Arab Fruit Sellers Are High Level Witches Who Use The Homeless In Sacrificial Rituals

Arab Fruit Sellers Are High Level Witches Who Use The Homeless In Sacrificial Rituals

I caught this the other day:

Yesterday, I caught her talking up a storm to the same young lady:

The young lady is homeless. I see her walking up and down the pch all the time.

That said I saw through my third eye that she was talking up a storm to this young lady to charm her into coming back to her home – their home since she lives with a bunch of them fruitsellers – and put her on a table (as I have seen before) and sadistically chop her up and whip her as per a human sacrifice as seen by a Cuban homeless woman who once worked for them:

To buttress this point, I saw a couple in a red jeep – a blonde woman and another, darker guy, get out the jeep and walk up to the girl to talk to her then go back in the jeep without buying anything from the female fruit seller.

It reminded me of folks who inspect slaves on the chopping block before buying them.

I told you that those mofos are involved in human trafficking. The vast majority of them gangstalkers I see, the people who support and patronize her use her as a conduit to buy human slaves for human trafficking purposes. You can see many of their vehicles here:

– I will add more in the future.

People like this bitch who fucked with me – coward taking advantage of me when I am vulnerable and drunk – the other day then ran off like a coward, fucking with me while still in their vehicle, as can be seen here:

Just like with the bear mace rapist they had a procession going on when she came around yesterday!

– All these mofos are evil looking…..

And this mofo here:

– He ain’t gonna get away with the shit he did last week:

Sexually Attacked And Called Nigger By Arab Fruit Seller

Here is his car, a gold prius:

That shit will not slide.

This him stalking me here about a week before it happened:

Here more of em:

– With the exception of the red car all them mofos are involved in the human trafficking trade they got going on in Malibu. These two as well down here…..

I see these same vehicles passing by – then turning around – everyday!

All those motherfuckers (except the red car). No exceptions!

And I’ll tell ya’ll something as well: watch that farmhouse on the PCH by Topanga cause I suspect that is a hub for gangstalking and human trafficking:

Two weeks ago I saw a lady park right across the street from me. Stay there for a good minute them proceed to walk in the direction towards that store. I see alot of them gathering there. The cars in that pic – I see em around gangstalking me so it’s some type of hub for that shit.

In the past I saw a sheriff there who was drunk getting something out of there at nighttime back in 2017 so they got weird shit going on there.

That’s why after this incident here I could hear that bitch in that fruit truck saying “She should keep her shirt” cause rape victim blame is how predators respond to rape.

That’s why she be sending gangstalkers cause I know what she – and them others – are really up to. his bitch is big on sacrificing the homeless hence why she sent this homeless gangstalker over here yesterday.

– I’ll take they ass out.

And this one here who already taking himself out with a heroin addiction.

– Mofo like that could hurt somebody and get into an accident like that:

– I saw him nodding in and out the other night when this took place here:

White Supremacist Gangstalker In Grey Xterra Calls On Pill Popping Wetback Driving Raggedy Broke Down Truck CA License Plate 63963X2 To Run Me Over

– I ‘woked his ass for that and note how dirty his vehicle is now as opposed to how it was about a month ago from when that took place.

I got sympathy for people like that but if you wanna do that gangstalking shit I’ll take you to the early grave you heading yourself to anyways.

And I think this the same dude from here who gangstalked me to fuck up my birthday:

White Supremacist Racist Crakkka Driving Grey Work Truck With CA License Plate 72470G1 Attacks Me On My Birthday

Yeah, it’s the same mofo…..


Yup, same person.

That’s why I am gonna start putting death ‘woke πŸ’€βš°πŸͺ¦ on mofos cause they gotta learn and for revenge for what happened to Mitrice Richardson and others.

I Am Mitrice Richardson’s Revenge For The Sex Torture Trafficking of Homeless People In Malibu

Whole family here will pay too:

…..With their lives. Ain’t no one resting πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸͺ„πŸ’€βš°πŸͺ¦

And that motherfucker ain’t getting away with that shit:

Sexually Attacked And Called Nigger By Arab Fruit Seller

Saying I ain’t shit cause I am homeless and black, calling me a “nigger” while sexually assaulting me. You gotta go.

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