Do Not Worship The Goddess Hekate She Hates Black People

Do Not Worship The Goddess Hekate She Hates Black People

As a black spiritualist I would NEVER work with that bitch!

She is one EVIL BITCH!

This evil ass bitch has for the past couple of weeks, working in consortium with David Reina, Barbara Reina, Pallet Numbre, with the human looking archangel Michael appearing a Soul piece I believe of a white supremacist himself, has waged a war of terror and destruction against me and my ancestors for the past coupla weeks, stealing my timelines and telling me that because I am black I am not deserving nor worthy of them and giving them to that girl, Rosie, a white supremacist herself who killed my father and mother in their sleep along with my brothers as well as placing my ancestors in the roach realm, is an evil hateful ass bitch. Rosie is the one who stole my timeline – and body – on August 22, 2022, reminiscent of “Get Out.”

While asleep, she and a coupla of other people, including a girl named Ekaterina, went to town on my body and stole my timelines, spiritual abilities, all that!

This bitch made a pact with these people – all white mind you – to keep my spiritual abilities and other things and offer me – and my father – up as a sacrifice to Pallet Numbre, an entity attachment that I have had attached to me who has been hounding me and trying to kill me day and night, telling me that I am a sacrifice!

Imma tell you how this hoe works! Like the Reinas, she is BIG on placing her consciousness, which is bright white in your head to unhurl entity attachments designed to enslave you such as when I awoke with what I can only describe as a “brick” in my head early one morning after being harassed relentlessly by her and Pallet Numbre, who said, “I want you as a sacrifice” after I ‘woked him out my body all night!

Hekate, whose energy signature is white and gold, enjoys using folks energy signatures against them, to attack them. Energy signatures are located at the front and back of people, including entities like her.

She sadistically attacks me, pulling my shit out, placing entity attachments on it, doing the same thing to my spirit team, Higher Selves, Highest self with no peace. If she under attack, she’ll place her energy signature on you to use you as a shield to avoid attack.

I have heard and would not surprised if she does it to her followers.

Hekate is a parasite.

From what I have experienced – and seen – she sets up shop in folks’s heads and tries to take over your consciousness using her energy signature and own consciousness.

1599 hz frequency is key to getting rid of both Pallet Numbre and Hekate – or any other
parasitic entity’s – consciousnesses πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ”‘

From there, for folks she don’t like, she establishes hell realms using pipes that burrows deep in people’s consciousnesses such as what she has done to me, my father, and that girl, Rosie!

When she wants to hide from folks, if she ain’t at Mount Olympus, the bitch will hide in somebody’s body, their Soul such as what she did when she took refuge in Rosie’s body all last week!

That is also how she hides folks she favourites, such as what she did for Rosie all last week.

You can hear here some of the issues I have had with that hateful, evil racist bitch:

That bitch had got me down to where I don’t even have a Soul consciousness anymore in the astral plane and she had me hurling up nothing, pissing on myself – signs that you are dying!

I come up with ways on how to defeat this evil bitch, with using 1500 hz frequency being a frequency to use to dispatch her and her energy signature out the astral plane. 1599 hz frequency can be used to defeat her as well:

After I awoke last Saturday I awoke to hearing Hekate laughing at me after saying, “You have no more spiritual protection.” I felt myself inside a Greek restroom with no walls or door in the astral plane, hoping to trap me in that when I next go to sleep. That is an evil bitch and I describe that happening here:

She killed my spiritual protection and everything. Everytime someone, an entity, comes to my aid she sends an entity attachment to stab them, attack them! She causes me to have intrusive thoughts that are designed to destroy me and my energy body and, since I am operating out of my Soul consciousness and am near death pretty much in the astral plane and am stuck in the mental plane, it is hard to stop and not manifest so easily and that’s scary to say the least!

For the past coupla weeks I been stuck in my Soul consciousness and thus, the mental plane cause of her and the Reinas! They have been doing things to block people from helping me!

It seems that she has ganged up on me with the likes of David Reina and Barbara Reina using astral parasites operating as Pallet Numbre such as Guru 5, and “Rosie the roach queen”, a roach entity attachment to hound me and keep me in hell realms as I been told as a promise to keep me stuck in a place in the astral plane where I could never get my spiritual abilities back again!

I can’t begin to describe the unrelenting terror I have faced from these unseen and unfair forces who have ganged up to make my life a living hell and steal the lil bit I got in life.

She has vowed as she has said in her own words to “Never let me have anything in life” and to never escape the hell realms she places upon me!

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