Harassed By Real Evil Spirits For The Past Couple of Days

Harassed By Real Evil Spirits For The Past Couple of Days

Ever since releasing these articles, I have been getting harassed BAD by their sick ass evil ass entity attachments:

The Identity of Veronica and Paul Edwards Finally Revealed

Astral Vision Shows That Veronica Edwards aka Barbara Reina With The Two White Boys Rapes And Murders Young Black Girl

To Destroy The David and Barbara Reina Curse Destroy The “E” and “Z” On Mars That They Made A Deal With In The Astral Plane

About Michael O’ Terrence The Malibu Shaman And His Connection To Human Sacrifice And Celebrities

I Finally Found Out The Names of The Two People Who Cursed Me: Peter Frank Occala and IIona Occala

The Occalas And The Network of Psychic Black Magicians They Work With: Barbara and Joel Hipps and More

That said for the past coupla nights I have been getting harassed BAD by these evil ass roach attachments that the Occalas have sicced on me!

I haven’t been able to sleep for the past coupla days the harassment has been so severe.

I’ve been trying to get info on the Occalas and find out more info on them and what is going on with them.

I’ve been trying to find out their names, info and anything else that can put them out on front street and stop the evil ass shit that they are doing, both in the physical and in the spiritual.

That said this is some sick shit that they are doing, involved in and I vow to get to the root of what is keeping this shit going, and how to stop them!

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