The Roach Realms of The Astral Plane And How They Cause Schizophrenia

The Roach Realms of The Astral Plane And How They Cause Schizophrenia

This shit pissed me off more than anything.

For my family to get fucked with over a fucking Soul contract really pisses me off to no end.

To kill them off so you can get my life and my Soul pisses me off.

Welcome to The Roach Realm:

The second depiction is how humans stuck in the roach realms as sacrifices for a long period, that and #1 in the first drawing.

It is also how folks with a large number of entity attachments look in the astral.

Here are human parasites that I have seen:

There is a demonic entity that is really an insectoid as seen above who takes many different forms and voices the many entities in the drawings you have seen (they sound robotic) that goes by – and manifests as – archangel Michael, Pallet Numbre, and “Baron Samedi the Roach attachment”:

These are what they call consciousness sticks in the astral plane:

That’s how his face looks and I believe it is an extension of this guy here, Michael O’ Terrence of Malibu, an evil shaman I was informed who sacrifices kids:

I think this is how he looks – this guy reportedly looks close to his appearance:

I was shown by the parasites a guy who coulda been him who looks like this – they also say he is a prior victim…..

He has appeared like this in the astral and kicked my own ancestors out my mind (we have ancestors and other entities in place meant to serve as first lines of defence to keep the astral parasites like what I am dealing with, out, just as is done by red blood cells to viruses…..):

Here are how these entities operate, showing we got an inner world within us!

That saud – and many Seers will tell you this – they cause schizophrenia by taking up residence in the subconscious mind.

They come through an ancestral train leyline which is right here:

From there they fuck with your consciousness blocks – one there and one by the ears – where they cause you to see evil shit, smell foul (as they are doing to me), and go crazy which is how they “feed”:

I found that the key to removing these things is by unplugging your connection to the realms they connect you to to invade your mind in the first place as seen in these illustrations:

That’s why they say we are living under a heavy cloud 👆🏻

I found on my head these entity attachments here that were placed to put me under one of those cloud like “roach attachments”, a cloud of consciousness to make me more sensitive to the shit they do, shit that happens in us allll the time…..

I was told an entity attachment of my consciousness was made so I could get fucked up that looks like this:

I did that and it felt so good to have my own mind be in solitude and be mine again…..

When they are in it is like having a whole city living in you.

However one named Pallet Numbre, who snatched my father’s Soul, allowed them to come back (he did that so he could be in my DNA and be able to forever feed off of me):

That’s why they fuck with your astral DNA!

That said, what they are doing to me is downright fucking evil!

In an effort to get me to give in to a Soul contract they have gone after my family, going so far as to take their whole Souls and whole Soul pieces and hold them hostage – and form roach attachments – in the astral plane.

Here is why they violate your DNA:

They do it to get access to your consciousness and then mix it with others whose minds they have invaded and/or sent them!

From there they take a person’s whole Soul consciousness (full Soul consciousness to be sadistic) and take them to a hell realm until you give in to a Soul contract.

In my dad’s – and ancestor’s – case I saw my WHOLE family tree tied by a Soul line with our Soul pieces like this:

…..where we were in hospital beds, with our Souls out, waiting to be sacrificed.

My poor dad and mom – both whom can’t get sleep – were tied to roach attachments as they call it in which my dad’s Soul was placed in Pallet Numbre and then his whole full consciousness was being placed in that bastard as well.

We all were/are tied to Barbara as energy sacrifices to be energy harvested…..

How I think she looks (and who she is) in the physical plane…..

These things have raped me of my whole consciousness, full consciousness, allowed me to be energy harvested off of for other people involved in this little sick circle, esp. ones who agreed to Soul contracts with them:

Let me preface this by saying that in the astral plane you can change timelines. That bitch you see there – who looks alot like the person I am talking about who is named “Rosie” – took over my body in the timeline where I was killed in my sleep by Barbara and then on August 21, 2022, which I was told was extremely cardoned off to prevent me from getting back in my body.

Through my third eye I saw me, in this body, floating while attached to my former body with her Soul in it, using me to feed her energy and these astral parasites made it possible. She is using my ancestors to feed off of too while enriching her own.

They do that to anyone who does not sign a Soul contract with them:


They take your timelines, your gifts, your Soul, consciousness and spirit and give them to anyone who has a Soul contract with them.

That is why I so desperately wanna get this shyte out!

And it is all being facilitated by Barbara who looks like this in the astral plane:

That said it killed me the other night to witness my brother Kristen, who is a total innocent, having been eating ny carniverous roaches in the astral plane, looking like a zombie, begging to be let out. I helped him as best as I could, in the defeated form I take having to deal with this cause it is overwhelming for me, one person, to take and the attacks and energy harvesting are none stop but I keep trying to remove these things and am on the precipice of nearing it.

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