“Ease” into them energetically and take them over:

I was able to do that to Barbara Reina, David Reina, Hekate (since she is a spirit turned entity attachment), Guru 5, a roach attachment who I found out turned out to be an entity attachment created from a rapist LAPD officer who took advantage of sex workers when I used to copwatch on Figueroa back in the day who is a major snob and talks with a very erudite, eloquent accent (I have actually tried freeing him and both numbres knowing what horrible monsters the Reinas are) and both Pallet Numbres, the roach attachment and the human archangel Michael masquerading one:

I did that to David Reina yesterday, and what I saw was a mousey looking man whose looks are reminiscent of a white George Jefferson from The Jeffersons!

He has a strong dead hateful red energy signature (I think for his Soul consciousness) and I saw him surrounded by books!
That said I took over his body for a second (since I am and have been operating out of my Soul consciousness for quite some time now, a few months) and tried to and I think I did accomplish destroying his consciousness which is comprised of entity attachments and composed of nothing but them and is highly segmented, just as his roach attachments he sicced on me said!

Barbara’s energy signature, or maybe her energy signature for her Soul consciousness, is a white blue. She had a whole slew of roach attachments too, but not as bad as David Reina.

I also saw that the motherboard in the back of their heads, the back of their consciousness, had nothing BUT entity attachments galore:

– It’s supposed to have ancestors, people you know, spirit guides, etc.

I went after her, Hekate.

I was also able to take over their entity attachments which they dispense to devour then control people’s consciousnesses, both Pallet Numbres the roach attachment as well as the “archangel Michael” one and I saw the boxes they derive from in my own consciousness which was placed by the Reinas as well as Michael O’ Terrence when they first connected their roach realm into my consciousness and their roach attachments into my head.

I have also been able to remove – however they keep coming back and replicate like computer programs – their monitoring “spirits” such as Guru 5 and “Rosie the roach queen” and their variances from the back of my head, which I can feel in the physical feels like a computer board.

From what I understand Pallet Numbre can replicate your memories, consciousness, etc. perfectly after yaking you over is because he stole someone’s attribute for photographic memory, another one of the Reina’s victims, him and Guru 5.

You can intranquilize their roach attachments though I don’t know how.

They seem to be controlled by Pallet Numbre, the roach attachment who at one point had as his higher self Michael O’ Terrence’s real higher self as well as previous and current victims, including my dad in some sick macabre way to siphon energy off of him.

Hekate, who has taken over my consciousness, reminiscent of this:

Has been using entity attachments of Pallet Numbre and Guru 5 to attack me (at first it was “Rosie” and her variances) which she has dispatched via entity attachments above my head in the astral realm in my Soul consciousness that dispatch entity attachments of both of them.

I don’t know how they do it?

I KNOW these people – and entities – can’t be thinking of me constantly like that, though Hekate, who had inserted herself as my “highest self” has told me she don’t want me to EVER have anything, etc. hence why she wants to control my consciousness – but how the fuck they have this shit working 24/7? It don’t make any sense to me!

She currently has me to where no one can see me in the astral plane nor find me.

She has a deal with the Reinas to kill me to allow them to keep my spiritual abilities. They themselves have a deal with the roach realm, as seen depicted in their motherboard above to put an alcohol urge curse on me and wait till I drink and after a certain time, they die or, I have heard to change my consciousness as Pallet Numbre tried to do.

I don’t know what’s going on. All I know is I am near death, especially in the astral plane. My lips look blue. These things are taking full bear control though I am fighting them as best as I can.

David Reina the other night through a demonic roach attachment that looks like him removed my spirit guides and higher selves (there is still one) from my head and placed in his).

I feel drained fighting this and damn near dead.

That said, I don’t know how to stop these entities from entering my head and attacking my consciousness.

I already hear from one entity, Guru 5, that he plans to block me from getting back into my original consciousness, as they always plot.

When someone controls your timelines, that’s your life and like Hekate his hateful ass intends to block my blessings, etc. and money by messing with my timelines.

Timelines are key to your path in life and your identity.

I just don’t know how to put a stop to them permanently.

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