David Reina aka Gooru aka Joel Hipps Runs The Southern California Psychic Institute aka The Church of The Rose Cult

David Reina aka Gooru aka Joel Hipps Runs The Southern California Psychic Institute aka The Church of The Rose Cult

Here their Facebook:


This is them, Joel Hipps aka Gooru and Barbara the ole neo nazi who likes to use black folks’s – and other folks’ – energies in the astral plane:

Joel Hipps astral form:

Barbara Hipps astral form:

I now realize he is sacrificing people to save his mother, which is sick:

– I now believe it is an older man and that guy above is one of his minions as based on what I am about to say…..

He, Joel Hipps with Barbara Hipps aka Gooru’s real name is, runs the Church of The Rose (sound like some cult shit when I first heard it) aka Southern California Psychic Institute, which I conferred with once for a reading and they I feel deliberately did a shitty job (they wanted to focus on “flowery” new age shit).


They got two locations:

One in Santa Monica:

1741 21st St
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(between Michigan and Olympic)

(310) 587-3536


Costa Mesa

2900 Bristol St., Suite B104
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(714) 434-9550

Here are their names as gleaned from the site:

Here is proof they go by that innocuous name, “Church of The Rose”:

Here is where they live and work based on public record:

Taken from here:


They use their psychic abilities to steal folks credit card info – as do their own members – as even their own spirits and past victims have told me!

Here is how “Hank”, one of the names Joel Hipps goes by, sounds when I hear that evil ass bitch astrally….

– Barbara sounds JUST LIKE THAT!

He was saying “Don’t do a tarot reading for her.”

Here are these monsters calling to boast that they made my mom, an innocent, have a nervous breakdown:

All just to get to me.

These are some evil, ruthless mofos and I am glad that I can finally put they asses on front street today for the horror and pain they been causing my family with their psychic attacks…..

They got my mom in the hospital, caused her to have a broken kneecap cause of the evil shit they been putting on me and my family.

These are some evil ruthless mofos and again, I’m glad to be exposing them today for all the evil ruthless horrible shit they done done to me and my family and many innocent others just to fuck with people cause they got the psychic powers (they stole from others) and feel they can…..

Evil motherfuckers…..

They even talked of sacrificing me and my family last night and I felt a big tentacle jump into my throat and into my stomach which I was thankfully able to get some out.

My family aren’t so lucky.

The destroyed my third eye so I can’t protect them or my family.

I noticed my brother Kerry no longer exists in the astral plane, which is scary when he crosses over.

They did it out of fear of his, my family’s power.


What they do is they go around scouting for spiritually powerful people to siphon off our powers before we know our powers then steal them and destroy whole folks’s bloodlines so their ancestors can’t help them.

They then energy harvest off of the person by putting astral parasites in them that turns the person schizophrenia so that when we go to healers we won’t be believed, all the while they are safe to energy harvest and steal your blessings, etc.

They are some particularly ruthless, vicious mofos and from what I can tell they operate a coven of some 230 on the dark web who attack folks.

Here are some of that coven:

One of their customers…..

How Joel and Barbara Hipps look in the astral plane…..


They got so worried of me exposing them just now I got weird messages from my Skype:

…..Saying, “Meet Now.”

They use HIGHLY advanced astral shit that would go well over most folks heads through placement of entity attachments from the astral plane designed to destroy their target:

The Pineal Gland Is KEY To Breaking This Schizophrenic Curse

The Situation Is Real Serious Now: Nanobots Being Placed Into Me To Make Me Get Possessed By Barbara’s Computer Program

This goes well over most spiritualists’ heads and is designed to make you look crazy so you won’t get the proper spiritual help!

That said this shit gotta end! They can’t keep doing this shit to people – torturing people so they can end up sacrifces to them in the astral realm.

They tortured my family by placing entity attachments in and around us to make us unusually stink, lose our jobs, placing in boarding houses etc.

Glad I can expose these bastards once and for all.

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