Revelation In The Astral Plane About The Death of A John Goodard or Goodard By The Reinas

Revelation In The Astral Plane About The Death of A Jeff Woodard By The Reinas

That said, last night and early this morning, I got a sick revelation about the horrific – and I am being very nice here when I say that – rape and murder of a neighbor who lived some houses down – in a big mansion – not that far from the Occalas.

That said four years ago from what I understand a young boy went missing in the area. That would make it 2020.

That said the boy – from what I heard in the spirit world – was approximately 9 years old when he died.

That said I saw the Occalas or is it Reina’s home. I was told they got a cottage and that they live in a cottage or a manor.

From what I understand he was thrown off a bike and beaten with a whip.

That said it unfolded to a scene in which I saw the young man was lying, tied down, to a bed and I saw David Reina aka Frank Occala beating the shit out of him and him raping him at times along with Barbara Reina with a bullwhip.

It was beyond horrible what I saw and words can’t accurately describe the horror and wave of emotions the boy got when I saw those two evil bastards pouncing on him and punching on him.

That said it later unfolded to a scene where I saw him taken out back and get whip unmercilessly and stabbed and pistol whipped.

He was fed dogshit and piss for the next 3 days.

That said I saw them stabbing the boy tirelessly with tire irons and burned and stabbed in orifices with knives and from what I understand a round object around his rear to pull out his intestines and show it off to other people that are into brutal child porn.

That said I was then shown him being forced to kiss one of their kids. From what I understand the boy was not willing but their daughter was. When the kid refused, they beat the hell out of and threw him in a dog cage. From what I understand they teased him by burning him with flat irons and poker sticks.

That said I then was shown him being forced to have sex with a dog. I saw that dog mauling him and mutilating him while they were whipping him at the same time and at certain points stabbing him with knives and poker rods.

They had that boy crawling around like a dog for days.

I then saw the kid, sitting atop Barbara Reina wearing a dildo contraption and forcing the young boy to plead for his life, I saw him crying saying, “Please let me go” and “don’t do this” as he bounced up and down her by force.

I then saw him being let out of a dog cage while she told him, in a very taunting, mocking, motherly voice, “It’s okay. Come to mama baby and give mama a big kiss.”

That said I was shown how they killed him. They pistol whipped him amd forced him into a car, whipping and stabbing him along the way and then I saw them shoot him and bury him in a huge hole.

I then saw them – I think this was astral – cut him up, and have his body parts strewn all around and placed in one of their hell realms.

That said I was shown more horrible things they did to him. At one point they cut off his penis.

I was shown that they were showing it off to crowds of people, a throng of people while they gad him situated on a table which I felt was a pub in the basement which acts as a social gathering.

They call it the Alton social club or Exeter club. It is also colloquially called the wonderland social club.

That said I then saw these evil motherfuckers stick tongs in the kid’s mouth and proceed to pull out his teeth and tongue and proceed to anally rape him.

I was then show that they proceeded to tape him with sharp knives, hot pokers and mistletoe.

I then saw them showing the snuff film to various people and selling it.

That said I was shown that he never made it back to 1222156 Darabont Drive.

That said what I witnessed what was done to that poor kid was one of THE most HORRIFIC things I could have ever encountered.

That said these motherfuckers need to be dealt with.

From what I understand they have two residences:

1724 Beverly Drive (where his law office is at) in Beverly Hills


133131 A Agoura Hills or Agoura or Agoura Way or Alhambra Way in Malibu, CA.

I also got 1555146 Agoura Way in Malibu.

This is how they look (this is NOT them) based on what I have seen in visions and in dreams:

I was told this is how he looks but he is a skinny guy who wears glasses with a somewhat big odd shaped head.

Based on what a psychic said this could be Barbara Reina aka IIona Occala:

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