I figured it out. See, in my consciousness, the way it is set up is, at the top is your connection to spirit guides, higher selves and Hekate placed a giant head on top of mine designed to – as David Reina intended – keep me stuck in hell realms and ultimately, try to pull me out my body and kill me as was almost done a coupla days ago.

It’s been a hellish past coupla days – and hours! Earlier tonight I finally remove Pallet Numbre from being in control of my timelines, which made it so that I stay stuck in the curse.

It is why things were grabbing me from the walls and attacking me, picking on me, s5ealing bits and vital usually pieces of my consciousness, etc.

He was placed there by David Reina and Barbara Reina and Michael O’ Terrence as part
of a deal to rape me of my abilities by stealing them and, thus, keeping me stuck in hell realms.

I also saw that the location for “Guru 5” and other roach attachments was by my timelines around my body which look like this:

That’s what I mean by how we all have a “roach realm” in us.

I removed him last night and when I did, he said, “I demand you feed me”, as a threat with evil ass eyes!

It was the roach attachment.

He proceeded to try to steal my timelines again, devour them then try to take my consciousness over, which was extremely scary!

I removed him somewhat and then I woke up to having Hekate try and take over my consciousness, injecting “pallet numbres” into my consciousness:

For victims of her she likes to incorporate “Mount Olympus” into one’s consciousness. She portrayed herself as the “good” Hekate and proceeded to insist that she stay in my consciousness.

From what I heard and have witnessed she is no longer in the spirit world and is now, like a parasite like Pallet Numbre, hopping aboard people’s consciousnesses to take over and dominate – and feed off of.

In the middle of the night, just now, I awoke and felt outside my consciousness and felt a brick damn near filling it where it is supposed to be.

It is scary to have no control over your consciousness.

This is being done in part because I feel that the monitoring spirits that are constantly surrounding me, sent by David and Barbara Reina such as “Guru 5”, “Rosie the roach queen” and her various avatars and monikers, that seem to be aspects of “Pallet Numbre” and are from his roach realm, like to be fed and that is through constant misery, grief and suffering non stop!

These things have been trying to kill me in my sleep for the past couple of days.

I believe they are the driving force behind this because, every time I escape an entity attachment, they’ll say to Barbara and David Reina in the astral plane “We need to be fed!”

They seem to be connected to them like this:

That is how I can hear the Reina’s in the astral realm and how I believe they are connected to me, explaining how these evil monitoring spirits allow the Reinas to watch what I go through, like a show, a snuff film in the astral plane.

That said, I am constantly hounded and attacked by David Reina’s entity attachments, with his consciousness at one point being saddled to mine in the astral realm so he could directly put his entity attachments in.

He looks like this:

That said, in your consciousness are holes that allows you to contact your spirit guides in the physical and mental plane in your Soul consciousness and an entity attachment called “Hekate” changed it to where nothing but dragons and demons exist and my spirit guides, Higher selves got ran out.

It’s been hell trying to call on “God” or “Jesus” for help since, because I am only operating in the mental plane, I can only rely on entity attachments of Gods operating using MY consciousness and since my consciousness is so compromised, God can’t help me! The God within.

From what I understand, David and Barbara Reina made a deal with these entities to keep me suffering and placed in hell realms in my own mind so I can never escape the curse and sp they can keep my spiritual abilities and blessings.

They have made a whole pact with a corner of the astral realm known as the “roach realm” to steal folks’s abilities and powers, usually innocents.

In the case of Hekate from what I understand she made a deal with a girl named, “Rosie” in another timeline who stole my abilities, blessings and body on August 22, 2022, to steal ALL my timelines so I and my family and ancestors can never return to that timeline – ever.

As I said before Hekate seems to be, like Pallet Numbre, an astral parasite, that likes to invade and take over people’s consciousnesses. From what I have attested to she likes to build holes in people’s consciousnesses and place their ancestors, family in there as punishment or to hide them!

I recall before I had issues with her she created supposedly an entity attachment of herself designed to help me and the Reinas took and warped it so I don’t know what to think.

I am pretty confused at this point.

That said it is gonna take a major cleansing to get rid of this. With a curse like this you have to approach it mechanically and scientifically. I did here a list of frequecies to dispatch them:

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

These things have done something to my consciousness and energy signature (and the energy signature of the frequency) to block me from being able to effectively use them but a few.

Again, I fight these things off and they get stronger and worse.

I gotta figure out the energy signature of Pallet Numbre to figure out why it is so strong!

I almost feel kinda helpless at this point but I have to strive to fight another day or else I won’t see one with these evil things in me

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