To Kill The Reinas You Must Unplug Their Consciousness Since They Are Not Allowed By The Roach Realm To Grow Their Own Consciousness

To Kill The Reinas You Must Unplug Their Consciousness Since They Are Not Allowed By The Roach Realm To Grow Their Own Consciousness

Yep you heard it right.

As said here:

I Found Out That The Reinas Get Their Roach Attachments From A Corporation Called Relles In The Astral Plane

They are not allowed by the roach realm they made a deal with as per a Soul contract to grow their consciousnesses and they have to stick to it.

That being said, because they have to feed their roach attachments they have a HIGH amount of spiritual protection, mostly comprised of the ancestors, spirit guides and archangels, saints they stole – and have under mind control using their consciousness eater roach attachments – and they are HARD to kill like roaches.

Thus you have to as explained here unplug their main consciousness which is in the middle of the back of their head as well as unplug the back of the left side of their neck to unplug their roach attachments from being able to defend them so that you can be able to easily defeat them.

You can use 2137 hz to destroy their roach attachments and 1335 hz to restore their original consciousness.

You must also destroy their motherboard which we all have which is attached to the back of their neck in order to render their roach attachments inoperable.

It looks like this:

That said in the back where you see the landscape lies your connection to the astral plane, your part of it where your wealth lies, timelines lie and everything.

It is where the Reinas have all of the wealth and timelines that they have stolen from others located.

That said destroy it to destroy them and get your stuff back.

That said another thing standing in their way is their higher selves.

They look like this:

Michael O’ Terrence’s look like this but slimmer.

David Reina’s aka Giorgios Iacoola’s look like this but with glasses:

“Barbara Reina” aka IIona Occala’s look like this:

She may also use this – a roach attachment of someone’s ancestor – to conceal herself:

“Barbara Reina” is connected to the Red Rosies so she may use this or someone’s entity attachment to disguise hers. She steals folks’ body parts in the astral plane all the time so it is not impossible for her to conceal her appearance.

One time she dressed as my high school teacher Ms Mipro and stole her Soul in the astral plane.

Just remember it is a big fat German woman who is her real higher self and for the rest exactly as described here.

That said at the crown chakra are entity attachments usually connected to the intranquil spirits who have fallen prey to their hell realms which are in part the source to their power.

Remove them to remove their power.

From there you can remove their lifeforce energy from in between their legs and their main consciousness in between their eyes.

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