About The Reinas aka The Occalas And Their Children And Involvment In Child Sex Trafficking Ring In Malibu

About The Reinas aka The Occalas And Their Children And Involvment In Child Sex Trafficking Ring In Malibu

I must be on to something cause Youtube is blocking me from posting the title:

From what I saw in the astral plane their kids, an Yvette (or Evelyn) and a Christopher Occala look like this:

Their daughter Yvette looks like this in the astral:

She looks like this in real life:

Their son Christopher looks like this:

They are 5 and 13 respectively.

The daughter was voted most easy going and the son, most likely to succeed as well as an Albright scholar over at their school, Ulster elementary school!

That said I got word just today that their two kids are involved in a child sex ring out their in Malibu that many folks are aware of and even participate in.

That said I mentioned yesterday that there was a kid named Jeff Woodard who was VICIOUSLY tortured, murdered and raped out there at one of two possible residences for the Occalas:

133131 Apartment A Agoura Hills or Agoura or Agoura Way or Alhambra Way in Malibu, CA.

I also got 1555146 Agoura Way in Malibu.

I just got word that they use their child as ransom, using them in child porn to exchange them out, trick em out for child sex and porn as part of a child porn ring out there.

That said I was told of the fate of the two children they got in their basement, a boy and a girl respectively 9 and 5.

One girl, a young black girl from a family of 7, is from either Belieze or Costa Rica.

She was kidnapped off the streets.

Her name I believe is Annaliese.

The young boy’s name is Fred. He is 9. He is actually from around the neighborhood. From what I understand a poor family sold him off and a wealthy family brought him.

They were stolen when they were 1 and 2 respectively.

They keep these kids in their basement and here is what they do:

They take the boy and the girl and hang them on a cross like object and throw darts and knives at them for hours on end.

I then saw a big fat “Barbara Reina” wearing bdsm, with the little girl tied to the bed, naked, being beaten and raped with a whip.

I saw the same being done by a skinny “David Reina” to the young boy at the other end.

They were raping them simultaneously.

They film child snuff/porn films.

They feed them literal shit and piss.

I then saw them hanging the kids on a rafter like object, licking on their private parts and beating and raping them as they were being spun around, with a group of other child predators in their basement.

With this curse I stumbled upon something even greater, and very evil.

What I saw was the sickest shit ever and the Reinas – aka the Occalas – Beatrice (I believe her name is) and Armando (I believe his name is) are sick!

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I knew in light of the Mitrice Richardson case their was some undercurrent of a child sex trafficking ring out there in Malibu and I am determined to find more information.

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