To Defeat The Occala aka Paul and Veronica Edwards Curse Destroy Their Hell Realms On Mars

To Defeat The Occala aka Paul and Veronica Edwards Curse Destroy Their Hell Realms On Mars

A coupla days after releasing this article them bastards did sonething to intertwine their roach attachments and subconscious I believe with mine to create a hellish existence for my spirit guides and Higher Selves and spirit team:

Just unplug em!

Everything in the spirit world is connected to an extension chord so just unplug em 👍🏻

That said they have already attempted to kill off one of my spirit guides by turning her almost wholly into a “roach attachments” using red Victorian era dressed “Edgar suit” roaches wearing human skin that are connected to a pink “pallet numbre” that may or may not have been my former subconscious:

That said those victorian era dressed entities are vicious and are big into human sacrifice.

That said I think what is happening is is that they took over my former “pallet numbre” and thus their consciousness and his realm by using their own entity attachment used to control consciousness – at one point it was connected to his consciousness that he dubs “Christopher Case” that wears glasses and looks like this:

His also looks like the guy on the tarot card:

That said they are going to try to disguise themselves as much as possible in the astral but here is how they look:

A close approximation of how “Paul Edwards” aka Albert Occala looks:

He looks more like him with glasses as seen in the astral:

Based on what I am hearing in the spirit plane this may. Just. Be. Barbara Reina:

That said their “pallet numbres” that are supposed to record memory (in their case destroy it) look like this here:

And here is how his looks (based on what I know now I think they might be mine):

Based on what I am seeing he’s done mixed his subconsciousness with mine and took mine and attached it to his. It’s confusing.

That said I know a while back using the “red rosies” that derive from Barbara’s hell realm he created an entity attachment of a consciousness within my greater consciousness that looks like this:

They used an entity attachment to enter my pineal gland that looks like this:

Here are the entity attachments the Occalas use to render other folks’s entity attachments “tranquil”:

Barbara Reina:

David Reina:

Paul Edwards aka Albert Occala works with an entity named “Gooru” who controls a Gooru realm in the astral. His name from what I understand is Alex Mendoza III and he looks like this:

He drives a van that looks like my Chevy Astro:

This is how his conciousness looks:

This is how his consciousness connector looks:

That saod you see that consciousness you know he has done connected his connector to yours!

That said, when these motherfuckers curse you their entity attachments never give up!

You gotta put the fear of God in them by cutting them off from their life source to stop them.

Sone folks found it to be their hell realms, etc.

They connect their entity attachments – and clouds of consciousness – to yours and then energy siphon off of you – stealing blessings, timelines, spiritual abilities etc and put it in their entity attachments of clouds of consciousness and then drain you until they kill you in their sleep.

Like I said it is an invasion of consciousness in which you have to approach very scientifically and methodically to fight back.

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