I Destroyed These Roach’s Hell Realms Now They Want To Reestablish Them In My Consciousness

I Destroyed These Roach’s Hell Realms Now They Want To Reestablish Them In My Consciousness

I felt a difference right after I did it.

I felt a loss of power coming from them after I did it.

I found – and destroyed – their hell realms.

That said their hell realms are the source of their power and if you don’t destroy it, these things WILL KEEP trying to get back in your head and get back in your head once you have ‘woked em out as I did awhile back:

That said years ago I used to see realms like this – and entities like that – occupying Malibu:

This is how it actually looks as seen thru my third eye in the astral plane:

I talked about them years ago, mistakenly but very accurately calling them “sacrificial heads”:

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I had no idea.

That said, these are what you call “clouds of consciousness” which is how our consciousness looks in the astral realm which these roach astral parasites take the form of – one of which the many forms they take in the astral realm. It is via these clouds of consciousness that these roach attachments pose as to “consume” humans into their world which are usually terror worlds filled with parasitic entities designed to allow these parasites to feed off of people by terrorizing them in various horror scenarios, including what they call the “psychopath realm” filled with giant cockroaches and people who get turned into psychopaths by these things who torture others, “living furniture” realms such as Pallet Numbre’s realm and many other roaches’ realms filled with people stuck in roach acid who perpetually squirm around and say phrases over and over again because their consciousness is stuck in their bodies, a realm which one of the many Reina’s victims such as one nicknamed “Erin Brockovich” – I believe a psychiatrist for Barbara Reina – succumbed to:

as well as other “living furniture” realms where a certain spray is used to turn people into still alive “furniture”, such as what was used to compose the “Swarmi Brothers” boat in the astral plane!

There are realms where folks are turned into giant slugs as can be seen here, as what happened to my father, after having roaches take them over, realm where folks are surrounded by and eaten by giant roaches, such as where my baby brother Bryan’s Higher Self as well as my other baby brother Kristen were being held, and where giant roaches pose as humans such as when they took over my ancestral lands in the astral.

This here depicts the realms I have seen:

The Roach Realms of The Astral Plane And How They Cause Schizophrenia

There are hell realms where it is constant violence such as where David Reina and his roach attachments stuck my baby brother Kristen and where folks hunt other humans, folks hanging from meat hooks and eaten by giant roaches such as one of David Reina’s many hell realms where he placed my mom and dad and roach motel hell realms such as one where evil magician Michael O’ Terrence’s Higher Self placed my dad abd mom at, whom I promptly rescued a long time ago at the beginning of this curse, the one where Rosie who stole my timeline – and body – on August 22, 2022 placed them again at.

That said I ran into these entities years ago in a dream. I saw the “clouds of consciousness” ones in outer space, speaking to me using the sultry voices they use, such as “Rosie the roach queen’s” voice.

Based of what I just experienced, I am starting to piece together what I am dealing with.

From what I understand, these super parasites may come from outer space as I saw in that dream years ago and as I saw through my third eye one time when trying to figure out the provenance of these things when I was just in the initial throes of enduring this curse.

They establish Soul contracts with folks like David Reina, Barbara Reina, and Michael O’ Terrence to find people with great spiritual powers and abilities and to leech off of them, energy harvest them and/ or kill them in their sleep.

In the process they cut them off from their spirit guides, Higher Selves, archangels as they have done to me!

From what I was told these things have established contracts with and got paid alot of money – $7 million one told me in spirit money which is equivalent to $7 in the physical realm (I was told that is ALOT to a roach) – to attack me as well as other poor people on the PCH.

They have established their hell realm near the PCH in Malibu as I have seen a long time ago and are connected to alot of rich people to do their dirty work so as they told me:

The Roach Realm Rules Malibu

Based on what I have seen, I believe they have used Barbara Reina’s consciousness to do it:

I know – and can hear – these things yelling out to Barbara or David Reina for “help” at times – which from experience makes me think I and other victims are connected to a tube to these things – and their customers such as the Reinas – so they can make sure they get their money’s worth as can be seen here:

That said, when I destroyed these things’ hell realm, they went RIGHT BACK to Barbara Reina’s consciousness as I heard via that connector entity attachment last night.

There is an entity attachment at the back of your consciousness for spirit guides, higher selves etc to tune in which these things along with Barbara and David Reina have commandered to watch their destruction of me:

This is how David Reina looks in the astral. I think it’s his entity attachment:

This is how he looks in the physical, a close approximation as with Barbara Reina:

That is how she looks in the astral as I have seen her a couple of times.

These things, the minute you THINK of them, they appear.

Somehow these things use memories, thoughts, consciousness as portals to enter yours meaning if you meditate on them or so much as even think of them, they instantly enter your consciousness and body thus making them a nightmare to deal with – and hell to keep out!

I found that when I destroyed their hell realms, they lost their ability to do that!

That means their hell realms are their source of power and the key to defeating them is to get rid of them. They even mentioned a group of Native Americans who got afflicted with them who broke free by doing just that.

They destroyed Pallet Numbre’s realm, which is where they were gonna end up as I talked about earlier.

Pallet Numbre the roach attachment:

Pallet Numbre the “human”:

The human appearing one I believe – who poses as archangel Michael – is the higher self of the roach attachment (these roach attachments have many Higher Selves including those of their victims) – is in charge of them and is also I believe originally a shadow spider as I once saw one time when I was in the initial stages of this curse when he tried to take me over!

Based on what I have experienced, it seems that “Pallet Numbre” the roach attachment controls the others – which includes a giant roach named “Guru 5”, “Rosie the roach queens” etc. – as when I removed him from my astral body, energy body once, the voices and attacks STOPPED!

Pallet numbre is also associated with Michael O’ Terrence’s consciousness, from which he is dispatched from as part of a deal. He is used to attack your consciousness – then become it – slowly – or quickly – killing you to death.

Like I said before these things are super intelligent thus making it a highly dangerous curse to get rid of. They manipulate your mind to get to ALL or as many parts of your consciousness as possible so they can destroy you and once you remove em, they keep coming back and it is HARD to keep their asses out.

Thus making the destruction of their hell realms the only answer.

That said in my case, given that they commenced the curse in 2014, they attacked my Higher Self which was a child to get to me. They made her sign a Soul contract for wealth and fame which was really designed to give my blessings over to them, as they have done to so many others.

To this day they make entity attachments and roach attachments of her.

BTW if they are making entity attachments of somebody or roach attachments it means the person is stuck in a hell realm such as with my baby brother Kristen who was turned into a burnt skeleton (whom I first saw behind Barbara Reina, dressed as a nurse, in a dream in 2014) after being stuck in one of David Reina’s hell realms, one of which involved constant violence being committed against people which I saw while staying in a shelter a couple of months ago:

Archon Attacks And Could My Brother Have Been Turned Into A Reptilian

I Got PROOF That A Skeletal Archon Entity And A Demon of Lust Are Around Me Fucking With Me

Don’t Be Fooled By Evil Entities…..

She been using an entity attachment of brother made to look like David Reina on the outsise to attack me.

The reason why I bring her up is because, as I saw in the astral plane last night, these evil roach entities turned her into a sacrifice and placed their hell realms into her via Pallet Numbre installing his consciousness into hers, which I promptly removed. That is how they got to me.

This is how the roach parasites dress, like my Higher Selves:

This is the consciousness, I believe it is originally Barbara Reina’s, they use to take over someone’s consciousness.

– inside the timelines are people in there, which are your ancestors, people you ran into, etc.

I notice these entities are big on sacrifice, as at the beginning of the curse, I was told by Rosie’s entity attachment, the woman who stole my timeline and body, and a group of others that I was meant to be a sacrifice and designated as such by these evil beings. This is how Pallet Numbre installs his consciousness into someone else’s head as was done to me last night right before you are killed in your sleep:

This is what I saw attacking those Native Americans that night:

I Saw The Astral Entities That Turn People Against Me

They look like this when they travel into your consciousness:

As told to me by a Cuban shaman, when you see animorphic entities, that is the sign of a curse.

When I have seen them through my third eye, the “psychopath curse” entities appear like this.

I was told they are in fact giant roaches and, as I witnessed one night was done to my parents, former, previous victims.

Once in your consciousness, these things morph to whatever they want to hide so they can’t be detected and removed.

They usually hang out where your consciousness is and are used to allow other entities like Pallet Numbre and other entity attachments over time to allow them to kill your consciousness, separate you from Higher Selves and ancestors and then kill you!

The other day after I removed them I noticed that entities like Hekate and them COULD NOT GET BACK IN!

That said, it seems that when Barbara Reina and David Reina entity attachments took over my spiritual DNA after removing my Higher Self, my Higher Self became mixed with Barbara Reina’s on the side that controls my ancestors, which is how Hekate was able to take control. From what I have seen I believe that Higher Self is stuck in a hell realm, more than likely a roach realm which I took her out of awhile back.

From what I understand she has a similar contract with the Reinas with their roach realm to destroy me as well, making her extremely powerful in addition to having robbed me and others of their spiritual abilities.

She also causes you to have intrusive thoughts designed to undermine you AND your spiritual protection.

Speaking of which, I saw in the astral plane that David Reina had droves of books written designed to keep people from defeating his curse.

I discuss the significance of writing books in the astral realm here:

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

Last night I pulled her arm out the astral plane and scared the shit out of her ass, letting her know I don’t take shit with her racist ass:

Do Not Worship The Goddess Hekate She Hates Black People

I was told that when she inserts her entity attachments in white people’s consciousnesses she is nice but when she is put in black folks’s consciousness she is evil, pure evil!

She wants to take over so she could block my blessings, make me really poor and block me from returning back to my original timeline – and body – that I lost on August 22, 2022 to a white girl named Rosie while using me for energy harvesting, with her getting my blessings while I get stuck with this curse.

As I type this her, an entity named Guru 5 and Pallet Numbre are plotting to steal all my timelines so I can never get back to MY body and MY life!

As I said at the beginning, Rosie’s entity attachment said I am condemned to be a sacrifice:

A sacrifice for all these white folks to pilfer off of and from.

Also she has a split personality and will appear as nice but place entity attachments of her designed to destroy the fuck out of you.

Another thing I have observed with these entities is that in addition to being very methodical and sophiscated – having contracts with folks who they make deals with – in addition to taking you over via your thoughts, memories, emotions about them – they are big on control and will impose alcohol urges while tricking you into drinking (I was told that they hate when people give into the urges they impose because David Reina thinks that it is stupid, showing me the sophisticated relationship they have with magicians making deals with them).

I am realizing that they are used by David and Barbara Reina to take things from your consciousness and insert them into David and Barbara Reina’s consciousness via your connection to them through transfer.

In part that is what they use the connectors for:

They also as they have done to me wholly insert their consciousness into your full consciousness, main consciousness.

They also seem to have the same voice boxes and they spund like robots at times, making me wonder where they are in the astral plane.

When they are in you it will feel like an extra something in you and that is because their consciousness is in yours, taking up space in your head and body.

One thing about these things is, they hate to go intranquil. Intranquilize them.

Also as part of the curse something is done to turn your inner world out so they can manipulate it!

They also forbid those who they make deals with from developing their own consciousnesses – the deal is is to give them other folks’s consciousnesses in exchange for the person’s whom they sacrificed – so they can get Souls – and consciousnesses – to feed off of in the afterlife after the roach attachments kill the person.

This is how hell realms of theirs exist in David Reina’s, Michael O’ Terrence’s, Barbara Reina’s consciousness who wanted to place me in her consciousness in a hell realm at the start of this curse when she aimed to sacrifice me.

They use those roach attachments to infiltrate parts of your consciousness that allows you to connect to folks, people, other entities and different planes of existence.

As I type this now I can hear past – and future – victims of theirs suffering in the astral realm.

As I type this now I am extremely compromised, down to the rudimental aspects of my Soul consciousness to where I almost have none after fightong these things. I have had help from my poor beleagured spirit guides and Higher Selves, whom they have attacked in their sleep in addition to Oludumare, God, Jesus and every other God, entity, including Goddess Kali.

I am severely wounded and am being hidden and disguised in the astral plane by these things I believe so I can get no help as I am getting closer to death – if you see how my astral body looks you will know what I mean – and therefore no help.

Ever since I destroyed their hell realms last night, they are trying to place their hell realms in me which I am fighting.

I heard that Barbara and David Reina intended to keep me trapped in hell realms for the rest of my life (since they can’t kill me) and as I type I am trapped in a hell realm of theirs that seems hard to get out of, almost impossible.

These things are extremely sophisticated. They jammed my ability to use frequency against them which I have compiled a list of to use against them here:

Fighting Off Evil Roach Attachments And How To Defeat Them With Frequency

You can’t kill a spirit but you can kill off their Source of power.

Find their hell realms, especially Pallet Numbres and eliminate it.

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