Close To Destroying These Astral Parasites’ Machine

Close To Destroying These Astral Parasites’ Machine

They remind me of the shapeshifting insect from It that takes many different forms:

Ya’ll have no idea how much Hollywood stay telling us truths….

From what I have seen they look like black shadowy figures that like to invade people’s minds and make them stink, amongst other things…..

They create entity attachments of people’s consciousness which are created by feeding off your consciousness once they get into your mind and then from there they tie you to that consciousness entity attachment, making you an energy slave to them and putting you at a frequency which makes it easier to physically feel their attacks so they can feed:

I saw Barbara holding the string that is that timeline and keeping me – and others – there!

I saw another consciousness entity attachment right over her and then another.

This is what they tie you to: “strings of consciousnesses”:

They will have other people entrapped in them.

When I broke free of them, I saw the original astral realm that I used to see through my third eye as aided via the pineal gland: trees, happy people walking.

They say that your inner reality forms your outer reality and that shoulda been my outer reality until them parasitic entities – aided by Pallet Numbre and another evil entity attachment named Barbara – fucked it up!

They like to fuck with your inner consciousness so that you will be thrown out of your own mind so that they can fuck you up internally – and externally.

They entrap people’s consciousness in what are called “the roach realms”…..

The Roach Realms of The Astral Plane And How They Cause Schizophrenia

I’ve seen these things alll throughout Malibu.

They do this so that upon death that is where you will go to feed these evil, parasitic things…..

I have seen them surrounding me just like this:

They also place entity attachments in you so they can broadcast from your mind so they can fuck with you and make you seem “schizophrenic”, which is when your real inner voices – which are usually ancestors, relatives, people you are close to and their relatives as well as your Higher Selves – can speak!

While in jail other people – even those not suffering from “schizophrenia” – could hear them!

So this is real!

They usually attack the pineal gland and the third eye by creating astral pathways as can be seen here:

They attacked my pineal gland because they hated that I would go into the astral plane and rescue the sacrificed people they have trapped in their realms:

The Roach Realms of The Astral Plane And How They Cause Schizophrenia

The pineal gland is what helps with memory recall, visualization, imagination. It is your connection to the subconscious mind.

They have many times cut off my connection to the pineal gland – or replaced it with a pineal gland controlled by an entity attachment such as Pallet Numbre – in a desperate bid to control me or block my access to the astral realm altogether but I am always able to defeat it because it is my mimd and I have the power.

I will say this: the stronger your consciousness, the less chance they have to break in.

They create entity attachments that criss cross your astral body, to keep you trapped as can be seen here:

They do that so as to make it even harder for you to escape!

They look like lil fishes and alligators:

With the worst being the alligator attachments as, after they swallow you, they entrap you in a realm so dark it is hard to get out.

In the physical realm this translates to having blessings blocked, have your abilities and make it so that no one wants to listen to you and will dismiss you off as “schizophrenic” etc unless you do exactly what they want you to do.

They also destroy your Higher Selves and place themselves as your “higher selves” so as to become your full on consciousness so you can never escape.

The seat of consciousness for your Higher Self lies here:

From there they induce alcohol urges, drug urges when you are on the cusp of becoming powerful consciousness wise so to keep you from escaping.

As your “Higher Self” and even while you are at the stage before full blown possession they enjoy sadistically confusing people and energetically manipulating you to attack your intuition so that you will stay dependent upon them.

They will intranquilize your Higher Self – and manipulate events that your Higher Self told you about to make it seem like they are wrong – so you become heavily dependent upon them: the astral parasites.

They also enjoy sadistically stealing your blessings and taking your abilities and telling you that they will give it back only through a Soul contract which from there allows these astral parasites to steal your Soul and your whole consciousness.

I am already at a stage of full possession in which they have invaded another point of where your consciousness lies – my nose (you have a chakra there) – making it hard for me to breath.

As I write this they are tightening my consciousness to where – if it weren’t for my true Higher Self – I would not be able to write this!

Once they devour your consciousness, they have full control over you and turn you into a zombie, or as they call it, “intranquil”, who then infects others like a virus:

That is what I saw when I saw one of the people whose minds they invaded, creating a string meant to mean a timeline which had me stuck in one of their consciousness entity attachment machines:

They like to attack points of entryways into your consciousness, such as can be seen here in this depiction:

That said they start from the back of your neck, where your ancestors are:

From there they take over your timeline consciousness which is at the top of your head:

They will also intranquilize your Highest point of consciousness, and connect to The Source, which is right here:

From there, they get into your head, and turn you into a zombie, as they are trying to do to me.

They feed off of misery, pain, and dejection and I am finding out that they have looong been behind causing alot of problems in my life, especially with other people in a desperate attempt to get me to use me to sacrifice people and keep me from becoming a great spiritual teacher which I was meant to become.

These things were trying to make an evil entity called “Eden” become my “Higher Self” as well as another evil entity, which intranquilizes you before these things kill you, named Pallet Numbre, who can be read about here:

Astralworld 12: Meeting What Barbara Turned My Dad Into, Pallet Numbre

Calling Out Another Sorcerer Who Is Part of The Joel Hipps Cult Named Alex Macias

– They turned that motherfucker into a zombie where they got him stealing other folks info such as credit card information, etc. via the astral plane and threatening, extorting folks with threats of black magic if they don’t give him money.

Eden looked like these things here:

The Idea of KKK Outfits and Burqas Come From Astral Witches

I Figured Out What The Burqa and KKK Hat All Black Wearing Entities Are

They offer those who have secured Soul contracts with them great knowledge but they steal and withhold your blessings and control your life, Soul, and consciousness and have you doing miserable shit for money – like prostitution and credit card theft – so as they say they can “feed” off your misery.

As I said before they like making people stink and be at odds with people as part of their Soul contracts which is their way of getting something out of it.

I feel that this was all meant to be so that I could destroy these entities’ – and the sorcerers they work with – goals so that I find out how they inwardly work, their network connection they got set up, and destroy them from there. Last night I even had a dream, an astral vision, of “God” – not sure if it was him or not as my intuition has been fucked with – sewing up my crown chakra so these things can’t get in.

David Reina aka Gooru aka Joel Hipps Runs The Southern California Psychic Institute aka The Church of The Rose Cult

Beginning in 2014, I was set to be a sacrifice for these evil fuckers but really I was meant to break alot of people from these evil fuckers and the astral parasites they work with free.

They have been trying to deceive me by saying that some people in Malibu paid David Reina or Joel Hipps or Barbara Jo Hipps to get rid of me – as well as claiming that if I get rid of them somebody worse will come along to place entity attachments in me in an effort to sacrifice me – but I don’t know if I believe that.

Honestly, looking at everything that has happened, those motherfuckers set me up to make sacrifices for them inadvertently (these entity attachments were placed into me as far back as 2015, before I came out to Malibu) so that they can later get money out of Malibu residents who wanted to run me out so as to justify sacrificing me! From what I understand, when the people of Malibu came to them to sacrifice me from what I heard, they didn’t want to because they saw me as “one of them”.

As a matter of fact, when these entities speak they say that, “They want me to work for them so I could make sacrifices for them” which sounds exactly like what Joel and Barbara Hipps and David Reina’s agenda was for me:

David Reina aka Gooru aka Joel Hipps Runs The Southern California Psychic Institute aka The Church of The Rose Cult

These things make folks reject you and attack you so they can get more sacrifices – and become more influential so they could get more.

That said, I don’t know what is in control: the entities or them.

I am also wondering if they come from the subconscious mind of Joel or Barbara Hipps or this David Reina:

They also like for the people they “contract” with via Soul contracts to fight and destroy each other instead of focusing on the main causation for all of this: them.

This is what I saw as I started breaking free of their machine.

Astralworld 7: Breaking Barbara’s Machine

Take magnesium pills which creates “roach attachments” of YOUR consciousness, making it stronger, that is designed to run them out and play Zakaos frequency as it drives them insane – and blocks them from having an effect upon you:

Also the key way you can tell if your consciousness has been invaded is if you feel a “different” consciousness entering your mind, even if they don’t speak, and your inner voice – and inner energy – being locked out which is a sign of invasion.

Another thing is if you are sensitive to energies in the astral plane like I am you will feel energies that feel like electric static or even like globs of energy as how I can feel which is a sign that these things are attached to you.

That said I am finding out that that Pallet Numbre entity, which was created by Barbara Jo Hipps by stealing my father’s whole Soul, was designed to be a generational curse to be inflicted upon my whole family:

Astralworld 12: Meeting What Barbara Turned My Dad Into, Pallet Numbre

This was done by invading my astral DNA as can be seen here and that of my immediate family and invading our inner timelines so that we could forever be harassed by these things and turned into sacrifices for Joel and Barbara Jo Hipps as well as Alex Macias and “David Reina”:

David Reina aka Gooru aka Joel Hipps Runs The Southern California Psychic Institute aka The Church of The Rose Cult

These things are also the cause behind why folks suffer aches and pains in the head as well as tightness right there and your whole body as well as memory loss and dementia:

That is what Pallet Numbre does to people in the astral, which in the physical translates to feeling dead inside and suffering memory loss, consciousness loss and death.

He has people writhing around in him, rendering them unconscious moving “living furniture” in the astral plane.

These things usually target those who have suffered great Soul loss and have great spiritual powers and destines – usually as great healers – so they won’t come into their full powers and they harass said people till they sign contracts with them and make sacrifices for them.

As a matter of fact as I type, when I try to heal folks in the astral realm, the Reinas and the Hipps did something to make my right hand curse people instead of help people:

David Reina aka Gooru aka Joel Hipps Runs The Southern California Psychic Institute aka The Church of The Rose Cult

These things come from a realm of sacrifices:

That is what the “roach realms” are all about, especially where they come from!

They also call them “roach realms” because these things are extremely sadistically tenacious and will keep getting into your head even when you pull them out.

I will say this: when this first started I have endured having my consciousness microwaved, which is a real thing. Look up electromagnetic microwave weapons:

I have felt entity attachments literally try to stop my heart and stop me from breathing in an effort to kill me and make it seem like I died in my sleep.

I have endured alot to bring this information to you all so that others going through the same thing can fight them off.

This shit reminds me of that Jennifer Lopez movie, The Cell:

Except this is also external as it extends your internal astral world into the physical plane.

They like to fuck with your ego by telling you half truths mixed with lies so that they can ingratiate themselves to you (they mould themselves based on what will endear you to them the most or force you to work with them) so, as for now, the only way I know how to fight these invaders of the mind is to – aside from taking magnesium pills and playing Zakaos frequency and staying away from things that take you out of your consciousness such as alkie-hole – is to make your consciousness and don’t talk to them (it creates energy ties to them).

Just run them out.

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