How To Destroy The Astral Parasite Nanobots of The Alcalas

How To Destroy The Astral Parasite Nanobots of The Alcalas

I think I found the real name of “Barbara and David Reina”: Robert and Elena Alcala much like the serial killer who lived in the 70s: Robert Alcala.

That said Robert Alcala aka “David Reina’s” name in his past life was “Bob Beecher” who I believe has appeared as a skeleton to wrangle me into a Soul contract in the past:

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This is how “David Reina” aka Robert Alcala looks:

With that said it is interesting we are talking about roaches as it appears they dominate and control the consciousness aspect of creation in humans. I happened upon this about the Negumak, a roach like alien being here:

I heard that the reptilians and alien greys were having a war with the cockroaches of the universe because they stole their Soul and light in exchange for “great spiritual powers and information” ie consciousness as the Alcalas aka Reinas have done!

That said these fucking things are literal astral parasities that operate like nanobots:

First they appear as clouds of consciousness like here:

In the case of the “Red Rosies” – Scarlet letted victorian era wearing entities that like to enter people’s consciousnesses and steal their blessings, spiritual abilties, personalities, you name it – even physical astral attributes – they apoear as themselves as well as like pink clouds:

They use connectors like these here:

– And then what these evil bastards do is they WELD – YES, THAT’S RIGHT – WELD themselves into your consciousness, MELTING into it until they become 1 with it then proceed to open up the pores of your consciousness to allow any and everything from the astral plane to be able to feed off of you and fuck with you and physically touch you.

Both of these motherfuckers sacrifice people. The dark black entity attachments like to eat people’s consciousnesses. The “Red Rosies” as I call em like to mauraude, pillage and steal folks blessings, timelines, etc. They are the roach attachments of previous victims condemned to hell realms which they do to many folks’ ancestors, spirit guides and Higher Selves before invading and infecting them, like the viruses they are.

To combat these extremely evil and sadistic motherfuckers destroy the realms from which they come.

The “Red Rosies” come from a hell realm called “E and E” with the second E inverted backwards and the other one comes from “E and Z” of which there are many that serve many different purposes but theirs specializes in “invasion and destruction of people’s consciousnesses” so get rid of that evil sadistic shit from out the astral plane.

To Destroy The David and Barbara Reina Curse Destroy The “E” and “Z” On Mars That They Made A Deal With In The Astral Plane

They like torturing people and destroying people and fucking up people within their own consciousnesses and destroying your life from within so just get rid of their evil asses cause they will drove you insane, into perpetual poverty (as they did me) and into one of their hell realms by trying to kill you in your sleep as they have done to me.

A good example of what these things are is the film, “The Thing” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

Like in those films they take the entity attachments of abd in your body sentinent abd cause them to speak and turn against you, like a virus.

One strain of it even tried to melt my consciousness with somebody else’s, causing me to “see and feel” someone else’s memories and experiences.

That was the scariest shit.

These things absorb – and become – your thoughts, your fears, your consciousness at some point. Trade your blessings and spiritual gifts off to other people they call “customers”. It is the most evil shit that should be banned from existence.

Four motherfuckers – the “goddess” Hekate, an extremely sadistic and smart entity (be careful cause she will parade and disguise my baby self and other folks as her), Robert and Elena Alcala, and the girl who stole body and timeline (as well as life) on August 22, 2022 named Ashley Hampstead (now she goes by “Anderson” from what I heard) whose real former name I believe was Vanessa Terrare of Destrehan, La. – who is being protected by the white supremacist and gay (she hates gays as well as people of color but is in the closet) – all made a deal to put my consciousness- and timelines – in perpetual hell realms and destroy my astral body and consciousness all over again every time I try to build myself up so that I can never get my spiritual abilities, blessings and most importantly timelines back and get perpetually harvested off of EXTREMELY bad by placing me – my consciousness – in the roach realm and, as Hekate has done, block EVERY effort towards my surviving the curse.

She has been trying to sacrifice me, my Higher Selves, and spirit guides, especially one in particular, for quite some time. She has taken the extra step of trying to kill me in my sleep and, with the help of the Alcalas recently, tried to give them my Soul by trying to trick me into signing a Soul contract to sell myself as well as my spirit guide before I die and so that I can die.

She, after stealing my baby and child consciousness, placed an entity attachment in the back of my head to steal ALL of my consciousness and give to “Ashley Hampstead” aka Vanessa Terrare so that I have no consciousness left and can die in my sleep which is what she wants and has been trying to achieve.

That said the key to defeating these evil and nasty entities is frequency.

Here is a list of frequencies to use to defeat abd destroy this evil shit and be done with them once and forever.

I heard in the astral plane the Alcalas had plans to sicc this evil shit on the masses of Santa Monica and greater LA.

That said here are the frequencies:

2137 hz and 1787 hz are perfect destroying their consciousness and separating it from yours.

2133 hz also separates them.

2187 hz IS REALLY effective at destroying astral parasites.

616 hz is effective at restiring your consciousness back to normal. Perfect for folks facing schizophrenia.

1134 render entities inanimate or “intranquil.”

1113 hz Removes the consciousness of consciousness eaters.

8147 hz destroys “Red Rosie” consciousness eaters. consciousness.

1214 is also VERY effective at removing the “Red Rosie” and consciousness eaters entity

To destroy the people who took it from you and to get your stuff back hit them – via third eye or visualization – with 125 hz frequency or 1185 hz frequency (or it’s 1158) to free your folks and possibly your blessings, spiritual abilities etc from their hell realms and consciousness.

Also hit them with 1742 hz to get your shit back!

That said to destroy Hekate, it is 1555 hz and 1599 hz.

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