The Roach Realm Rules Malibu

The Roach Realm Rules Malibu

That’s why they are so evil, satanic and selfish out there.

Imma tell you all why I got ran out of Malibu:

The Roach Realms of The Astral Plane And How They Cause Schizophrenia

I remember once when I was working on my car, after I was done working on it, folks who I had NOT talked to, spoken with started coming out the WOOD WORK SAYING, “Good job!” It’s cause their consciousness I now understand was invaded by these cloud looking entities, representations of folks consciousness, but unintranquil as they say, conscious type entity attachments in the astral realm.

They have been put into the minds of people by folks like these:

I heard in the spirit realm – and as once seen in an astral vision – that David Reina looks like the fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi:

A ring of Satanists who from what I also understand have been kidnapping people off the PCH who are homeless with light in them and sacrificing them.

I heard David Reina or Joel Hipps – these evil entities confuse me – even went as far as to sacrifice the Nebelung cat I used to take care of while I was around there, which I saw these satanist doing in the spirit realm:

This lady a while ago spoke of how homeless folks were being kidnapped and used in Satanic rituals and the local cops out there have a hand in transporting those people to said rituals, hence why they are a close knit but satanic community:

Man Says There Is A Cover Up of Women Going Missing In Malibu Involving Sheriffs and Local Government

They hire folks amongst the homeless even to stalk and and groom those who are homeless primarily with light in them as part of a program called, “Project Green Wall”:

They did it after I left, after I got ran out.

They hated the people that I brought with me because they have light in them:

Hence this.

The three shirtless follks – Kadijah, Sam, and Erika who from what I understand are under the energy Gooru, aka David Reina have no light in them, hence why they are accepted by that Satanic community.

Calling Out The Two Big Built White Girls And Tranny Walking Topless On The PCH

I actually heard though that they had a squadron of angels around em, till Barbara Jo Hipps, pictured here, stole them away from them:

I was meant for something more, hence the perpetual gangstalking:

I Am Mitrice Richardson’s Revenge For The Sex Torture Trafficking of Homeless People In Malibu

That said, use you all’s third eyes to eradicate them to bring – and rid Malibu of the Satanic mofos – and their energies – that are ruling it.

That said, these entities enter via the pineal gland or third eye to attack.

They will post up via a lifeline diaganolly to the right side of your pineal gland:

They created various holes in my astral body in an effort to a “robot” as I talked about here:

Astralworld 7: Breaking Barbara’s Machine

They primarily attack the pineal gland and third eye especially and the more advanced ones attack your astral DNA and make themselves your “ancestors” and “family” to attack:

There is a whole science to this:

The Pineal Gland Is KEY To Breaking This Schizophrenic Curse

Connect your pineal gland to your third eye via visualization or your third eye and imagine light cleansing your consciousness and your astral DNA. I will even go as far as to say imagine tentacles being created from your mind’s eye extending from you to a crystal like selenite (which is damn effective for this) that blocks and transmutes negative energy and placing that energy in your third eye and pineal gland so as to block out these negative entities from getting in.

I notice that selenite as seen through my third eye is highly effective for blocking negative energy.

Superman’s lair was made of Selenite:

That said protect yourself with that crystal.

Play Zakaos Frequency (they HATE that) and take magnesium tablets to fight them off if they have invaded your brain, your mind:

They caused me to get raped – so I can rely on them – when I started using this dual combo, it’s THAT effective:

Exposing The Rape Parties At The Manor On 1905 Pico Blvd

Also take salt baths! That combo nearly killed em πŸ‘πŸ»

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