Reinas Tried To Kill Me In My Sleep With False Soul Contract After Release of Article on Child Sex Trafficking In Malibu

Reinas Tried To Kill Me In My Sleep With False Soul Contract After Release of Article on Child Sex Trafficking In Malibu

….and their involvement:

Revelation In The Astral Plane About The Death of A Jeff Woodard By The Reinas

About The Reinas aka The Occalas And Their Children And Involvment In Child Sex Trafficking Ring In Malibu

They are two sick motherfucking puppies as Michael ‘O Terrence aka Michael Bearden would say.

That said as they did with a former Higher Self around 2015 whom they now have stuck in a hell realm, they tried to


me into signing a false Soul contract in which – I was in the astral plane and I was in De La Salle high school it felt and I saw a swimming pool.

I was told all the luxuiries I could have – really the return of what is MINE: my original timelines, blessings, etc.

Long story short I saw my spirit guide walking in a uniform from what I recall and she says, “Raven, I would never sell you out.”

That said I then was given three pieces of paper: a sky blue for “Barbara Reina” aka IIona Occala, more than likely her energy signature, a pink one for “David Reina” aka Frank Occala and a white one in which they wanted me to sign.

Before I could – under the influence of an entity attachment made from the Soul consciousness of my higher self that is made to be a tentacle and very thick to control your consciousness which they call “Wrong Turn” created by their roach attachments – I awoke and QUICKLY in a nightmarish manner found myself leaving my body and my spirit guide dying as well – along with our connection (she lost her rank falsely last week but I was able to quickly help her get it back) – and I quickly rectified it by calling on God himself to help:

This is how Frank Occala looks:

He looks more like this with glasses:

Based on what I heard in the spirit realm this could be IIona Occala aka “Barbara Reina”

This how their kids look:

The daughter, Yvette Occala, looks like this in the physical from what I heard:

That said not afterwards I have had two subsequent nightnares relating to them and their attempts to take out my full consciousness so they can kill my ass in my sleep to keep me from revealing the child sex parties and other sick shit they and their children are involved in.

Child sex parties, all sorts of sick shit goes on up there as I am finding out in the spirit world as I found out a long time ago (around the time I started writing these is when they decided to kick me out):

Lost Hills Malibu Sheriffs Tried To Set Up Itinerant Homeless Man for Mitrice Richardson’s MURDER

How To Remove Evil Entities That You Were Sacrificed To Before You Hit The Other Side

Tell Paul Edwards The POS Behind The Gangstalking In Malibu To Quit

Arab Fruit Sellers Are High Level Witches Who Use The Homeless In Sacrificial Rituals

Man Reveals The Existence of An Underground Tunnel Underneath The Gas Station Owned By Arnold Schwarzenegger By Patrick’s Roadhouse In Malibu

PROOF of Human Sex Rape Trafficking of Homeless In Malibu: The Redneck Courier Service

Pimping Up The Street A Wetback Human Trafficker

Thay said I struck a nerve when I talked about how the Occalas are using their kids for child porn and are holding 2 babies hostage in their basement for the purposes of sex trafficking and child porn and eventually child snuff porn:

Revelation In The Astral Plane About The Death of A Jeff Woodard By The Reinas

About The Reinas aka The Occalas And Their Children And Involvment In Child Sex Trafficking Ring In Malibu

They have been attacking my spirit guides in the spirit plane, putting them, their consciousnesses etc in jars.

They have even been sending their roach attachments – one named Annaeeniebeenieceecia and another hannaennieabeeciaceecia – that’s how roaches spell their names – to attack me and pull me and my parents, brothers, aunts and uncles out of our bodies as they sleep for their spiritual abilities and blessings and to intimidate me into silence like that is gonna work on my black ass.

Instead of cowardly hiding behind black magic and your lil roach attachments to do your biding since you all live at:

133131 apartment number A Agoura Hills (I aaw they live in a 2 story beige brick building and got a German shepherd and al Siberian husky AND a golden retriever) or Agoura or Agoura Way or Alhambra Way in Malibu, CA.

I also got 1555146 Agoura Way in Malibu.

I also got 1725 Beverly Hills Drive.

Come on down to the American Motel at 1243 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405.

Those are some lil sadistic mofos – like you two – but let’s see if you two sadistic cowards can take on an adult. Punk ass mofos, fucking with spirits, holding them in jars.

Btw to release spirits from spirit jars play 156 hz frequency to release them.

Also to break pallets play 142 hz frequency.

That said the Occalas don’t like it when you get your shit back such as when I heard IIona Occala wanting to fight me in the astral plane when I got ALL my shit back one time.

To get your shit back is time consuming and their roach attachments set up all sorts of lil tricks to keep you going back and forth with em and stuck in their little game so they can “feed”.

Visualize them and play 125 hz frequency or 1158 hz frequency to woke your shit back.

Just keep doing that on your asses cause their lil roach attachments will make it very tedious to fight them – and find your shit – when you think of one way to defeat them and get your shit back.

Lately they been stealing – and copying – folks energy signatures and other things to keep yoir shit so watch out.

Remember when they take your shit you are still attached to it and their roach attachments act as the “guards” to keep your shit stuck with em.

That’s why I say this is a very clever and intricate curse that involves very E-VILE child molesting chomo snuff film making mofos that like to feed off of other people’s consciousnesses.

Keep attacking their consciousness and unplugging theirs cause the deal they made with the roach attachments is to NOT have any consciousness of their own so hence why they steal your shit.

Especially hit their throat chakra.

They go intranquil or dead with that.

Also with spirit guides, Higher selves, archangels, God, the universe, ancestors – you can always get your shit back.

Don’t end up as compromised as me, which is hard with a curse like this.

Speaking of which one of the things they stole – and divided amongst themselves – are my memories and I heard they ran it past a big name director my experiences with this curse which rubs concurrent with the book I can’t complete cause they stole my shit called, “Astralworld.”

I can’t stand mofos like this who steal your shit – stealing the most intimate and vital aspects of you – your memories, consciousness, personalities and them and that other chomo child killer Michael O’ Terrence aka Michael Bearden need to be killed.

About Michael O’ Terrence The Malibu Shaman And His Connection To Human Sacrifice And Celebrities

I mean this is pure evil to put on a fucking person, especially someone down on their luck, takibg my blessings, the basic aspects of me that makes me me.

These people are evil.

I recall one time hearing Frank Occala in the astral plane say, “Get a job” after taking my blessings in the astral plane AND, at one point, saying, “Where is my sacrifice” after nearly getting me kicked out of a homeless shelter they pretty much put me in, having stolen MY blessings, MY shit.

That is why I am determined to expose them and the evil shit they work with.

It is a crying shame what they and their roach attachments have done to me and other people. It’s sick and it’s sad.

To Destroy The David and Barbara Reina Curse Destroy The “E” and “Z” On Mars That They Made A Deal With In The Astral Plane

The Key To Defeating The Paul And Veronica Edwards Aka David And Barbara Reina Curse Is To Aim For The Subconscious

They have done something where they have put the consciousness of me and my family in their hell realms (in their heads?) already and something has got to be done about them and their roach attachments.

They fuck up the basic functioning of things and expose you to shit you don’t need to know.

That said all of this was set up by Hekate, Baron Samedi (who was the original one to want me for a sacrifice), along with the Occalas and O’ Terrence.

She wanted to set it up so that I never get my spiritual powers and abilities back. First she attacked my child consciousness and Higher Selves as well as spirit guides in tandem with Baron Samedi and now that I did those articles:

Revelation In The Astral Plane About The Death of A Jeff Woodard By The Reinas

About The Reinas aka The Occalas And Their Children And Involvment In Child Sex Trafficking Ring In Malibu

She set it up so that I (almost) die in my sleep and become a sacrifice to her, as she has tried to do to one of my spirit guides. She placed one of my spirit guides in the roach realm as well. She at one point turned her into an entity attachment.

That morning when I heard them roaches frothing at the mouth, waiting to devour me as I died, when I brought myself – through God’s grace – back to life – I heard those roaches saying with disdain that “Hekate promised me she would die in her sleep” as a while back she also rendered me a sacrifice.

By the grace of The One True Only God, I made it. I must thank Jesus and the ancestors as well.

She is a real evil tricky bitch. She is also gay as well.

Do Not Worship The Goddess Hekate She Hates Black People

I witnessed Baron Samedi – another one who hates himself by taking it out on my family for being “uppity niggers” as I heard him call us – raping my dad and brothers in the astral plane. He another one who is a closet faggot who set it all up in the astral plane for me amd my family to die in our sleep.

It’s crazy cause both them “gods” were appointed to be in charge of me before I incarnated and instead they protect those who wish to do me harm and actively harm me themselves.

It’s a crime what I have to deal with.

The only one who has been nice is Goddess Kali.

I found the consciousness of one of my higher selves, spirit guides strewn around the astral plane and, last night, after somewhat breaking the curse with the help of some ancestral spirits, I was taken to the roach realm by Hekate to be a sacrifice.

That said I have some real evil shit that I am up against. Please pray for me.

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