Have You All Seen The Frazzledrip Hillary Clinton Child Pedovore Video

This guy describes it…..


Facebook tries to suppress ANY conversation over it….


This is what they are trying to suppress – these are stills taken from the vids (it was a series of em)…..

They essentially skin and tortured alive these kids….. All this came up in discussions I had with a very nice gentleman recently who described seeing one of the vids where lil African baby girls were placed on a dresser drawer and had their faces filleted like fucking fish…..

This was one of the scenes described by ole dude above:

These mofos are even trying to defame the victim’s family, like the missing Keeling young lady whose face shows torture above:


Basically saying she came from shit so she deserves shit like this…..

They don’t do this shit to missing folks ESP. pretty young white girls…..

These aren’t people doing this shit…..

That’s the face of a demon.

To be real, I think Hillary and her are both very pretty but, you can tell when the “lights are out” and there is something demonic, reptilian living in that vessel…..

Them eyes are black…..

That’s that right eye vril shit I was talking about…..

I Think That I Am Under Vril Attack

Man, you can see going back to when she was a child you can see, she just has that energy and look of a dark magician, a witch:

Hillary Clinton in June 1969 at the Rodham family home. She was featured in a Life magazine story called “The Class of ’69.”

– Her hands look like the cast spells…..

Watch it!

Folks, esp. feminist will say that that is a look of “I am hellbent and determined to make it” but that’s not! As a spiritualist I see an energy of a demonic force, someone or really something that is utterly ruthless, scheming, conniving and will literally cut your throat to get their way.

As pretty as she was, any nigga thinking about kidnapping her woulda got fucked. up!

I sense that before she was born, before incarnating here, she made a deal with some AWFULLY powerfull but AWFUL evil entities, underworld rulers to get to where she is. Her past lives were full of trauma and poverty, much like mines – one as a sharecropper black girl and I sense another in medieval Europe as a peasant. She wanted to become something big in this matrix and, instead of taking the route I took towards self spiritual advancement and enlightenment, she went the route of using her past life traumas to hurt instead of heal and feeding this matrix (I intend to break free) and became the demon we see.

There was a guy in this youtube video here who shamefully described being tag team raped by her and a black friend in college:

Mind you, this vid was taken back in 2008, before pizzagate, frazzledrip, ALL that shit got released!

I made a copy in case this gets taken down….


– John Podesta, the secretary for her Presidential campaign even said that she nearly knocked him out and was strong ESP. for a woman her age and smelled of sulfur = demon!

Here was a vid found DEEP on Youtube showcasing obviously starving young babies being paraded around like they Victoria’s Secret models in bikinis lavishing guests and these children can’t be no more than 5, 6 tf!


I got it off of youtube and it was called “Epstein’s Bathouse (reupload). I downloaded it cause these mofos will take it down and it’s important you all see this:

And looka Obama, with this lil girl! The lamestream tries to make it out like it’s innocent but you see her ducking down and then being shocked like someone saw! It reminds me of how the lil boy who was raped in this widely distributed porn vid called “Sven” yelled to his abuser to hide his face cause he was groomed out of fear to do this. Peep George Clooney unbuttoning his shit, like tf man!

– It was the same girl he was kissing on the neck. I don’t sense it’s innocent.

At one point the lil girl (in the green) opens her shirt for the others which you can clearly see here…..

You got Oprah here, sucking on Weinstein’s ear:

I remember a young African lady telling of how Oprah pimped her out to Weinstein, like she did in that girls’ African school (site for human trafficking for pedovores and like):

– Don’t doubt it!

Seal called her OUT!

And Ellen Degeneres wearing an ankle bracelet:

Here she is wearing a shirt mocking the suffering the lil girl suffered in the frazzledrip video:

Like this saavy dude pointed out, it is for the upcoming pizzagate, frazzledrip trials cause they ALL pedivores fucking with lil kids…..

When she says “goodbye” in one clip – look I’m from Louisiana and Louisiana folks are real – like one viewer said, she meant it…..

Bet she did, huh, sick bitch!

I look back on my life – I defeated the demiurge (we ALL got them implants in us and I’ll explain later how that shit is used to activate demi-URGES against those of us with souls), I am now in a very good place cause I escaped that mugs system – I am naturally in a place of zen. Still have a few programs to break free of and I’m good.

I’m literally in the mental plane of heaven now and pure bliss ??‍♀️☁️ It’s a better high than anything! The destructive effects of drugs can’t come close cause they take the soul and so thus consciousness OUT the body and allow shit to come in to manipulate you!

That said, I’m happy I walked off that show:

I know it was no good! I wasn’t ready for any fame anyways cause I still needed to do alot of inner healing but, look – when I instinctively get agitated with something, someone out of the blue – those are my psychic senses telling me it is no good!

And my intuition is never wrong.

As countless psychics told me, as I have seen as I explained here:

Why I Would Never Want To Be A Star In Hellyweird

Now Why I Think NOT Attending De La Salle High School Was A GOOD THING

I would have had to sell my soul, my light, my spirit for material trinkets that won’t last forever.

LeBron James involved in that…..

– Don’t kid (no pun) yourself – that’s code! Pizzagate code!

Hillary and all of em are going to a realm that is reminiscient of the Sumerian underworld where it is just sand and no water…..

It would make sense cause Moloch, a diety folks claim they war-ship whom you sacrifice kids to, was from around that shit!

I sense they war-ship something we ain’t never heard of that’s dark and sinister as a mofo and powerfull as all hell – pun intended!

That being said, there is a reason you don’t be hearing from certain actors and actresses, entertainers out the blue anymore, why careers be fizzling:


Don’t get me started on Britney…..

NOTE Diane Sawyer says, “spasm” and look what Britney do

MK Ultra trigger.

Still wanna make it in that crazy ass business?

You gotta be one stupid mofo, esp. in this age where you can make your own website (fuck Youtube) and build your own base your own fame!

I have heard that when folks get to like a certain level of success, with the first ritual being the casting couch where you gotta fuck an ugly dirty looking hobbit like Weinstein to make it (THESE ARE RITUALS) – the next step, well, the preliminary next step will be to hear “rumours” of kids getting sacrificed and killed. A guy I spoke to who knows shit said that these mofos do drugs we ain’t never heard of, CRAZY shit! Then, as they did with good ole Justin Beiber – they introduce him. As he says here…..

They wanted him to kill a kid and just casually introduced the idea to him!

That’s when he lost his fame, fell out of favor and gets bashed by the puppet lamestream media the same assholes killing the kids control!

Once you get up there, your soul gets taken over by a shadow entity – same thing I saw with Hillary Clinton – but she acts as a vessel for a variety of entities like reptilians, greys, other alien archon groups, etc and there is no going back as you eventually lose your soul and give in to them demonic force taking you over:

– The last image reminds me of the cityscape scene from “They Live” where the subliminal messages were telling folks to do what the illuminati, archons and reptilians want folks to do…..

Here Jay Z and Beyonce mocking the lil girl in the frazzledrip video along with:

My take is Beyonce was groomed from birth via molestation, like Britney to be an mk ultra sex puppet and Jay Z runs the show regarding their “marriage” which is all set up and business ideas.

Her original soul, which was already splintered and hiding behind numerous personalities aka spirits, is gone!

– Interesting I picked that pic.

*I FORGOT TO MENTION* When I was a little girl, back in New Orleans, La – back in 1991 (this significant) I used to have vivid “dreams” where me and a group of other kids between the ages of 5 to 8, were kinda backstage at a concert. There were some tough looking black bodyguards wearing shirts etc. and I saw Jay Z on stage. I sensed we were there to be raped the rapper and his entourage.

The significance of that is Jay Z didn’t blow up until 1997 with “Big Pimpin”…

– Dat lenght, 4:44

Barcode = mark of the beast!

Wikipedia says 1999 but I remember that shit playing in the summer of ’97 cause I distinctly remember getting ready to go to high school which was 1997 and hearing that shit on the radio ALLL THE TIME!

They fudge the numbers to make the music – and artists – look younger and thus more “attractive.”

But I remember that dream and it was a recurring one, too! To me, it proves these mofos are already chosen and their fame and money aren’t arbitrary.

The demiurge aka “god” choses them!

That is why the jews thrive materially and got protection cause you still gotta make sacrifices to that mofo:

You gotta make sacrifices to “god”! I mean, c’mon, he goes from “testing” aka manipulating Abraham into damn near sacrificing his son…..

To saying that all good and no one gotta sacrifice cause he sacrificed his own son ?

That is who they sacrificing these people, kids to: god! The christian god, the muslim god – the god that runs all these mass mind control re-ligions! god aka the demiurge is a bloodthirsty mofo who needs blood to survive, no different than how the voodoo loas and santeria orishas sustain themselves – via folks making sacrifices!

That is who the illuminati war-ship: the demiurge! That is why they are powerful and esp. ya’ll regular christian folk can’t touch them cause you are trying to work with the very thing they effectively work with!


Us soulled folks gotta break free of the god aka demiurge matrix wheel:

I just did and will show you how later….

That said, many of these stars lose their status when they start to come into the realization of what is going on. They hear of how the babies, kids are being tortured and they can’t handle just the mere knowledge of it, hence the losing it to drugs, like Brett Michaels did – don’t know if it was over that – or go crazy altogether.

This young lady was PERFECTLY normal! She was getting roles in big films and was well on her way. As is said in the episode, she heard some big time producers discussing some fucked up, illegal shit – then lost it!

They are trying to blame it on “schizophrenia” but that ain’t it. She heard, I sense, some real fucked up pizzagate, human sacrifice shit and – all her ideas, ideas of the world, how society works – her whole world crashed and she lost it.

No different than the NYPD officers who saw the Hillary tapes who (might of) killed themselves:

They saw them tapes and they couldn’t recoup from that. Most folks couldn’t. I can’t even watch that cartel shit or, early on, the beheading of that contractor who went to Afghanistan, Nick Berg – the first internet viral snuff film back in 2001.

Earth is hell.

That’s why I couldn’t fuck with that industry. No way I – being as outspoken, unapologetic, blunt and very strong in my convictions, not to mention non materialistic – could hold that shit in! I’d preach to the mountaintops and, like the young lady who first accurately told me that my baby brother was in trouble in the astral – they woulda sacrificed me!

Shit happens for a reason. That’s why I’m living in my car, with all these dark forces coming at me, trying to pull me in or knock me the fuck out, now:

But I’ve been fighting them, defeating them…..

For a primer on all this, I encourage you all to look up pizzagate (they’ve been censoring this shit so heavily that you can’t find ANYTHING on it now):


Pizzagate shows the demon-crats raping the kids. Conspiracy of Silence was a documentary produced by the Discovery channel that came out exposing repoo-blithcanTs torturing kids and sacrificing them at Bohemian Grove, the White House, going so far as to describe a politrickian placing bees in a 2 year old boy’s rectum. These are the sick mofos we got running the (shit) show ?? deliberately!


Here is Hillary Clinton’s former chairperson of staff for her Presidential run, John Podesta, acting out as his evil alternate personality, Skippy, torturing a small child in a scalding hot shower while playing a video of I guess his poor daddy getting tortured:


That’s him! Here is a side by side comparison of his voice:

That’s why this mofo hell cause we got some sick ass mofos running it!

Now, before I exit, I wanna talk on 69. They were planning to use him for a pedophile agenda – hence the Lisa Frank rainbow colors and sex and shit in the vids…..

I love him! Lol!

Boy fucking goofay! That said, that’s why they put him in jail – to groom, train (that “lil” girl honest looked as old as me!)! Let him know – for when they decide to reveal the dark shit to him and try to set him up like a Jay Z – that he betta keep his mouth shut or toe the line or else……

Note we ain’t been hearing from him cause he too outspoken for them, they can’t suppress his starseed spirit ⭐

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