David Reina And Barbara Reina and Michael O’ Terrence Made Deals With Entities Called “E” and “Z” from Mars To Invade People’s Minds and Kill Them In Their Sleep

David Reina And Barbara Reina and Michael O’ Terrence Made Deals With Entities Called “E” and “Z” from Mars To Invade People’s Minds and Kill Them In Their Sleep

These motherfuckers need to die for this shit cause I nearly died in my sleep the other night – after they stole my spirit guides and higher selves and placed them in David Reina’s head – after they decided it was time to harvest or as they call it – I heard this is lingo between David and Barbara Reina and how they treat their victims – poppycock me and kill me in my sleep, with at one point hearing David Reina’s entity attachment that came part of the deal he worked with an entity called “E” say “Hey bitch” as he came through my window to take me to his hell realms…..

That said I figured out how their curse works: They cut a deal with an entity called “E” and “Z” and another entity called “Pallet Numbre” who takes the form of comic book heroes, Archangel Michael etc. He looks like this:

His face looks more like this:

To go and collect people’s Souls and find folks with strong spiritual abilities and powers and condemn them to his hell realm in his head as well as in the back of his subconscious mind. He also has various hell realms implanted in the heads of his many victims.

He starts off – at least in the past and probably in the present – your Higher Selves as he did mine – a child – and promising them great wealth and fame when it was really to finesse me of my blessings.

He then turns that Higher Self into a “roach attachment” by using a string of clouds of consciousness like this – which is how your consciousness looks:

and condemning them to various hell realms which looks like this:

These clouds of consciousness are helmed by giant, smushed roaches in the astral plane that feeds off of consciousness.

That said from there – I told you all this is a complicated curse that can’t be solved with sage and water – he uses them and an entity called “E” that is a shapeshifter from Mars which, this is how his looks:

It looks more like this here:

– Be careful cause he is also using my dad’s consciousness – as well as an entity attachment of him which he got placed in his hell realm – to attack people so make sure you don’t mistake my dad for this.

Use 925 hz frequency or any other transformative tool to find out the truth!

Barbara Reina’s looks more like this:

    – After she kills a victim she inducts the “magickal” part of them into her astral witch coven that looks like that.

    Michael O’ Terrence’s case he uses Pallet Numbre the human appearing one as well as his higher self, who is pure evil and has a deal with that same realm:

    – He looks like this guy here but skinny:

    And compromise the person’s astral DNA right here:

    From there they compromise your consciousness by bringing in an entity, also from Mars, named Pallet Numbre, which is a “roach” attachment that appears as a giant ugly brown catfish:

    – He is used to take over the consciousness of an ancestor or family member so that he can get into your DNA line and become that ancestor and wreak havoc, this making it harder to kick his ass out – as well as the curse.

    Who then takes over your consciousness by devouring your memories especially etc. and then from there they place your consciousness – a giant head – in the roach realm in YOUR head so that your ancestors can’t see where you at and allow you through a very complicated process to get attacked, energy vampired off of, drained of your blessings etc. until you have no consciousness left.

    Once you have no more consciousness, they pull you out your body – in some cases as David Reina tried to do to me place his hell realms in your head as well as the greater part of your consciousness – and place you in his head, his wider consciousness so that he can feed off of you for the rest of your afterlife as you exist in one of his hell realms.

    They do this in part by removing your timelines from your consciousness. When he did this to me I felt the consciousness drain from my head.

    When they are ready to kill you, they also remove your spirit guides and spiritual protection – your Higher Selves etc. – from your head as they have done to me.

    They usually place folks in the WORST hell realm you can imagine – Pallet Numbre – where folks writhe around in his stomach acid for the rest of their afterlives, being stuck on saying one word – over and over – since the roaches he works with like to feed off of folks consciousness.

    From what I understand they put the curse on me in 2014 – a spirit guide they took said 2011. However I found out – and saw – that a bunch of people in Malibu – including celebrities including from what I was told including The Rock (I honestly can’t see him doing that cause he has helped me out in the astral plane one time) and Zendaya and an hispanic executive at Time Warner – and a woman named Hoda Miller, surfers sold me for $20,000 to a million each to kill me and my family in the astral plane by offering us up as sacrifices and to get our spiritual abilties, etc.

    That said from what I learned of David Reina – and have seen – he looks like this guy here:

    But with a gumby shaped head – he works as a lawyer in Beverly Hills and lives in both Beverly Hills and Malibu – where they got an apartment that is beige colored where they do their dirty magick at – and he does shady contracts and writes them for shady people like child traffickers and drug dealers.

    He has two children.

    Funny in Barbara Reina’s head she has what is called “the pedophile realm” in her head which she at one point placed in mine.

    Barbara is a big fat German woman who used to be – or is – a nurse and is a very jealous, fat evil spiteful bitch.
    David Reina runs a blog on the dark web where he shares his evil exploits in the astral realm – and the evil shit he puts on people – on.

    The thing is both these mofos are worth millions of dollars but like to steal the blessings of poor homeless folks like myself.

    The key to defeating this curse is to unplug them from your head.

    At the beginning of the curse they will attach an entity attachment like this:

    To the back of your head so that they can insert their astral parasites – that look like viruses and various other things – to the back of your head.

    They will literally press buttons on your astral body to turn your inner world “out” so that you can physically feel the attacks from the astral plane. They keep the roach attachments in so that they can insistently keep you compromised.

    From their Barbara and David Reina’s Higher Selves, entity attachments, Soul consciousness etc come in and terrorise you and turn your spiritual protection against you.

    That said from there your existence becomes hell on Earth in your own mind.

    They manipulate your own consciousness and roads to economic power and blessings to get blocked, they have your own spiritual protection work against you by using astral parasites to mess with your heart chakra, head by causing negative intrusive thoughts that manifest quickly in the astral plane (if I just have one negative feeling it hurts them), thus causing problems – they learn the ins and outs of your thinking process so they can attack you – making it very difficult to think and thus do the detective work – which is requisite – to free yourself from this curse.

    I can’t emphasize how evil this curse is.

    The way this curse works is is that once they have compromised your pineal gland using a connector like this:

    They will then attach their hell realm subconscious motherboard to yours so that their higher selves, entity attachments can invade, write the “story” of your life and steal your blessings and keep you stuck to the curse.

    In the case of Barbara Reina I keep hearing in the back of my head “I want you to have nothing and I want you to be nothing”.

    David Reina has even written on my life that he wants me to be a “crackhead” amd drug addicted as curses on my life.

    Their ultimate plan is to have me stuck in hell realms in my head, my consciousness and have me stuck in homeless shelters, mental hospitals for the rest of my life, as they aim to do with most of their victims.

    They – in part – attach their subconscious voice, their higher self in the subconscious mind, to your subconsciousness through an entity attachment like this:

    And from there as I said before – they infiltrate your Higher Selves and become them – mixing them with their consciousness
    – and using your connection to them to siphon your blessings, money etc.

    This morning I jumped into Barbara Reina’s consciousness – she has a white blue energy signature – and stole back all my shit.

    The heart of your consciousness looks like this:

    But couldn’t.

    That said this is one EVIL ass curse and David Reina – having unwittingly and unknowingly used me as a protege for years on the pch and a lil while before then – before he beseiged me with the curse – I had no idea I was putting this on people.

    At least 7 times I almost did not wake up in my sleep, being stuck in hell realms etc.

    It integrates their evil entity attachments – and invades their consciousnesses – with their Higher Selves, making it hard to tell who is who!

    And don’t get me started on how these evil roach attachments they afflict you with place entity attachments upon entity attachments, INNUNDATE you with them, in your head to harass and pull and knaw on your head every day and night, spit on you – a sign of someone having curses placed on em – led by Pallet Numbre – so these things can feed until you have no consciousness left.

    They will even have their pallet numbre integrate with your consciousness to destroy it.

    That said this is an evil ass curse to afflict someone with, being terrorized in my own head, day and night by these things and feeling the PHYSICAL effects of it. That is why I look like this:

    You can’t even have your thoughts to yourself without these things attacking it – and the origin of it. Laughing at you as they cause unseen entities – including entity attachments of your ancestors they done stole and replicated and even entity attachments of your own consciousness – to torment you. They put entity attachments in your timelines designed to torment you so they can “feed”. It is impossible to fight these things off cause they are constantly, CONSTANTLY attacking you in your own head and conduse you by using your own entity attachments against you as well as placing entity attachments that you don’t know if it is what or what to attack you with, such as an entity attachment called Ekaterina, supposedly the higher self of one of their victims, who has been attacking me and fleecing me day and night!

    Don’t let me get started on how, after getting rid of them, they keep coming back and back.

    It’s hard to get rid of them.

    I’ve removed them from the back of my head, I’ve destroyed their hell realms, gone after their E and Z and David and Barbara Reina’s hell realms.

    They like to open your consciousness up so that entities can attack you. That said when I have ran these things out, all the evil entities and spirits can’t get in!

    Nothing works it seems.

    From what I understand her lower self is nice but her Higher Self is an evil energy vampire who likes to pretend to help people then steal their blessings, etc.

    It has affected my family. One time I could hear Michael O’ Terrence’s higher self luring my mom and dad to his hell realm – a roach motel – in the astral plane while in jail.

    That said, 2 weeks later, when I got out, I spoke with my mama over the phone. Her voice sounded DRASTICALLY different.

    I asked her my brother Kristen is doing. She said, “Who’s Kristen?” That is when I KNEW this curse was real.

    A week later, I rescued them in the astral plane.

    It’s hell and no one talks about this type of curse, having your blessings constantly stolen and having to PHYSICALLY protect it in the astral plane.

    On top of that they block you financially making it hard to make money during the process of this curse.

    I have seen some of their past victims and what they had to deal with, including a past victim who hung himself cause of this evil ass curse!

    They got me down to where I am merely my Soul consciousness in the astral plane and thus near death and that is scary!

    It’s sick.

    It’s hell but I am hell bent to talk about it.

    They plan to attack me day and night every time I talk about them, expose them for the best of everyone so please pray for me.

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