Violent Amorous Stalker Gets ‘Woked After Confrontation

Violent Amorous Stalker Gets ‘Woked After Confrontation

Remember this…..

Nigger Stalker LOSES IT When I Say I Like White Men And Why Soulled People Need To Stick Together



Public works messy…..

Can they do this tho. (this was later as I did my tarot reading)…..

Funny, cause there was this burgundy reddish suv that kept parking – I’m guessing his gangstalker “manager” he gotta report to I sense – and they didn’t help him but they called this honkey…..

Here is his license plate CA license plate number is 5XMZ959…..

This wide boi 👉🏻⬜ KNEW to get THE. FUCK outta town when he saw me coming out the van, as if a T rex was approaching…..

That wide boi was RUNNNNING 🏃🏻

He said oh fuck no I don’t want ANY part of this shit lol 🏃🏻

Hope ya’ll have a good day and peace!

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