Removed Entity Attachment of Consciousness That Was Causing Me Issues

Removed Entity Attachment of Consciousness That Was Causing Me Issues

I also removed the globs of energy that I would feel on my crown chakra and body that are actually portals to allow these evil entities to enter:

That said I am getting closer to defeating this curse – I heard that David Reina are hellbent to get my Soul – so much so that in the dreamscape I saw they planned to kill my parents, who they, along with Joel and Barbara Jo Hipps, have been planning on killing.

From what I understand it has been the Higher Selves and lower selves of David and Barbara Jo Hipps, David Reina who have been pushing this.

With that being said, even the astral parasites have admitted this all throughout, David Reina or, quite possibly, really, Joel Hipps placed an entity attachment in my vagina of my consciousness which has the astral parasites in them.

David Reina aka Gooru aka Joel Hipps Runs The Southern California Psychic Institute aka The Church of The Rose Cult

That said, from there, it had a portal created to allow entities from the astral realm – their particular part known as the “roach realms” – to be able to physically attack me:

The Roach Realms of The Astral Plane And How They Cause Schizophrenia

With that being said, I am not sure as to what to do. These things keep telling me that they will eat my full consciousness, which I felt alive again and my memories were flowing as a stream of consciousness and not coming to me as a stagnent rock as they had been doing, if I just use it so thus my “spirit guides” which I am not really sure are even my spirit guides (from what I have been told by the astral parasites – my only frame of reference for guidance unfortunately – that seem to have devoured the consciousness of the very astral parasites trying to destroy me) will be able to defend me.

Problem is the astral parasites – that are attached to those clouds of consciousness here – eat your consciousness and turn you into a feeling-less zombie, as what almost happened to me yesterday.

– I had to remove the top head – which unveiled another head – that you see next to the ancestors in the picture above.

These things will innundate you with entity attachment upon entity attachment via those globs of energy, and then tell you that they are “necessary” and then when you remove them you will see massive damage done as what happened this morning when they placed me at my “whole” consciousness” and when I removed myself from there I felt thise astral parasitic fish things in the pic above had removed them and were operating in my head.

I noticed that by removing the globs of energy does my consciousness restore.

That said – and as one psychic put it – this David Reina, who called me early this morning…..

likes to use “roach attachments” as these things are called to attack me and intimidate me into staying stuck in their roach realm, which is where my consciousness and whole Soul are, which I don’t know how to get out.

I placed my whole consciousness in my head where it is supposed to be and those parasitic fish entities I showed you all ate it so I am not sure as to what to do at this point as to how to get rid of em as they keep telling me that my consciousness won’t grow back if I place it on top.

It’s a pain having to be cognizant of your every thought, your consciousness just to manouveur around these things and not give them ideas to further destroy your consciousness.

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