I Learned In The Astral Plane That Zendaya Paid The Occalas To Sacrifice Me So She Could Have My Blessings

I Learned In The Astral Plane That Zendaya Paid The Occalas To Sacrifice Me So She Could Have My Blessings

I did these videos last night cause I couldn’t hold it in when I found out the truth:

That said I saw in the spirit world WHOOLLY what is going on.

I wrote it in the article that I plan to release today.

Basically, the Occalas through a false Soul contract with my higher self who was bullied into it, were able to give away my blessings and spiritual abilities which I NEVER consented to, never gave permission for and set me up to be a sacrifice – me, my family, and my ancestors, for a bunch of people in Hollywood, including Zendaya.

They then put roach attachments in my consciousness so that I go crazy, homeless and insane and die in my sleep.

To make it even worse, as recounted here, they even came to me in the physical, acting as if they were the illuminati – showing me huge mansions that I WAS ALREADY SUPP0SED TO HAVE as a part of my blessings and portraits of political folks shaking hands with a skeleton in portraits.

That said, I said no!

So they have no right to give away MY rightful birthright!

That said, I recounted that here:

Harassed By Woman Beating LAPD Officer Billy Bob Ziesmer and Officer Trick Kwon For Being Topless In Public

Here is an excerpt of it from that article I did long ago. It was 2015.

The crazy thing – though I strongly believe that the skeleton they work with is NOT illuminati level – it is supposed to be the poor Soul of someone or someone’s higher self they murdered – Kove Bryant talked of having a skeleton around him:

Kobe Bryant’s Death Was A Sacrifice For The Demon He Sold His Soul To

However I was being stalked by theirs for a minute:

Archon Attacks And Could My Brother Have Been Turned Into A Reptilian

I Got PROOF That A Skeletal Archon Entity And A Demon of Lust Are Around Me Fucking With Me

Don’t Be Fooled By Evil Entities…..

Fighting Off Archon Possession

That said, in Hollywood, you hear ALOT about stolen blessings – and the thieves coming up.

Green River for instance was supposed to be the band to come up on the Grunge scene instead of Nirvana, but Nirvana got ‘woked all the blessings:

Lady Gaga is a known energy vampire who stole the blessings of an up and coming Russian artist named Lina Morgana.

Look at the title of this video by her about the child here. If this isn’t pure evil I don’t know what is:

This is crazy:

Who really was Lina Morgana and why is Lady GaGa stopping her music being released ?
byu/mintwolves innonmurdermysteries

Lady Gaga ‘murdered pop star and claimed her identity’ claims dark conspiracy

From what I last recall of the situation, the poor girl got placed in a hell realm where she was being tortured by a being known as “the hat man” based on a Youtube video I saw a while back:


That said, I am finding out more and more that I am victim of the same thing.

That said, back in 2016, I kept wondering why I had minimal fame as the topless lady – as well as when I was on the PCH going as far back as 2022 – and why I couldn’t get anywhere or make any money to save the life of me.

Now, What Is So Sexual about MY BREASTS

What Is The Difference Between the Male Nipple and the Female Nipple

I didn’t get any further than this:

It wasn’t that – anything I did – I couldn’t get anywhere with it but predecessors after me could.

For instance I started the copwatch thing but I wasn’t famous for it.

Tom Zebra comes up and he is all of a sudden in the national spotlight.

From what I am understanding, back in 2016 – actually going back to 1999 – I was the victim of a sacrifice which I never gave my permission to be a part of.

To make a long story, when I was in high school I had a teacher named Ms Preston who was envious of me. She sold me as a sacrifice to Baron Samedi.

That said he was the first to render me a sacrifice and put me in the roach realm of my own consciousness. When you are in the roach realm you have your blessings, spiritual powers, all of that constantly taken from you as well as being subject to energy vampires who wanna make you a sacrifice as well, which is what I am experiencing.

See, if you are part of his bloodline – which I am – and you have strong spiritual powers and psychic abilities, he will make your life and living hell.

Folks who are in his bloodline especially those with strong psychic abilities and powers tend to die from car accidents, suicides, etc.

That said he had put me in the roach realm which is where I have been stuck ever since for most of my adult life.

When someone wants to curse you, they place curses on your forehead to make it prominent to ensure you are affected by it.

I had the labels “hoe, prostitute” placed on my forehead because it was contrary to my nature of being upstanding – some would say uptight – smart and studious – which all of that is 5hw antithesis of me.

It was a “punishment” for my nature.

That said, from what I am understanding, he had a Soul piece of mine, the right side of my body which I lost after she made the comment, “Drop the English accent” which I couldn’t Qunderstand at the time affected me deeply – on a Soul level – but it did.

Now. I realize it was part of a curse.

From what I understand she is making millions off a skincare line and I am wallowing in poverty which it seems I will never get out of.

A bunch of people from that high school took my blessings.

I will even say this, I remember a song I used to hear on American Idol sung by a biracial girl called, “I could” and I would be able to find it hear and there and sometimes – never.

I am finding out that he placed me in a timeline where I would never have shit and would be having to questionable things for money such as prostitution which is not me. It was part of the curse he wrote on my life.

Now, from what I am understanding – as a continuation of that curse – some very unscrupulous people – Nene Occala and Ethan Occala – two evil folks’ who work under roach entities that like to sacrifice and pillage folks consciousnesses for their blessings, spiritual powers – stole that Soul piece from him in an attempt – I keep hearing “experiment” – to create a “slave” whom from the astral plane they can control whom they can steal the spiritual powers, blessings of said persons using roach attachments and then sacrifice them to get total control – and to energy vampire off of them forever.

That being said, I keep hearing differing reports such as they are trying to hide from Baron Samedi and that they got an agreement with him to sacrifice me but I recall being shown a woman made out of a Soulpiece of mine by Baron Samedi telling the Occalas that they have to sacrifice me and if they can’t kill me, then Baron Samedi will kill them.

That said, from what I have been shown – they have murdered – in their sleep – 26 people in all using the highly sentinent roach attachments I have attached to me. They were intending – and actually have tried – to kill me numerous times in my sleep but thankfull7 because of God, the ancestors they can’t touch me that way.

With that being said, from what I am understand they harassed a higher self of mine, whom they put in a hell realm subsequently after, after signing a Soul contract, which is extremely one sides.

The way their Soul contracts read is – they don’t even offer anything. They just take – like the energy vampires they are.

It is one sided. I had a spirit guide read to me that it stated that, “We get whatever you got and if you tear up this contract we keep it.”

Now, I don’t know when this was. I believe 2013 or 2014.

That said, they came to me in the astral plane in 2014 around that time. I was astral projecting, heavily – I had become spiritual. And I remember waking up one day, early in the morning, and I had awoke in my astral body. The visage looked grey. I was in the lower 4th dimension. I was then greeted by a past life uncle who was Vietnamese who took me to show
various parts of the world in the astral plane.

He showed me China. Then we slowed down and I was big mansions, one which had checkered boatd floors. I was then shown pictures of folks shaking hands with a skeleton. Nene Occala who looks like this woman here:

I then had the feeling right then and there that they wanted me to make a deal. I said no.

I then saw his eyes change into reptilian.

I then awoke with my third eye bleeding.

That said ever since I have had dire bad luck with money. I can’t make money to save the life of me. I can’t get anywhere. I always felt that I was destined for fame and fortune and that got blocked cause of really evil sadistic entities – and people – who took control of my life who I never allowed – or consented to – having control over my life and dispening MY BLESSINGS, MY SPIRUTUAL ABILITY, MY BIRTHRIGHT, without my permission, without my consent.

They destroyed my life!

That said in 2015, from what I am understanding, I supposedly signed a Soul contract with them, but it was through deception. I had gotten into the occult aide of spirituality. I had become a satanist to up my money in large (and I was one as a kid). I started doing surprisingly well. But I wanted to become whole again. I wanted that Soul piece back.

That said, I prayed to Satan for it. I later found out it was this evil mofo named Alex Nacimieto, a roach attachment of quite possibly someone murdered in their sleep by the Occalas – I heard a neighbor – who gave me that Soul piece and whom I unwittingly concurred – not signed – to a Soul contract with:

This how he look. A rat faced bastard. He is flanked by an entity attachment that is also I believe the higher self of Ethan Occala ned Dax Brevard or Borurvier, who is the “end man” entity who kills you in your sleep.

That said from there it has been an endless string of living in homeless shelters – damn near got kicked out of one – bad luck with money, people, everything you can imagine and being harassed by bad spirits, namely their roach attachments.

Ever since I have been under their sacrifice curse, I have noticed celebrities like Patti LaBelle and a bunch of people in the dreamscape, including Offset and the other two Migos, who I woked (I noticed Offset died in his sleep):

Series of Astral Visions Reveal That The Migos Have Been Stealing My Blessings

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Why You Never Sacrifice Another Person For Material Wealth Especially If The Person Has A Soul

Astral Vision Shows Erykah Badu Destroyed Lauryn Hill’s Career and Tried To Undermine My Blessings


Steal my blessings.

In the case of Patti Labelle, I was going up an elevator in a luxurious apartment building and I got stopped by her from going in or going any further. I also saw myself with a wealthy basketball player and her take it away.

She is an energy vampire who stays “relevant” by stealing other folks’ blessings, as most folks in Hollywood do.

I lived in Malibu at the time.

They said they were giving away my blessings like it was nobody’s business, like they have authority, which I never gave them.

That said the way they work is, they bully a higher self of yours, in my case mines was a child with a cherub face. They then force them to sign one of their one sided Soul contracts. They then bully their way into your timelines and bloodlines and placing themselves in authority such as your higher self.

Like two bit hustlers they then go in and I mean – steal – all your shit. YOUR SHIT!

They will take your timelines, spiritual blessings and abilities, even down to the color of your lips on your astral body and put it in them.

I have heard from their roach attachments that they stole my astral body – my astral figure – Nene Occala did and you can see evidence of it right here – a difference in how my face looks back then vs now when the curse first started:

And anything they want with abandon and they will put you in hellish realms in your own mind by using the extremely sentinent roach attachments I have talked about to play games with your mind EVERYDAY and fuck it up:

The difference between the roach attachments they use vs what we usually have – we all have roach attachments that are designed to keep the order of things in our astral body – is that theirs are designed to keep your consciousness stuck in hell realms – and to fuck it up enough so you can’t get your blessings.

They put FUCKED UP roach attachments in your head that are designed to open up your consciousness wide to the astral realm so that entities can PHYSICALLY fuck with you and make you appear insane, crazy and schizophrenic when you are out on the streets which is a part of the curse they inflict on you to drive you insane and make you commit suicide if they can’t kill you after energy harvesting off of you.

These things possess you – they move entity attachments and parts of your astral body around independently of your thoughts and emotions – and expose you to the spirit realm in a way that can get you physically hurt – which can severely hurt your spirit team cause one negative thought can manifest physically in the astral plane.

That said let me go and preface this by saying that in the astral realm there was this big story concocted that I had been replaced after I had died in my sleep on August 22, 2022 from what I have heard.

There is teeth to that. That night before I was living in Santa Monica in a homeless shelter near Pico Blvd. I had been drinking and next thing I know I feel a entity, a spirit slap the ancestral timelines of “Rosie” – a girl I was told who died in her sleep under a similar curse and was from Destrehan, La.

I heard the spirits say that I was put into a jar. Through my third eye sure enough I saw my astral self – or my Soul – lingering out of my body. I put myself back but supposedly in a different timeline.

That said the most jarring was the next day when I spoke to the owner of a liquor store which I frequented but not alot. A very level headed man. And he said to me that he got a phone call from someone who sounded EXACTLY like me saying through static, “I need help.”

I had been set up to be energy harvested off of.

I had been placed in the roach realm from what I have seen of my own consciousness and was not allowed to get back. The Occalas – and they are STILL trying to do this after I had removed them – declared themselves my higher selves and blocked me from getting back into MY timelines so that they can illicitly steal and energy vampire off of and take from me for as long as they want.

They placed roach attachments in me the next day to keep me stuck in hell realms in my own consciousness. Every time I try to get back MY STUFF I get attacked. I have had all sorts of demonic entities such as sacrifice angels who look like this:

Placed all in my timelines to perpetually steal from and take from me and keep me from getting back my stuff as it’s a daily back and forth and there is no reprieve in sight.

My parents and ancestors got sacrificed as part of this curse all so these people can come up:

The people who she made an agreement with to sacrifice me in exchange for my blessings – the Occalas – have placed roach attachments of her and a couple of other celebrities whom a spirit guide showed I was tied in the astral to so they can energy vampire off of me, which includes Madonna, Tim Burton and Issac Mizrahi.

Interestingly, all throughout this curse I kept hearing Zendaya and at one point I heard a spirit say, “Stoermer” and that is her ma’s name:

That said, from what I understand – from what I was told – Zendaya was visited by the Occalas in the astralscape for a Soul contract.

She then – through word of mouth I believe fron another celebrity who used their services – contacted them physically.

See, without my blessings her career woulda fizzled and she woulda been a flash in the pan.

She then went to the Occalas physically to sign a Soul contract from what I understand. She was told she would have to offer somebody and she replied, “I’ll just offer up the weird lady who goes topless on the pch.”

Her and Timothy Chalamet are two folks I know of who stole my blessings.

They came to him in the astral and his higher self signed a Soul contract with them.

That was supposed to be my blessing. To marry a rich person.

That said the Occalas – for the sake of their rich celebrity paying customers – have me and my family bound to hell realms, kept out of our own timelines, so that these people can eat while I wallow in poverty.

And I never gave my consent to it.

I currently live in a homeless shelter in South Central.

I was barely able to get that cause of the curse.

My life has been a tragedy. My lil brother – cause of one of the Occala’s entities I am now finding out, killed himself in 2012.

He has been stuck in hell realms ever since:


For me it’s just been going from pillar to post, an endless string of homeless shelters.

My life wasn’t supposed to be this way.

There was supposed to be a silver lining in the latter part of my life and now me and my family have been afflicted with this hellish curse which there seems to be no end in sight.

Constantly having to fight “invisible” entities, having no spiritual protection – doing it on my own – constantly having my blessings and spiritual powers taken away after I get it back, being energy harvested off of by people.

I didn’t ask for this.

I have been homeless for much of my life – undeserved – cause I got cursed by Baron Samedi.

I was supposed to have wealth and fame as per my blessings but I don’t. It’s just done gotten hellish for me and my family – my mom a paraplegic. They got cursed and I can tell it’s not them in their body.

I was supposed to have a silver lining by the end of my life, near the end of it but instead I got stuck having to fight – on my own – three evil ass people who sought me out of a billion to energy harvest off of in the crulest of ways – till the point of death (I look terrible in the astral plane. I am barely my Soul consciousness) – with no end in sight. Just today I saw my astral self being perpetually beaten with EVERYTHING – eyes, eyelashes included – being ripped off my body by sadistic beings. Meanwhile I saw my spiritual gufts and blessings being funneled to Timothy Chalamet and Zendaya, energy harvested off of:

Two evil mofos.

I got condemned as a sacrifice – despite saying “no” to any Soul contracts in the physical – and am stuck fighting what seems to be damn near a losing battle, with no end in sight.

My poor grandmother. She was a praying woman. Why was she in a hell realm, allowed to get caught by these ass energy fucking vampires:

Same thing with my grandfather. He was a pious man. Why was he allowed to be placed in a hell realm by these three evil ass sadistic people with roaches being pumped into him.

From what I am understanding, I have been placed under their “god” – not the God of light – but the god of darkness. Some folks called him satan.

I believe he is what I called the demiurge:

Directly Fighting God The Demiurge: The Top Demon


Seeing Yah The Demiurge While Attempting To Rescue My Brother

From what I am understanding, after the false contract signed between them and my higher self – which I said no to in the physical realm during astral projection – I got placed under their “god” which is the “devil”, the ruler of the material world I believe.

When someone becomes your higher self, your inner god connects with theirs, and because theirs is a demon, I got fucked – and fucked up – from the get go.

I didn’t stand a chance.

At one point during this curse there was an agreement made between the Occalas, Zendaya and their god to keep me stuck in hell realms for the rest of my life so I can never rise up and get my rightful shit back.

A fake Hekate was included in this agreement – which I had no say so.

They kept mentioning “Rosie” which is code I now know for Zendaya.

“Rosie” was the entity attachment meant to represent her.

They fed me a story of a poor girl from Louisiana – like me – who fell victim to their curse and, unlike me, died in her sleep.

They set up all sorts of angels, sacrifice angels – whom are constantly sicced on me till my astral body are bare bones – to protect her and make sure “I don’t get back in” my timeline.

Last night me and my ancestors in the astral were about to get into a timeline where my blessings were being funneled unrighteously and Timothy Chalamet stopped us and said, “You were supposed to be dead” his higher self told us!

Every night these evil mofos have been torturing my consciousness – giving away parts of it, my baby consciousness – so that I don’t remember anything and become as estranged as possible to my original timelines of success.

Again, I told them no in the physical. I don’t agree to be a sacrifice.

I don’t get why this evil shit is allowed to happen especially to my ancestors and family.

It don’t make sense. It’s just evil.

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