Fighting Off Evil Roach Attachments And How To Defeat Them With Frequency

Fighting Off Evil Roach Attachments And How To Defeat Them With Frequency

The more you fight em, the more sadistic they become and roach attachments such as the ones I am dealing with – monitoring spirits Guru 5 and “Rosie the roach queen” whose visage was stolen from a previous Higher Self – are notably
sadistic, especially the Rosie one.

Roach spirits feel ENTITLED to feed off of you anf stay on you to do so! I have been fighting them off for awhile and it is getting to a point where they have defeated and separated me from my Higher Selves, including my Highest Self, God and even going as far as to separate me from my astral body in layers as part of a sadistic contract they have with Barbara and David Reina to keep me from rebuilding my Soul, energy body so that I can not get my powers again and with Hekate having an agreement with “Rosie” from the August 22, 2022 where my body was stolen so that I can never get back my timeline, with her even going as far as to steal my timelines – which causes “brain death” in a person and can kill a person – so that I can never get back to my original timeline.

The entities I am dealing with are extremely sadistic and are hell bent on keeping me stuck in hell realms in the astral plane by attacking my consciousness so that I can never rise up and get my powers and abilities, even physical attributes (hence the raccoon eyes) back.

These things come out of the walls and pick at me, stealing vital parts of my consciousness as Guru 5 did one day and it seems there is no end in sight with these things.

Most notably I wonder who is
controlling the show!

Based on what I have experienced – and seen – in the astral plane – these roach attachments, primarily Guru 5 and “Rosie the roach queen”, are the driving force who are keeping me at odds with entities in order to continue to sadistically “feed” off of me.

Back in the past if I had removed an entity attachment I would hear them call out to Michael O’ Terrence’s higher self and say, “Michael, I need to feed” like lil kids so he could put entity attachments so they could continue to feed.

Now it is, “Hey, Hekate, we need to feed” and next thing I know – she usually, like they all do, do the worst attacks at night when I am sleeping, will place THE MOST SADISTIC of aby entity attachments upon me. The driving force is the Hekate from the August 22, 2022 timeline who is “protecting” Rosie by keeping me out of my body! Her modus operandi is to dig holes and bury her opposition – she likes to from what I understand – and have experienced – energy vampire off of people – and place them in hell realms in the astral plane and even their own consciousness (she has droves of them in her own consciousness filled with her opposition and people she energy vampired off of as well as sacrifices such as my own ancestors). She has even sicced other Hekatea from other timelines, including an evil one with nothing but sacrifices, from one timeline where I never break free of the curse, which is where they tried to send me.

When people try to help me out she sends sadistic entity attachments of herself and others to kill them. 1749 hz frequency heals wounds in the astral plane.

125 hz breaks Hekate’s pipeline as I call them hell realms and 165 hz destroys hell realms completely!

From what I understand David and Barbara Reina have an agreement with this roach realm to sacrifice usually down on their luck, innocent but spiritually powerful people (there is something about the blood of innocents that in and of itself encases spiritual powers and they deem those who are down on their luck as being cursed and already condemned, as was the case with me because of Baron Samedi).

From what I understand they are not allowed to grow back their consciousness but wait for these “roach attachments” like Guru 5 and primarily Pallet Numbre – the roach attachment as well as the one who parades as archangel Michael who I think is the Soul piece of a Southern preacher who goes by “Yahweh” in the astral plane who work to dull a person’s consciousness – with the roach attachment being used to “endear” itself to people by usually having an ancestor turned into Pallet Numbre as was done to my father – so that they can get into your bloodline, then YOUR body, then destroy your consciousness by becoming it after devouring it – blocking your finances and all as is being done to me – with them ultimately dulling your consciousness so that it is not strong enough to resist coming out your body!

These roaches are super sentinent and autonomous and I believe to a large degree they run the show and perhaps the consciousness of the people they contract with.

All I know is that it has gotten to the point where I barely have any consciousness and am close to death.

These things have done alot to hurt me and other people, family and friends (as a warning I was told by my spirit guides to warn Deputy David Clarke that these things will be coming for him in 2024 – DO NOT TALK TO THEM – they are funny and entertaining but that is how they get to you). They mess with the consciousness of the entity attachments inside of you like ancestors and spirit guides to fuck you up and throw you off, confuse you and manipulate you as they have done to me (they create entity attachments of them).

Somewhow I am connected to their realm and these people – and entities – can see me and what I am doing and what is going on from the astral plane.

That said here are the frequencies to get rid of them:

Zakaos frequency renders them inert, immobile.

735 hz frequency cleanses and removes bad energy. I think it’s 745 hz frequency.

945 hz frequency pallets or bricks an entity, forming a brick like structure around them that is a jar in the astral realm.

1445 hz frequency intranquilizes them then turns em into living furniture.

925 hz frequency can be used to see a deceiving spirit’s real form.

7794 hz frequency can be used to destroy a spirit.

1322 Return to real timeline

1532 hz Thanos snap

1749 hz heals wounds

1443 hz frequency return everything ever stolen from you

2532 remove astral blocks

1333 hz Rid Pallet Numbre consciousness in me

1357 hz Removes entity attachment consciousness

1373 hz Monitoring spirits

1246 hz runs monitoring spirit’s consciousness out body

1787 quick money wealth

1755 remove entities front

1444 hz rids wonoloers

12000 hz brings ancestors

1945 hz quick rebuild

1545 pop somebody back

3187 to 3193 Liquid Rebuild

333 hz reset consciousness

3545 hz Runs monitoring spirits away intranquilizes them

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