I Finally Figured Out How To Defeat The Unusual Roach Artachments The Occalas and Nicholas Bearden Put On People

I Finally Figured Out How To Defeat The Unusual Roach Attachments The Occalas and Nicholas Bearden Put On People

That said, I think I found their real names in the astral plane: Nene Occala and Ethan Occala or Apperwhite.

Imma keep it 100: I almost thought it was an old “client” I saw whose name I was shown was “David Reina” but, without going into detail, I wonder if the evil people who have been terrorizing me and my spirit team astrally, I wonder if “David Reina’s” name is Ethan Apperwhite.

That said this is an unusual curse to defeat and deal with:

Right now as I talk they just tried to send what I call “silencers” – entity attachments of people turned white gumby like entities whom are used in the realm of the primordial darkness, the realm of the subconscious which the demiurge actually rules in the astral plane (it is the realm of the devil which is why the subconscious is chaotic) to kill off a very powerful spirit guide who has been helping me as much as possible to escape the curse. She – along with my ancestors and my spirit guides – have been getting put through what they call a “wash” in the spirit plane which is popularly known as the reincarnation matrix trap in an effort to intimidate, batter me, attack me, definitely terrorize mei into staying silent and not revealing what is on and to eradicate her and my knowledge of what is going on:

Everytime I try to break free I will see in the astral plane that Nicholas Bearden – who has two kids named Lathan or Nathan and Kirsten – along with Nene Occala and – as well as Nene Occala and Ethan Occala (or Apperwhite) – through their roach attachments and higher selves (who I was shown are merely and are controlled by roach attachments largely) will have control over my consciousness (or is it subconsciousness) and will use it to terrorize me and my spirit guides and keep us stuck in hell realms, indefinitely as it was planned by them and a fake Hekate – attached to Nene (“Barbara Reina”) Occala – to keep me from talking about this situation I am facing.

They have even put an entity or is it roach attachment (I saw that this entity rules a DEMONIC realm where they have large human sized cockroaches placed on top of folks and he looks half human) in the back top of my head where my subconscious is whose consciousness is then placed in my body itself so that I become possessed and get energy vampired off of – perpetually – as well get destroyed (anytime I do videos like this I can feel a person moving in my body and removing parts of my energy body OUT – at one point removing my Soul consciousness out like as what happened yesterday) – so that I can never escape the curse.

You have an inner connection to God within you. These things have gone so far as to destroy and try to become my God, ruling my head.

The two possessing entities – bear with me cause it gets complicated – that got placed in me is a former seaman (who rules that hell realm as I explained before) named Seamus Anderson, the most vicious and my dad from another timeline where he was a deadbeat dad cop.

They reside in Nicholas Bearden’s head and are connected to mine and are put through a “wash” just as described above (the reincarnation matrix trap) in an effort to remove their memories and are placed in my consciousness in hell realms (my dad has been placed in a realm in my head where he is constantly being beaten on by people and where he is being constantly fed on by roaches while Seamus has been placed in a “hell realm” which he rules where he is a half human and half roach and where giant human sized cockroaches attach themselves on top of people and connect chords to em to feed off of them.

It breaks my heart what I have seen.

Just to go to show you how fucked up what I am dealing with is, I started working again with a former spirit guide, who was showing me my part of the astral plane.

Now, I have heard these roaches they put on me say before, “You can’t escape the curse cause all you have are roach attachments” which is bull. You can always remove them using frequency. 613 hz removes their energy signature. That said she showed me that my part of the astral plane was FILLED with roach attachments of people I have met and seen who were put there by the Occalas and the entities they are working with to destabilize my consciousness, harass me and torment me. Basically it was filled with nothing but energy vampires.

I was shown that Tim Burton – a roach attachment of him – was placed in charge of my consciousness and in my part of the astral realm various people who I was told had sacrificed were placed in various positions around my astral consciousness to act as Higher Selves, etc. They also place what they call “wonoloers” which are entity attachments of random people that are meant to energy harvest off of you, steal from you, etc. which they place in your consciousness. The higher self of Nicholas Bearden, a Native American shaman in Malibu who is real dark and evil and is involved in child sacrifice up there in Topamga Canyon Village:

His higher self looks like this:

His real self looks like that but ANCIENT:

That said when I first removed those two entity attachments of my father and Seamus Anderson he then came and placed entity attachments in my forehead designed to keep these entity attachments of them in order to keep me stuck to the curse and never allow me to be able to escape it.

From what I understand from what I have heard some really high up people out there – as well as a few regular people paid to have me sacrificed so they can get my blessings and spiritual blessings.

They have also been placing entity attachments called “Wonoloers” which are roach attachments made to look like people that are designed to steal every and anything off you and cause you to PHYSICALLY feel it!

They are designed to torment you, steal from you, act EXACTLY as the sacrifice angels do:

At one point they had it connected to my baby consciousness.

It was scary.

Yesterday I kept having the higher self of Sloan Bella – who kept coming in to supposedly help but it was to really steal my blessings as I found out later on (I never liked that woman. Something about her – and all them people up there in Topanga Canyon Village – don’t sit right with me) that she kept coming back in to my consciousness in my part of the astral realm I have been stuck in the subconscious in a hell realm for weeks on end, actually damn near months and stealing my baby consciousness and a few timelines, which I shuck her already wealthy ass down for.

Every night when I sleep – I am trying to figure out the entity that is responsible for this – I will wake up to find me, my spirit guides and my Higher Selves and any other spiritual protection trapped in some hell realm
where, like for instance, I found myself last night waking in a hell realm where I and my ancestors were being put through a “wash” in my own consciousness which, as described above, is made to cause you to forget and wipe your memories, consciousness clean. This was an attack on me by those three evil sadistic people – and entities – to keep me from escaping the curse and to keep me from being able to effectively fight them.

They did this to my BEST spirit guide a cherub faced angel they put through what I call an “infinity washer” where she was nearly torn and brought down to nothingness. I had to help her to come from out of that.

Me and my spirit guides have noticed that they are and I have been stuck in hell realms and them and their higher selves are presiding over it, meaning they have taken almost total control of my consciousness through deceit and trickery and have damn near knocked me out of my own head in the astral plane. I noticed that on my motherboard their higher selves who are practically wholly controlled by parasites OBSESSIVELY AND INCESSANTLY connect to various points of my consciousness to suck up anything I got on it: timelines, blessings, ancestors, spiritual powers and so forth.

I wonder what the fuck has gone on with them cause like one spirit guide said no person – or entity – has the type of energy they have.

Their intentions are to run me out of my own consciousness completely and take possession of it.

From what I heard the Occalas as well as Bearden vowed by making a pact with a fake Hekate controlled by Nene Occala to keep me stuck in hell realms in my consciousness as well as the astral plane so that I can never get back up to fight them again and so that they can have me as a sacrifice.

Ever since I – and from what I saw last night – my brother Bryan’s higher self – have been placed in hell realms thankfully in the back of my subconscious mind. Usually these sadistic sick fawks will remove you and your spirit team from out your head and place them in one of their client “hosts” – Nicholas Bearden, Nene Occala and Ethan Occala so that they and their parasitic asses can feed off of you well into the afterlife as a “sacrifice.”

To hurt an energy vampire – I saw this yesterday – use a silver sword and stab them in the heart. That helped tremendously last night when I was fighting these things off. Use it on their hosts or anyone who is an energy vampire. Trust me it will work.

One entity attachment they work with is this entity attachment here named “Alex Nacimiento” who – I don’t know if he is innate to me or not – but I believe he controls the hell realms (but he was able to take full control of my consciousness) in a person’s body. I saw in the astral plane that he was connected to a former client of mine who I saw years ago who has rainbows and all sorts of really nice frilly lily entity hippy attachments in his conciousness who looks JUST LIKE this entity attachment here:

Just LIKE Alex Nacimiento.

That said I will never forget when I saw that evil asshole, I actually did an article on him right before the curse broke here, thinking his name was “Paul Edwards” – turns out it is a pseudonym for Ethan Occala or is it Apperwhite online:

Tell Paul Edwards The POS Behind The Gangstalking In Malibu To Quit

Looking through a computer monitor (I have actually seen entities using laptops and computers and in some cases folks”)’s higher selves using cellphones to record me as I was going through what I am going through) at a young Mexican girl going through horrific obstacle courses in the astral plane – one was running through a department store while being followed by entity attachments of other people – one including my grandma who they had locked in a hellish hell realm where she was chained to the wall of a chasm and being eaten alive by vultures, there was a guy saying, “I wanna rape you” etc. Another obstacle course featured a giant head of that entity above chasing them – it was her and a group of folks – as they were swimming through a river to escape it, laughing – and the final one I believed involved entity attachments of their ancestors, hunting them down.

I recall seeing a young lady who runs a Santa Muerte shop releasing a yellow bird as the young folks left through what appeared to be a production studio after going through that ordeal.

I removed Alex Nacimiento early this morning. After I did I noticed that in my timelines there was a Nosferatu entity which I saw crowning Ethan Occala’s head named Inageraro or something like that who is an energy vampuee which he has attached to him. His roach attachments and other spirits had been talking about him. The Alex Nacimiento entity went about attacking me and various points of my consciousness, using those consciousness eaters I talk about, to get back in and take over and have complete control, placing entity attachments, using my own entity attachments to feel all over me, erase particular points of my consciousness, etc.

Flanking him is an entity attachment that looks like this:

It was the entity that I saw flying around, demanding me as a sacrifice while in my jail cell when this curse first broke out, hovering around everyday waiting for me to be a sacrifice. It was scary.

It is what you call a “Guru” I believe who governs hell realms in your consciousness in the astral plane.

That said I believe it used to be comprised of Ethan Occala’s higher self. Now – based on what I have seen – it is comprised of my brother – who I witnessed while in jail make a pact with these evil beings to keep me out of hell realms by offering himself up as a Guru to stay in them and also help me as I go through this arduous ordeal.

Ever since he has been stuck in hell realms
where he gets eaten by large and small cockroaches and at one point lost his astral body.

At one point they were in the body of Ethan and Nene Occala, whose parasitic higher selves perpetually make themselves my higher selves.

Nicholas Bearden is THE WORST. He himself along with his higher and highest selves are completely evil and he likes to connect to your power source – your pallet numbre – which is in the back of your head and in your heart chakra – to siphon your power and use it against you.

Me and my spirit guide disarmed him one day and noticed his ass was powerless to fight back.

It is because he – like they – have no power themselves and through a Soul contract written between him and them roach attachments they are in TOTAL control of his consciousness (they can not grow one as per contract) and thus have to rely on them for his consciousness as well as to steal other people’s shit.

That said my spirit guide proceeded to show me what was going in the astral plane with me.

I always felt during this like I am stuck in a glass jar.

That said she showed me how I was stuck in hell realms in my consciousness and then she showed me how there were houses built on a canal woth three houses on it, stealing my energy.

Then she showed me another home – 13245 Bayview Drive – not that far from where Nicholas Bearden, a Malibu shaman who I was also shown in the astral plane likes to make child sacrifices, lives which I was shown is at 17455 Bayview drive, Malibu CA, lives – where they make the sacrifices in the astral plane but I am not quite sure the physical.

As an aside, when I looked into Ethan Occala or Apperwhite’s astral side it showed a tall building – possibly in Century City – named 171425 Lichten St. I was told – and saw – he a lawyer.

Now that I think about it that client I once saw said he was a lawyer.

I was told Ethan Occala does contracts for very shady people like drug dealers and child traffickers.

She then showed me tied to the house to an entity attachment that looks like this:

Funny thing is I saw that same image back in 2022 right before the curse hit:

How The Image of Jesus Is Used To Destroy Soulled People And Black People

That said here is the most crucial:

Imma say this right now: this how $ellebrities like Madonna are able to stay relevant like Madonna:

I ain’t gonna say who she under but it ain’t God.

She showed me three homes – one owned by Madonna, another owned by Tim Burton and another owned by Issac Mizrahi – amd I was tied to them in the astral plane as a sacrifice.

That said the biggest one I kept hearing – and seeing – was Tim Burton.

Imma say this right now, from what I have seen of him in the astral he is a very UGLY, nasty, perverted filthy person who hypersexualizes women and is just a downright piece of shit person with no respect for anybody and is hung up on ego and wealth and false fame (cause he steals his – his ideas from others as you will hear).

That said he made a deal with Satan a while back for his blessings. His higher self is a veritable Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde in the astral plane. Some roach spirits even said he turned into Lurch in the astral plane. That’s cause he is a real evil motherfucker.

I said here that he is into child porn and that he is one of the folks who watch the Occala’s child snuff porn despite having two kids here:

The Exeter Club In Malibu And It’s Connection To Child Sacrifice And Porn And The Occalas

About The Reinas aka The Occalas And Their Children And Involvment In Child Sex Trafficking Ring In Malibu

That said I was shown that the reason why he got a roach attachment in my part of the astral realm is because he wanted my consciousness.

I was told that Tim Burton went to Ethan Occala and asked who was his latest sacrifice and he said me and he then proceeded to pay him to get whatever he could spiritually and materially out of me.

Tim Burton is a major pervert, weirdo, and energy vampire who likes to prey on children from what I understand in the astral plane.

That said the next one is Madonna:

I believe she is friends with Laura Silsby, the woman who was caught human trafficking kids from Haiti:

With that said, I gotta find the article on that.

With that said, look at her kids and how she is with them and how they look, especially Banda:

In the astral she don’t like it when you aim for her Daughter, Lourdes who lives on a 17425 Eevee st in NY:

That said she is another MAJOR energy vampire in the astral plane who likes to steal from the less fortunate – cause they have less spiritual protection.

She – like Sloan Bella in the astral plane (at least her roach attachment) – have, as those articles describe, a fake white saviour complex in which they use it to get close to black folks then energy vampire, as I have experienced. Both of em would via roach attachments – which were sadistic and utterly relentless – would make themselves my Higher Selves so they could get what they wanted out of me then go their own way.

The only sadistic roach attachments I have come across are from Topanga Canyon Village in Malibu and that is because of some of the sinister goings on up there by the local people – child snuff porn, child trafficking, etc. as described in recent articles of mine:

The Exeter Club In Malibu And It’s Connection To Child Sacrifice And Porn And The Occalas

Revelation In The Astral Plane About The Death of A Jeff Woodard By The Reinas

I even touched on that in the past and that is when they started the process of kicking me out.

PROOF of Human Sex Rape Trafficking of Homeless In Malibu: The Redneck Courier Service

About The Reinas aka The Occalas And Their Children And Involvment In Child Sex Trafficking Ring In Malibu

I Am Mitrice Richardson’s Revenge For The Sex Torture Trafficking of Homeless People In Malibu

Man Informs Me That Homeless People In Malibu Are Being Abducted And Being Taken To A Blue House To Have Illegal Medical Experiments Conducted On Them

Proof That G The Illuminati Uses Homeless MK Ultra Victims Against Me In Malibu

Whoa…. I knew what I had back then:

Attack By A White Supremacist And Dealing With Brain Parasites

Up in Malibu, especially Topanga Canyon Village, there is a thriving child porn/ thriving child snuff porn industry in Topanga Canyon Village from what I have seen in the astral plane and everyone knows about it or is involved in it in some way. The Occalas are front centre and alot of $ellebs I understand from up that way go to them to do dark magick which involves human, usually child sacrifice.

As told to me in the spirit plane they got a designated house at 13245 Bayview Drive in Malibu, CA where they sacrifices in the astral but not sure the physical.

Another one – his higher self is a leprechaun – is Issac Mizrahi, same weirdo who grabbed Scarlett Johansson’s breasts a while back:

And here is another one I am shocked by. Zendaya.

I am honestly shocked that from what them roach spirits, from what some other spirits have told me – I even heard it myself when I did something to expose them spirits in the spirit plane, I put two and two together so when I said, “Rosie is Zendaya”, I heard the spirit, “Damn, I was found out.” Then the voice changed. And when I removed something I noticed a major difference.

That said, I know these evil mofos put roach attachments of their clients in you to steal your blessings that have people already in them that look like this:

– Most roach attachments just have the lil go kart vehicles with ancestors but the roach attachments I got got people and their own consciousnesses meaning they are independent, self aware entities.

Wow, I just learned something in the spirit world that’s killing me..

What I said about Zendaya is true. I am gonna preface this by saying that outside of my largely black and jewish spirit guides

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