Astralworld 14: War In The Astral Plane

Astralworld 14: War In The Astral Plane

There was a time when I idolozed Baron Samedi, thought the world of him:

I worshipped him at one time. I have always been drawn to dark Gods and I loved his debaucherous nature, “I don’t care give the middle finger to society” attitude and his love for drinking, like me:

That said, I had an altar to him and everything.

I used to have dreams that I would be his wife (turns out it was a future event that I will avert).

That said, it killed me what happened next.

I was shaking hands with Pallet Numbre, Barbara, Gooru and other luminaries in the spirit world when I ran afoul Baron Samedi.

He came to try to grab me and pull me back to his realm and in an effort to get away, I flew.

The laws of physics don’t fly in the astral plane so I ran – not having any awareness of my great powers or how to use them.

I then saw what these parasitic entities’s real intent towards me was:

As I fled back and forth, going between Gooru, Pallet Numbre and all these other various entities I met I noticed that, when Baron Samedi cut the inside of my body like this which warehouses your Soul:

And cut my astral chord, I was fucked.

Pallet Numbre opened his mouth wide agape to receive my Soul, Gooru tried to grab me, saying, “Bitch, come here.” He at one point chained me to his portable torture chamber but using my own physical hand I freed myself.

I found out later that the place I was in was not the full astral realm, but an aspect of Barbara Reina’s subconscious placed in my mind via the pineal gland which can be seen here:

I heard one – Noob Saibot (now I KNOW it’s not “real”) – say that the “lovebombing” was over, letting me know the intent was to grab my Soul and pull me into Barbara Reina’s mind so she can energy harvest and feed off of my Soul for all eternity.

That said, I called on The Source for replenishment and instead I got this older white lady’s astral copy who, in the physical world, lives in Malibu and hates my ass but she more than welcomed me – after I begged – into her realm

I got on her rollercoaster with her uptight real life friends, followers who all rally to run my black ass out and she gave me the energy I needed to replenish my Soul and bring me back to good spiritual health.

While hiding up there she at one point got attacked and I got pulled back down by Baron Samedi and his henchmen.

I then grew desperate and went to Hell and met Satan.

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