Roach Spirit Hungry Ghosts And Gooru Keep Stealing My Blessings

Roach Spirit Hungry Ghosts And Gooru Keep Stealing My Blessings

I stay burning the books allowing this to happen though my ability to interact in the spiritual plane has been severely wounded cause of the hungry ghosts that are in me:

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

And I am not referring to ancestors either, who have been severely wounded by these things.

These things consciousnesses are so big in my head that my eyes are buldging and stay causing my eyes to look huge and bleeding:

– I don’t even look like the same person.

Once when I thought I freed myself from these things – they do things where they get rid of your Higher Selves and then “become” them so they can torment you and fuck with your head – I could hear them in my body, talking, and they sounded like Hungry Ghosts more than roach spirits and they got rid of my Higher Self so they can put me in the roach realms so they can “feed”. My astral body also felt more aligned when I pulled myself out (these things – I can hear them as I breathe) derisively call me “rumplestillskin” cause of how bad they got me looking in the astral plane.


This Gooru entity has a disdain for folks who are poor and likes to steal from poor folks and like, last night, will tell me I was meant to be a loser.

I touched on it here where, before I got cursed, I saw in the astral plane a church trying to push me and other poor people out of Malibu, which I destroyed:

Astralworld 4: Taking Back What’s Mine

For instance, I had a nightmare that some black bitches stole – really as from what I heard – given my blessings. I was sullied, lived in an apartment that I shared with another celeb (Madonna?) who was being drained – and I was being energy vampired off of by droves of people which happened as I started seriously trying to exorcise these hungry spirits, demons really, from out of me (they like to confuse me and tell me that they are roach spirit attachments etc.). I looked like shit, with deccicated grey skin etc.

I got my blessings back I believe but I recall them saying to “call on your ancestors and call on G2”.

G2 or Gooru 2 is this ugly reptilian entity that was made by these things to be my higher self so that Barbara Jo Hipps, Joel Hipps, David Reina could have constant access to my body and constantly energy harvest off of me.

David Reina aka Gooru aka Joel Hipps Runs The Southern California Psychic Institute aka The Church of The Rose Cult

I awoke and got my blessings back and I could hear Gooru or Michael O Terrence’s entity:

Barbara Reina and Michael O’ Terrence Killed My Parents

Harassed By Baron Samedi The Roach Attachment Created By Racist Malibu Shaman Michael O’ Terrence Cause I Like White Men

Say, “You were never meant to be a celebrity. You were meant to be shit.”

I just don’t get the hate from these things, the jealousy it feels like.

They also seem to have a penchant for hating homeless people, poor people.

Them evil mofos in Malibu who paid for this to happen to me are the same ones who are paying these young ladies to run off the homeless as these astral parasites, demons, have told me:

Calling Out The Two Big Built White Girls And Tranny Walking Topless On The PCH

To you young ladies, watch it, that Gooru guy who has been talking to you in the physical about spells is the one who put this on me – and I am hearing he is gunning for your power as well.

Even those hungry ghost demons will say “You were never meant to make it out of jail.” But I am here and it is not their call or Gooru’s or anyone’s to make that call.

That said, I plan to get an exorcism the infestation is that bad. I have been trying to find holistic medicines to combat mind controlling parasites as physical medicines also have a spiritual equal in the spirit plane and I figure if I can get my hands on something that can get rid of Toxoplasma Gondii or helminths I can rid myself of these consciousness altering parasites, as that is what helminths, T. Gondii do.


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