The Roaches That Paul and Veronica Edwards Use To Attack People Are Former Victims

The Roaches That Paul and Veronica Edwards Use To Attack People Are Former Victims

This is more accurate:

This is sad and has me crying.

I found out that is the quite possibly real name of David and Barbara Reina, with David going by “Hank” etc.

That said I witnessed this firsthand while in jail in which through my third eye I saw my baby brother get turned into a giant cockroach – with his human head – as well an aspect of myself.

I learned Elegua saw it himself. He wanted to cry I heard.

One of em named “Rosy” wanted to help me out real bad.

They program em to feed off of evil and doing vicious things to people.

This is fucking depressing.

AND when they turn you into a roach “attachment”, that means they will sacrifice you!

These are some very evil fucking people that I am gonna teach you to defeat in the next article.

Their goal with me was to get me in their hell realm as a big giant human faced SQUISHED (they like to perpetually squish em) cockroach and constantly shit and piss on me.

These are two evil and sadistic people with two children.

That said at one point they conspired – her and Michael O’ Terrence whose real name is Bryan Gleeson I believe as learned through my third eye – to, in the physical, turn me into a giant cocokroach, which from what I learned in the spiritual plane is doable.

After all Barbara stole my physical features hence why I went from looking like this:

To this:

My body has suffered tremendously due to this:

To this:

I have natural curves and am curved in the middle. No way in hell I should have an apple bottom stomach!

That said, I won’t lie. This evil, sadistic ass curse has taken it’s toll and I believe – fuck, know – there are many victims.

That said, that is why it is important to report on this as these multi millionaire mofos continue to fleece me – a homeless woman – out of blessings, money, and a permanent home.

No one talks about this brand of witchcraft but me and Imma continue to do so.

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