How To Defeat The Consciousness Eaters Curse

How To Defeat The Consciousness Eaters Curse

It is one of THE WORST curses you can bestow upon someone.

These are the people who conferred it upon me:

David Reina aka Gooru aka Joel Hipps Runs The Southern California Psychic Institute aka The Church of The Rose Cult

Basically it is a curse designed to make you look “schizophrenic” when you need help, spiritual help!

Basically, entity attachments are placed into the subconscious area which starts at the nape of the neck, then from there they eat points of areas of your consciousness, where your consciousness lies, to where they eventually become your consciousness, your inner voice, even your higher selves then take over and zombify you using different entity attachments such as “pallet numbre”:

Astralworld 12: Meeting What Barbara Turned My Dad Into, Pallet Numbre

Close To Destroying These Astral Parasites’ Machine

or as they call it, turn you into a “roach attachment” by rendering you “intranquil”.

They have invaded points of consciousness such as the back of my neck, the crown chakra, even my nose through the heart chakra just to “feed” and destroy my consciousness and turn me into a full on zombie.

They do this by placing your consciousness in the roach realm where you are feed on by three primary groups of “roach attachments” such as these demonic cloud like things with faces, these ones with human faces that look like slugs and ones that twist and said the same phrase over and over that look and act like robots.

One of the points of consciousness they attacked on me was one on the right side of the back of my neck, which I removed:

The entity attachments that got placed in me are designed to lower your frequency down to the level of the “roach realms”.

The entity attachments are also designed to allow the sorcerers who put them in energy harvest off of you, taking your blessings, talents, spiritual powers.

Due to this curse I have lost my spiritual talents, blessings and damn near got possessed such as last night when these things entered my heart chakra to enter my nose and take over that consciousness.

I lost the seat of my consciousness in the middle of my forehead between my third eye and crown chakra last night:

My parents and brothers have lost the seats of their consciousness, their Souls and these evil parasites – and sorcerers – have even placed him in a hell realm where it is hard to get him out:

These things are around us all the time but we are not supposed to feel or hear them but the entity attachments that get placed in your mind are designed to lower you to their frequency so they can make you miserable and feed!

These things have even made it hard for me to find Joel Hipps – whose consciousness is FULL of folks he done sacrificed and astral booby traps to keep you stuck, Barbara Jo Hipps David, Barbara Reina in the astral plane through my third eye, which has been terribly sabotaged – so I can find them and fuck them up for this.

David Reina even wrote to my mom’s place of work to get her fired from her job!

That said, the way to fight these things, at least partially, is to remove the globs of energy which are entity attachments that you will feel that act as portals to allow these things to get into your mind.

I have been doing that and it strenghtens your consciousness but – due to Michael O’ Terrence and David Reina shooting my forehead where my seat of consciousness lies, I can still see and here these things.

I am stuck in their realm.

So if anyone has been through something similar and broke free, please help. From what I understand these people set out to make me a sacrifice since 2014 so I really need help!

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