Astral World 16: Pallet Numbre Fights Baron Samedi For My Freedom Part 1

Astral World 16: Pallet Numbre Fights Baron Samedi For My Freedom Part 1

Pallet Numbre kept saying, “I am your dad.”

I understand the sick truth as to why.

Astralworld 12: Meeting What Barbara Turned My Dad Into, Pallet Numbre

It kills me to see my dad like this but it is comforting to know that, even in that state, he still remembers who I am and still defends me on the other side.

While in hell, Baron Samedi’s henchpeople tracked me down and brought me back up to the upper part of the astral realm.

I was returned to his lair despite my teleporting and attempts at freeing myself, in one instance bringing his realm to me.

We walked past his torture palace, filled with his followers who were escorting me.

I saw people chained to wooden walls, being tortured in a myriad of ways, with one being hacked – and regenerating – with a scythe similar to what grim reapers use.

I was brought to a table where him and his followers sat.

I see why they call him a “roach attachment” – he had white eyes underneath the shades he wears, dark, charcoal black skin, wearing a white suit remimiscient of how folks mourn the dead in the Caribbean.

I saw what I surmise to be an ancestor, dressed like a soldier during the Revolutionary War, who was the main one who as it turns – this turncoat turned me in to Baron:

He was dressed more like the older man, but looked more like the young guy, with blonde hair, fair, white skin.

He stood as his other followers sat at the table, boasting of how he caught me in the astral plane and lured me there (I was fighting various threats to my bloodline with my other white ancestors and a few of my black ones when I first met him).

It looked like a wharf, underneath the planks of a wooden bridge you see at the ocean in cities that have them set for sightseeing, except it had a roof and droves of gold.

Baron Samedi had nothing but money (and it pissed me off when he later at the start of the curse tried to extort my already poor, hardworking parents for money).

A few people – including Barbara who merely wanted me as her slave – who saw the seriousness of the situation tried to convince him to leave me alone, even by paying him off.

I kept teleporting to the torture dungeon in Baron Samedi’s realm – one where I almost awoke to when these astral demons kept me awake in my physical body, with shackles and iron cuffs attached to a wall with blood on it from other tortured Souls on the other side (I later learned it was books chaining me to his realm that kept me from teleporting, which you can burn to free yourself).

One black lady, a real nice sister I met in the physical plane, tried to sway him and his brainless followers into not wanting me, saying that I am only a child (I later learned that Barbara had modified my astral body into that of a baby without my permission), saying, “She is a mere child. Nothing. There are plenty of Souls. Take those.” He was not impressed.

Two bitches I got into it with in Malibu, with one old bitch looking like this fucker here:

And a thin one and a couple of others – including the Lost Hills sheriffs and the entirety of Malibu – paid Baron Samedi alot of spirit money to sacrifice me, which was not successful.

Like a slave, they started bartering my freedom, with Barbara paying untold millions (millions is $100,000 in the physical plane) and a coupla others chiming in to offer their money, negotiating my freedom.

Then Pallet Numbre came in and fucked em all up!

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