I Finally Found Out The Names of The Two People Who Cursed Me: Peter Frank Occala and IIona Occala

I Finally Found Out The Names of The Two People Who Cursed Me: Peter Frank Occala and IIona Occala

This is how they look.

This isn’t him but he looks similar with a Mr Peanut head:

This could be IIona Occala:

It took ALOT of deep meditation and contemplation (apparently these mofos got a TEAM of spirit entities and evil higher selves and entity attachments and entities working for em) to try to get this information.

The name of Barbara Reina aka Veronica Edwards is IIona (neè Sodenberg or Steinberg) Occala and the name of “David Reina” aka “Paul Edwards” is Peter Frank (or “Hank” as I heard in jail one time – I heard “Barbara” say “hush” when I heard it) Occala.

They live in – he works out of Beverly Hills as a lawyer out of this address I believe here:

1724 Beverly Hills Drive Beverly Hills, CA

And he lives in Malibu at quite possibly

133131 Alhambra Way or Agoura Hills or Agoura or Agoura Way in Malibu, CA.

This could be their number:

That said the law firm he quite possibly works out of or at or owns is Tisley or Tinsely and Associates in Beverly Hills.

His entity attachment named “Gooru” he works with’s real name quite possibly is Michael Huevas Cuevas. I heard in the spirit plane he was a former neighbor he ‘woked using the same entity attachments he used against me:

David Reina And Barbara Reina and Michael O’ Terrence Made Deals With Entities Called “E” and “Z” from Mars To Invade People’s Minds and Kill Them In Their Sleep

The entity is a roach attachment of the real person living in a hell realm, just as he got my dad – running around tied up and butt naked – whom he calls “cockmeat”.

IIona Occala also has a psychiatrist living in one of her hell realms she dubbed “Erin Brockovich” whom she used to see – and I heard in the spirit realm – used to complain to about her two children, whose names I found were Chris Occala and Eevie or Evelyn Occala, who has the same crescent moon, peanut head head shape as her daddy.

They go to a private school as seen in the astral plane.

For the good part, I used to notice alot of eyes on me in Malibu.

You may remember it from these articles here:

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– I knew about them back then.

That said, he runs a blog called The Compost Daily or the Interwebs Daily (my money is on Compost Daily) where he posts about human sacrifice and child sacrifice and murder that he and others are involved in in Malibu on the dark web.

That said both him and IIona get paid handsomely to put black magick on and use in human sacrifice rituals people by celebrities and other people up that way.

They were trying to sacrifice me for a long time and, as I heard him say via the astral plane in a coffee shop: he stated that “I am already a sacrifice.”

I heard IIona Occala meeting with Native American shaman Michael O’ Terrence in a coffee shop as well:

About Michael O’ Terrence The Malibu Shaman And His Connection To Human Sacrifice And Celebrities

That said from what I have heard and experienced in the spirit plane they work with a sort of network of people which I will talk about later.

These two motherfuckers I have reason to believe are the worst of all of em.

They have a body count of I believe between 17 to 25 people that they have done killed – usually for their spiritual powers and abilities – including a girl from Destrehan, La – and gotten away with it.

I have many of their past victims who reach out to me who those two evil mofos done sacrificed in their sleep, including a young Mexican girl who worked at Walmart who I witnessed one night being chased by Peter’s entity attachment – a giant head that looked like Captain Spaulding and running away from entity attachments of people – including my grandma and brother, Bryan, whose entities they done killed – and their ancestors every. Single. Day.

These two individuals are pure evil and are dangerous and need to be taken out.

Astral Vision Shows That Veronica Edwards aka Barbara Reina With The Two White Boys Rapes And Murders Young Black Girl

You Gotta Kill Paul and Veronica Edwards In Their Sleep To End The Curse

That is why I want their information and their faces and I won’t stop till these mofos are put of business.

If you saw the horror realms I saw they got, you would be hell bent to take their asses out to.

Those people don’t deserve it.

I’m gonna reveal more as I get it.

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