David Reina aka Gooru Has Been Defeated

David Reina aka Gooru Has Been Defeated

You know how?

I still got my Soul
I am still alive
They haven’t – nor can – they kill me or take my Soul without a Soul contract.

I have and still continue to triumphantly defy them by not signing a Soul contract.

They have thrown piles of shit at me, orchestrated a rape so that I will stay traunatised and feel forced to interact with the entities they placed in me to further cause traumajust recently stealing money directly out my checking account from the astral plane – and, still, I refuse to sign a Soul contract.

I won.

They even took me out my timeline.

I lost alot – my parents have lost their minds, their consciousnesses, my ancestors have been thrown in hell realms by David Reina, Barbara Jo Hipps and Joel Hipps, had my Souls, Soul pieces, and consciousnesses fucked with…..

Yet still I am here. You can’t kill me. And I have never signed off on your silly lil Soul contract and still I am here, and thrive:

I know that most of Malibu and the Lost Hills Sheriffs department – the same ones who murdered Mitrice Richardson (I got more shit to tell on the illegal shit they have done to me) – paid both in the astral plane and in the physical realm to have you, Barbara Jo Hipps and Joel Hipps, ‘woke me and kill me – even their own astral parasites said that I was never meant to make it out of jail hence why my van was illegally sold while I was there.

There is nothing that you can throw at me that can destroy me or kill me. Just know that.

Just as U2 here says, “There is nothing that you can throw at me that I haven’t already heard”…..

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