How Roach Realm Parasites Can Physically Attack You From The Astral

How Roach Realm Parasites Can Physically Attack You From The Astral

For the past nearly a year I have endured MASSIVE psychic attacks from entities operating from the roach realm who are hellbent and determined to keep me as a “sacrifice” and feed off of me from the astral plane:

I talk of how I removed a massive dark webbed entity attachment from my heart chakra here:

You can hear these things speak through my breathing, with the nose being another point of consciousness, which they devour:

I felt like I was gonna die here:

I explain how they work here:

Here is how they work and how to escape a “roach realm curse”.

The Roach Realms of The Astral Plane And How They Cause Schizophrenia

Roach realms are realms of sacrifices where sadistic and tenacious entities called “roach attachments” keep Souls – both alive and transitioned – in a realm where they are constantly being picked at, tormented and tortured, without a second of reprieve, such as where Tom Brady was placed in the astral with these dark hooded beings, hence why just as I, he seemingly appears on “drugs”:

Tom Brady Was Used By Giselle Bundchen As An Energy Sacrifice And Kanye West Got Mind Wiped By The Illuminati

Because these things have moved to my nose I look like shit:

I don’t do drugs, nor drink. I take two showers a day. No way in hell I should look this bad.

It is because the body parts, a pieces of his Soul, are incessantly and relentlessly being picked at, as what is happening to me physically from the astral plane.

Let me explain my curse.

These sorcerers here:

David Reina aka Gooru aka Joel Hipps Runs The Southern California Psychic Institute aka The Church of The Rose Cult

Placed “roach entity attachments” in my head that look like these things here, with the worst being the ones that look like crocodile heads and viruses, which is what they are…..

that are connected to entity attachments that are made to look like clouds of our consciousness that are connected to strings that are designed to engulf you:

What they do is, they devour your consciousness then devour it then become it very similar to the parasite that takes over a fish’s tongue then becomes it over time and then, from there, make you “intranquil” as they call it or in other words dead inside so that it becomes easier to take your Soul due to a lack of active consciousness – which releases an alert system to your ancestors, whose Soul pieces live within you – to help rescue you.

They most importantly attack your consciousness so that it is easier to take you.

These things are extremely sadistic, sentinent, charming, and dangerous.

You can feel them cause unlike other entities living inside of you they usually talk and you will feel that you are sharing your head space with a different consciousness, a form of latent possession.

That said, in my case, they have placed entity attachments which usually feel like globs of energy around points of my consciousness such as the back part of my head here:

I removed it and noticed they could not feed as much.

Watch it as these things will tell you that the entity attachments they make are “good for you” and usually it is to deceive you into succumbing to their agenda to sabotage and destroy you.

That said – as they said themselves (like all evil beings they mix truth with lies) – your consciousness when you see it in the astral will be composed of people that form a face, like right here:

They had me engulfed in entity attachments that look like my real cloud of consciousness, which floats above and past you (hence how memories come and go), which dispatched entity attachments made of my supposed “spirit guides” that wear this:

I call them “Barbara entity attachments”.

This is how the cloud of consciousness entity attachments look:

With that being said, to defeat these things, let me tell you what they did to me…..

An entity attachment of “Gooru” aka David Reina or really I postulate, Joel Hipps, took parts of my full consciousness and whole consciousness – as was done to my family – and placed them in various realms of the astral, in roach realms, while still connected to me via very thin strings.

I called them back using energy and the consciousness I have left (they have taken alot) and I noticed that the physical attacks from the clouds of consciousness entity attachments such as the Barbara “spirit guide” entity attachment coming down and picking off my body – which I could physically feel – ceased!

Problem is they turned them into entity attachments and they ate my inner consciousness, with entity attachments being placed in my Soul’s consciousness, a break down of which can be seen here:

With that being said I had to remove them as it is too hard to cleanse them.

That said, as I have heard from the astral parasites themselves, the cloud of consciousness entity attachments are used by Joel Hipps, David Reina, and Barbara Jo Hipps to remote view and watch my suffering, including another “victim” named Rosie who signed a Soul contract and was sent to a roach motel hell and then was taken and placed into my body after I was killed in my sleep (via my consciousness and Soul being taken out) on August 22, 2022:

From what I been told she looks more like this:

That said I don’t know if it is their Higher Selves but I suppose – based on what the spirits and astral parasites they have sent said, it is their physical selves, remote viewing and watching me and other victims get tortured.

That said this is no regular curse. This is some high level complexed shit that goes above most folks’ comprehension and falsely appears as schizophrenia to the misguided eye, not knowing the hell victims like myself face, that can’t be medicated away.

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