a slave.

All I did was confront. I wish I woulda called the cops or something cause something more needed to be done and I wish I woulda done more.

In my drunken state I feared not being believed.

That said, as spoken here…..

The Pro Life Movement Is A Front For Child Trafficking And Pedophilia

Have You All Seen The Frazzledrip Hillary Clinton Child Pedovore Video

Man Says He Survived Obama Child Pedophile Snuff Film Rape Ring Hotdog Stand At Hula’s Bar In Waikiki Hawaii

I Was Astrally Called To Investigate The Kidnapping And Sex Trafficking of A Woman For Babies

Black Girl In Costco With White Family Treated As Modern Day Slave

Pizzagate Illuminati Rape of Children EXPOSED With Proof In Pictures

Backpage Ain’t Got Nothing On Pizzagate Politrickians Occult Murders of Kids

Child trafficking is very fucking real and in both those days that shit is shown, flaunted in plain sight.

As the daughter of a retired NOPD officer I used to see it when copwatching on Fig and Western where, like in one case, I saw two 12 year old girls – twins – out there for a pimp heauxing.

Kids should be protected and they go after kids cause they don’t have the same rights as adults do and are easily manipulated.

I just gotta say this is so strange I been seeing this shit in Malibu. I recall something loud hitting my vehicle (it was a black fancy car) after confronting him.

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