Battling Hekate Now Reminds Me of The Matrix

She set up a trap in the astral plane that reminded me ALOT of the matrix a coupla days ago, ALOT!

That said I found myself – I felt around – in the astral plane that I was in what felt like a coliseum, a Roman bathhouse with no doors or windows and I could not feel, as usual, my connections to my spirit guides, spirit team etc.

That said, I could hear her like a wicked witch cackling in the background, Hekate, saying, “I disconnected you from your spirit guides and higher selves, ha ha, now you have no more spiritual protection!”

That said I find that this shit is ALOT like the matrix: David Reina, Barbara Reina and now Hekate (along with some girl named Ekaterina) create entity attachment upon entity attachment to invade your consciousness and that is why it is so hard to fight this.

In conjunction with the entity attachments, the “monitoring spirits” that David and Barbara Reina places in the literal back of your head where your consciousness lies – I removed them the other day and they came back with a vengeance – they are designed to do specific activities like computer programs.

For instance the “roach attachment” which looks like a crab called “Pallet Numbre” likes to destroy – and become – your consciousness so that you have to depend on and rely on him for your memories which he will steal at will to cultivate for the Reinas as part of their energy harvesting program and demand you succumb to a Soul contract, which you will inevitably succumb to in your sleep if you sign it!

He remembers everything to a T like a computer program and he reproduces himself as such, making him hard to defeat once he is in your consciousness. He captures and memorizes and steals other signficant things like energy signatures which are very important so that you can only recall shit through him.

He is a very dangerous entity attachment or shall I say computer program to let in so watch out.

He will also take over your timelines which are the bread and butter of your identity and install himself on all the “roads” – hence the term “crossroads” – where your timelines are so that he can boss you around and dominate you in your own mind, your consciousness and block blessings, access to finances especially:

He acts as the “good cop” to the “bad cop” Pallet Numbre who likes to masquerade as archangel Michael wearing breastplates and all!

That said these people – and entities – get access to us via various points of entry into our consciousness such the pineal gland, etc. and then from there insert themselves into the physical back of our consciousness – which look like computer blocks – where they replicate themselves like rogue programs so they can “feed” and siphon off of you to give to the people they contract out to.

In the case of Hekate, I am quite shocked cause this reminds me of what David Reina’s entity attachments do in that they move in then replicates themselves and cause drama with other innate entity attachments in you such as ancestors so they can feed until they get to vital parts of your consciousness, energy signatures etc and then from there cause you not to wake up as what almost happened to me the other night by sabotaging and then stealing those parts as what happened with Pallet Numbre.

That is what I first saw being used to insert these entity attachments into my pineal gland when this curse first broke out!

I have found them but they keep coming back, hence the term, “roach attachments”.

They are the monitoring spirits – Guru 5, “Rosie the roach queen” and her variances, that I have to deal with!

That said, the way Hekate attacks is interesting.

She sends entity attachments to attack and stab you – stealing from Goddess Kali’s power whom I once invoked – everytime I try to get help!

She turned Pallet Numbre into an entity attachment and used him to attack my consciousness by becoming it, putting me under the illusion that I have no spiritual help as well as allowing me to get spiritually raided for my spiritual gifts, etc.

She creates entity attachments like this so that you think you are stuck in hell realms:

I notice that she mimics the voices of my spirit guides, higher selves perfectly.

For the past coupla weeks Her, David Reina, Barbara Reina and Ekaterina along with Rosie have a pact to keep me stuck in hell realms, with their monitoring spirits doing the feeding as well as monitoring, so that I can never rise up and get my spiritual powers back.

I have been told that they have destroyed my physical astral body, took me out of that, shuffled me from timeline to timeline and now from consciousness to consiousness as Hekate is trying and has tried to separate me from that as per a deal brokered with a girl named “Rosie”, who stole my timeline – and body – on August 22, 2022, to steal all my remaining timelines so I can never return to MY timeline or body.

That is how she looks. That is how her Soul looks in my stolen body.

The monitoring spirits have a deal to get paid $7 million spirit bucks to keep me stuck and to cause me misery and hell so they can bring me closer to death. They do this by causing drama especially when I start to rebuild myself by having an entity attachment of my ancestor or family member scream in hell, etc. so that I can divert my attention to that instead of rebuilding myself. If that don’t work, they attack. If I use my own consciousness- they have placed other consciousness in me – to rebuild something they have destroyed, they’ll say something to intimidate me into using my own power = consciousness by saying, “Oh, that’s your real consciousness. We are gonna take a piece of you” to keep you from using your own consciousness.

They set it up so that you can no lo ger find solace in your own thoughts, your own mind.

It becomes a hellscape.

That is why the lady at the beginning of the curse told me to not talk to them or listen to them.

They will also mislead by saying so and so attacked me so I can attack them back then confuse me then manipulate me by telling me that so and so didn’t really get hit.

Meanwhile, in the back of my head there is a set up that your higher selves, spirit guides, are supposed to use that has been overtaken amd commandered by these evil entities so that their “customers” such as Hekate, David Reina and Barbara Reina can watch me suffering!

Hekate has removed and allowed to be killed my parents as well as my brothers from that timeline, taking them out their body and placing them in alternate timelines and, in the case of my parents, outright putting them in hell realms, dispersing them and my ancestors all throughout the astral plane!

I find that one way to defeat her is to take her over a la the Matrix:

That said all throughout the astral plane she has hell realms where she keeps her opponents and sacrifices at in underground holes that are pipes that are designed to make it hard for anyone to rescue them. She has had me and my ancestors and my spirit guides and higher and higher selves trapped here in this plane!

Currently I am stuck in my Soul consciousness and they have been invading my mental plane to keep me from rebuilding my body.

Use 3187 hz frequency to rebuild your body. There is also 1523, 1245 hz frequency, 175 hz and others. 1749 hz

She has said to me that she will vow to steal all my timelines, continue to steal from me, my Soul until the day I die, so I can never get back up!

She has said to me that she “Never wants me to become anything”, hence why she has sought to control my consciousness and attack it along with my spirit guides etc.

I gotta figure out thos bitch’s weakness. She has fucked up my whole mental plane, my whole part of the astral plane and I can’t have that. My spirit guides can’t continue to suffer and I can’t continue to be outnumbered with so many evil forces against me, everyday, every hour, tormenting me to feed off of me and keep me stuck and get paid off of it as well.

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