I Found Out That The Reinas Get Their Roach Attachments From A Corporation Called Relles In The Astral Plane

I Found Out That The Reinas Get Their Roach Attachments From A Corporation Called Relles In The Astral Plane

I almost died in my sleep after doing the video for this:

I had death threats coming from entities all over the astral plane for the information I am about to divulge to you, specifically theirs!

That said what I am about to reveal will break the veil of reality and cause alot of problems in the astral plane that need to be said all because of these two evil – really three – motherfuckers – “David Reina” aka Frank or Robert Occala, “Barbara Reina” or really IIona Occala and Michael O’ Terrence aka quite possibly Michael Bearden have been doing in the astral plane.

Basically what I am finding out is it is a consortium of evil higher selves and evil people working in conjunction with very evil demonic roach entities in the roach realm (not all roaches in the astral realm are bad – we all have roach realms attached to us and in and on us designed to keep the function of ourselves and reality going – “roaches” control consciousness based on what I learned in the astral) that like to destroy and eat people’s consciousnesses – and steal folks’ timelines, spiritual abilities, etc. – before killing them in their sleep as what has almost happened to me all this week, as what almost happened to me last night!

I talked about this before:

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This is how the Occalas and Michael O’ Terrence look:

“David Reina” aka Robert Occala or is it Giorgios Iacoola looks like this but with glasses:

“Barbara Reina” aka IIona Occala or is it Yvette Iacoola looks like this:

They live in a big house and got an apartment in Malibu and from what I understand he is a very wealthy lawyer who makes a lot of money signing shady contracts for child traffickers and drug traffickers.

Michael O’ Terrence aka Michael Bearden looks like a mixture of Lou Diamond Phillips and Wes Studi.

He also has a nice big home with a swimming pool in Malibu.

That said I have been wracking my brain trying to get down to how to defeat this curse, how these mofos can innundate me with attacks from their entity attachments after entity attachments in my own consciousness, how they got such SEVERE “spiritual protection”, usually coming from the poor spirit guides, higher selves, ancestors that they stole from other victims before killing them in their sleep and I have found out that these evil motherfuckers – and their evil ass higher selves – work with various entity attachment murdering and pilfering and stealing entities in the astral plane such as “E and E” (last E inverted) that runs The Red Rosie program as I call it and the consciousness eaters as I call them that look like this:

That said I had to go all the way to the top in the astral plane.

The Relles corporation in the astral plane is responsible for their existence. They run consciousness in the astral plane.

I have been saying for the longest that this is a highly technical curse.

They allow for the existence of these evil motherfuckers that steal innocent people’s consciousnesses for the sake of the Soul contract they got with the Reinas along with spiritual abilities and blessings through an intricate highly complexed series of actions that includes sending entity attachments to take over, warp and pervert the functions of the entity attachments living within you.

That said the Reinas and Michael O’ Terrence have a contract with this roach realm they work with to NOT be able to grow any more consciousness of their own and to have to have that roach realm provide new consciousnesses by stealing them.

They pervert the functions of your entity attachments, make you sabotage yourself by trying to control and thus compromise your consciousness before eventually killing you in your sleep.

From what I have seen their higher selves – with the help of these roach attachments – literally plugin (yes, what I have seen reminds me EXACTLY of the Matrix) to your consciousness in the astral plane through an intricate series of roach attachments THEY work with then proceed to sabotage the FUCK outta you by perverting your innate entity attachments to function against you.

I have touched on this before:

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Here are some of the things I have seen with how they hook up to folks at the very beginning:

It gets (deliberately) confusing cause you can’t tell what are your entity attachments vs theirs.

That said these motherfuckers are able to go into your past and even futures – and ancestors due to your connection to them – because of their connection to the astral plane where time is not linnear.

That said there are machines for EVERYTHING in the astral plane. I have touched on this before:

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Astralworld 7: Breaking Barbara’s Machine

That said I have seen this when I was a little girl.

That said once these evil, devious mofos connect to you they haraugne you in a back and forth where, after perverting your entity attachments against you, they set about setting “The House” – your house inside your mind – against you so that you do not or ever win and have to keep stealing your blessings, money, spiritual abilities, back and forth with these trifling assholes.

They place monitoring spirits which are usually roach attachments made from poor former higher selves who signed a Soul contracts with them who then are used to set the “house” against you to steal from you and destroy you. You can use 122 hz 19999 hz, 144444 hz, 1919 hz, 714 hz to remove them. They come back though.

Here is another frequency to use against them: 613 hz. These things are infectious to your consciousness and astral body. The minute you think about them they use it as a portal to get in as well as memories, etc. They feed off of consciousness and making your life a living yell using it against you.

Use 613 hz frequency to destroy them and their ability to be infectious.

I will say this. They can sabotage your inner God, your inner Jesus, your inner connection to Source unless you have a strong consciousness. That is why – for something like this – it helps to get under a Baron Samedi, a Goddess Kali, an Oya, an Oludumare (God in Santeria) to fight something like this cause they got their own personalities.

Imma say this right now, to defeat their asses – again this is somewhat how they look (their is a reason why they heavily guard their names, etc. – again I heard it was Yvette and Giorgios Iacoola) – you can yank their lifeforce energy right from in between their legs which looks like a pipe:

That said be warned they have heavy spiritual protection – usually stolen from others around
them as well as those roaches they work with – but this is how you get around it.

I touched on this before:

The Key To Defeating The Paul And Veronica Edwards Aka David And Barbara Reina Curse Is To Aim For The Subconscious

As mentioned here, yank the chord connecting their subconscious to their head (which is on the left side at the bottom of the head where the neck is) in the astral plane as well as the chord/pipe connecting their connciousness to their head (it is in the middle of their head) and then play 19999 uz as well as 14444 hz (which gets rid of evil spirits) as well as 122 hz to remove their spirit team and then just yank the lifeforce pipe – and their lifeforce energy – through their legs:

You can also remove the entity attachments from inside the crown chakra of their head that are usually connected to intranquil spirits of victims they have had before to remove their spiritual protection and destroy them.

Also aim for the Soul consciousness to destroy them. They like to steal other people’s Soul consciousness in the astral plane and use it to compose and disguise their own so watch out. Use discernment and frequencies to discern.

The only way to fight something like this is frequency.

Here are a list of frequencies I learned to fight such a curse cause otherwise it is a back and forth and back and forth till the day you die – till they kill you.

With something like this, 1714 hz is GREAT to get your shit back from them. Them and their lil evil roach attachments and real (and as I have experienced fake) higher selves have been lately stealing and replicating people’s energy signatures to steal and keep your shit if you don’t sign a Soul contract but there is nothing that that frequency – and 713 hz which helps to regain your energy signature – can do to get your shit back. 1532 hz is also what I call “the Thanos snap” frequency to get your shit back from these evil motherfuckers. 1170 hz is also the wish frequency.


613 hz Removes their infectiousness

619 hz frequency remove entities

714 hz remove roach attachments perfect way

1919 hz to full on remove the astral parasites PERFECTLY

19999 hz eliminates from existence entities

616 hz helps to shield you from them coming back by closing your consciousness

1134 hz turns them into regular entity attachments

1714 hz helps you recover stolen items in the astral

8147 hz destroys Rosie consciousness
eaters consciousness

That said to repair your energy body 175 hz,
1448 and 1443 hz and 3187 hz to 3197 hz are your friends.

1335 hz and 414 hz repairs and restores your consciousness.

1545 hz and 1595 hz can take someone out of wherever they
at in the astral plane.

Since these mofos are gonna use frequency shields to protect themselves
15000 hz and 12000 hz are your friends.

445 hz frequency helps you regain
your spiritual powers.

71 hz frequency call on ancestors

649 hz, 637 hz see where people are

465 hz free people astral plane

444 hz calls on higher selves spirit guides

1322 Return to real timeline

1532 hz Thanos snap

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