David Reina’s Higher Self Gooru Has Been Stealing My Money

David Reina’s Higher Self Gooru Has Been Stealing My Money

This basturd has had me under a financial curse since 2014 when I refused to make a deal with him back then during an out of body experience, leading to me waking up and finding my third eye bleeding:

Since then he has been using the manipulation of my finances to try to destroy me and get me to commit suicide so I can give him my Soul.

I have noticed that my Bank of America account has been getting TREMENDOUSLY drained…..

Ever since the beginning of the month – and last month – I been getting drained
with $250 being in my checking account after having had $650 the day before!
$158 after having had $315 the day before 2 weeks ago and just recently $90 after having had $158.
No way in hell is this by natural means. This is by supernatural means.
To be fair, Bank of America did have issues with money disappearing from folks’ accounts (they said it was Zelle transactions doing this):

But, dealing with the spirit realm and especially this curse, I have seen some weird shit.

I recall one time seeing a client a long time ago who, when he left, I saw $100 on the ground. He called to ask what happened to his money and I returned it.

I was told in the spirit world as is now Gooru was taking it, manifesting in the 3D to take the money and transport it elsewhere.

I have had this happen with my former crystals where, in one case, I heard it fall right by my feet then disappear, only to reappear behind my bed frame, an impossible location for it to be at as it couldn’t roll over there as I only had carpet.

Teleportation is very big in the spirit world and I know this evil mofo is using it to hurt my money and thus my chances for survival so I can sacrifice myself – as he has been waiting on it since 2014 – and get my Soul.

I awoke this morning and noticed that, after it had destroyed my Higher Self as well as my baby Self in the back of my neck (it took and destroyed the original and turned it into a monster), it had become my Higher Self, making me sluggish, lacking intuition and feeling foggy, out of it, and powerless.

That said, I am stumped as to what to do. I just don’t know, given how compromised I am in terms of my power.

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