The Key To Defeating The Paul And Veronica Edwards Aka David And Barbara Reina Curse Is To Aim For The Subconscious

The Key To Defeating The Paul And Veronica Edwards Aka David And Barbara Reina Curse Is To Aim For The Subconscious

It is in the back of their heads on the left hand side.

This is a very intricate curse that involves destroying hell realms, removing them from your subconscious – and concious mind.

Don’t get me started on how HARD it is to remove those roach attachments.

I have removed them before – about 7 times – and they keep COMING BACK, RELENTLESSLY!

That said, in the astral plane, in the back of their head is an extension chord connecting them to their subconscious.

Remove it!

Cut it, remove it.

As of now, it is the only simple way I know how to end their reign of terror.

That said, another thing.

To defeat Veronica Edwards aka Barbara Reina, her achilles heel is her dad, who raped her as a child.

Have no sympathy for her cause she is an evil, jealous bitch who hates and doesn’t take care of her own kids.

She even killed a 12 year old schizophrenic child in the same manner she had been trying to kill me and other victims: torturing them with roach attachments made from past victims and then killing them in their sleep.

Read here what she and that pos Paul Edwards do to their victims:

The Roaches That Paul and Veronica Edwards Use To Attack People Are Former Victims

Close approximation of how they look:

– Paul Edwards has a gumby shaped head. He is an ugly man.

Barbara aka Veronica is a fat German bitch.

Use your third eye – or strong visulatization with emotion – to go after them.

Barbara Reina’s energy signature is white blue – originally white – and David Reina’s black dark hellish red mainly for his hell realm – his REAL original energy signature was deathly pale yellow.

That said, create an entity attachment – or find the real one in the astral plane – of her dad and put it in her consciousness or subconscious and that will make her catatonic.

Trust me I did it and it fucked that bitch’s head up 👿

That said Paul Edwards are his two kids: a girl and a boy.

He has done killed kids – as a shady lawyer in Beverly Hills he does contracts for child traffickers and I heard in the spirit world that him and Veronica even have a dungeon where they torture kids – him and Michael O’ Terrence aka Paul Gleeson – where they await being trafficked in their mansion.

Plenty of innocent people. So have no sympathy.

I saw in the astral plane Barbara Reina aka Veronica Edwards, driving with two white boys, who picked up an innocent, naive young black girl (not a sex worker) and tortured and raped her and stabbed her to death.

These are two – make it three – murderous mofos he need to be take out.

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