Exposing The Rape Parties At The Manor On 1905 Pico Blvd

Exposing The Rape Parties At The Manor On 1905 Pico Blvd

This person here just admitted that I was raped on November 6 2022, after I said I like white men.

He was one of the ones who had stuck a finger in me:

Just tonight I was walking to throw a cola bottle away and overheard the one in the pic say, “I bet the train we ran on her changed her mind” regarding being attracted to white men. I then said my preference, and I could hear them planning on doing it again.

That said you can hear him say, “You’re mad cause we made you feel good”, while I was passed out, in my room, unable to consent.

This is proof rape is about power, not sexual attractiveness.

The other night I witnessed a rape that occurred at the manor on 1905 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405:

Hear on a separate night you can hear a woman whimpering, saying, “Don’t do it” and the Cuban guy saying, “I am not like those filthy niggers”:

Sunday morning I heard a young boy, who is severely mentally handicapped, getting raped which you can hear part of here:

That said I tell my own story of having been the unwitting victim of a rape party here:

I kept hearing mofos refer to me as “mount and do” and this mofo here – the wetback – said he ran a “program” on me and other women along with the crakkka which prompted me to run out my room and confront:

– You can also hear some white trash saying I fucked up by exposing the rape parties they have πŸ–•πŸ»

That said this pos nigger here:

On November 6, 2022 I awoke early in the morning with the smell of condom on my right hand and splayed in a manner in which I don’t normally sleep at all, with legs spread apart as well as arms.

From what the spirits told me – I was passed out – they said that that nigger you see there:

raped me in my mouth and vaginally and anally.

I was told these people here:

had placed fingers in me since my spirits made me stink so bad (kinda happy they did as these people run “programs” which are euphemisms for running trains on people).

That said you can hear this creepy piece of shit saying he wants a red something outside my window:

That shit was creepy.

When I punched the crackhead in the face (shoulda killed him) you can hear the pieces of shit who later raped the young boy which you can hear here say, “Tie it up”:

Here again is the video where they tell the bright skinned, poor severly handicapped kid (many of these mofos shouldn’t be on SSI and are criminals and are not mentally ill) to “pull it down”. At one point before I could record I heard the kid saying, “No no no” and staff tried ti run out the kid:

Here are more videos where rape is discussed:

Here is a guy jerking off:

You can hear someone saying running trains on folks and prostitutes:

I am not safe.

I beat that hoe’s ass.

Taking advantage of the dorm situation, she tried to set up a guy to rape me, saying, “She can’t be raped” and coaxing him by saying, “she is not a victim”:

Wear your earbuds. Here she is telling the guy I got small boobs….. it’s disgusting and beyond infuriating to me…..

Here she is sleeping with a guy at the manor in our dorm:

Hear a guy getting up after paying her, her name is Aurora, to fuck her:

You can later hear the guy discussing wanting to rape her later on after he had fucked her, saying he “Loved it”:

She also drew a nazi symbol on a eyeglass:

This a sick ass place and I can’t hold back.

Here are the lights being turned off after I complained….. twice……

Note how they come back on after I complain…..

That said here are the “mount and do” comments here which connotes to raping ie “mounting” me, including made by the rapist himself, Aiden, from what I understand his name to be, who has raped numerous women here (get earbuds):

I awoke one night – after noticing my earbuds in a weird place – the door lock open:

This is how easy it is to get in:

That girl, Aurora, was openly sleeping with a man and admits to drug use here:

Drugs flow freely here…….

Here is a drug dealer asking if my roommate smokes…..

Here is a drug conversation outside door

Here is full drug use going on – she lit a crack pipe……

…..and the staff defended it by trying to push me into another room:

And the new room was with this lady:

Here are some folks going to what I call drug dealer row:

Here is the crackhead rapist lighting up while someone outside the window says nasty, perverted things:

Here the original vid (so you can see better):

Here is Casper, one of the participants who stuck a finger in me that night, sexually harassing me then attacking me for rejecting him:

Here are staff CONFIRMING what the spirits said by mentioning someone raped me after telling Casper off:

From what I understand the people who hosts rape parties at the manor call black women “hoodrats” and white women “chicken mcnuggets” and you can hear someone playing a song that mentions “hoodrats” here:

This place – and the people – are sick.

The males here are extremely misogynistic….. I witnessed this guy here hurl food at some Mexican ladies for not wanting to talk to him:

This sick fuck here was bragging about raping one young lady one night who I overheard saying, “Why are you doing this”:

He was once all over me and disrespecting my boundaries till I set him straight.

There is no security and the people living here pretty much got free run of the place. Drugs roam freely and so do the sick ass rape parties, which these sick folks push.

Things are swept under the rug and are not acknowledged, with the victims being blamed. For instance the young man in the video who I heard getting raped, who is truly mentally disabled, was the one getting punished by being told to keep mum and was placed in a room so he’ll keep quiet. I witnessed the rapist mofo today wearing a brand spanking new outfit the manor more than likely brought to celebrate (the spirits informed me he had raped another young lady while I was away):

There is a lady who is constantly howling and it is because she hears women being abused and their answer – just as when I told them what happened – is to medicate the fuck outta here more!

The problem is you got sick fucks taking advantage of the system (who are “mentally ill” due to drug and alcohol addiction) who are mingled with folks who truly need it and they take advantage of those who need it and are really disabled.

That’s why I am writing this blog, to right these wrongs. I can’t keep this shit in my Soul anymore and it is my job to put it out there on front street.

I am doing the right thing.

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