You Gotta Kill Paul and Veronica Edwards In Their Sleep To End The Curse

You Gotta Kill Paul and Veronica Edwards In Their Sleep To End The Curse

That is how Paul Edwards and Michael O’ Terrence, the native american Malibu shaman looks, but the middle one I think is who Veronica Edwards is.

I ain’t gonna lie. I have had a violent whooping cough ater revealing these series of articles, meaning I am getting closer to finding their true identity.

To Destroy The David and Barbara Reina Curse Destroy The “E” and “Z” On Mars That They Made A Deal With In The Astral Plane

The Roaches That Paul and Veronica Edwards Use To Attack People Are Former Victims

The Key To Defeating The Paul And Veronica Edwards Aka David And Barbara Reina Curse Is To Aim For The Subconscious

The Possible Identity of Veronica Edwards The Bitch Who Cursed Me

The Identity of Veronica and Paul Edwards Finally Revealed

I saw in the astral plane that they quite possibly live at:

13313 Agoura Way or Agoura Hills or Alhambra Way in Malibu or Calabasas.

That said the key to killing them is to use their own entity attachments against them.

I am too compromised- with their roach attachments in me – to do anything.

Like I said in other videos, we all have entity attachments of God, Jesus, Kali Ma and anything – everything else – that live in us.

Paul Edwards has a red black energy signature – largely due to the deal he made with the roach realm:

He looks more like this in real life but with a gumby head:

That said use your energy – or if you are an empath via visualization, energy, Soul, spirit swapping etc.- get into their minds, their consciousness and become one with their spirit guides (be careful cause they have stolen many from others as they have done mines like a week ago and early this morning) and USE THEM to kill him in his sleep, which is during regular sleeping hours such as between 1am to 5am (he gets up for work at 7am or 8am).

He has heavy spirit protection from the realm he works with.

Like I said I am EXTREMELY compromised. I can’t really do shit.

To get over that, unplug his connection to his motherboard in the back of his head where the subconscious mind lies, on the left hand side then proceed to kill him in his sleep by removing his consciousness, as well as his Soul, which can be through his feet or the back of his head.

Do the same to Veronica Edwards, who could be this woman here:

She a fat stout German woman and in real life, a nurse. This is a close approximate of how she looks:

That said they started the process of killing me by sending “death” roach attachments my way, designed to wholly kill me in my sleep. I even heard them in the astral plane give the orders for the green light.

Just this morning I felt my body’s system die down. It was slower than usual. I could feel ALOT of my lifeforce leave my body.

I felt like an old person in hospice care.

This is no longer about money.

These bastards have set it up that I die in the astral plane. I recall at the start of this curse Veronica Edwards doing something in the astral plane – actually her roach attachment who was actually named Mathilde McPherson – an ancestor of mine who she put in the roach realm and turned her astral body into an Edgarsuit for cockroaches, as I saw last night in a nightmare – or her higher self – to make it hard for me to break free of this curse.

Earlier in the day – actually a coupla days ago – in the astral plane – they have the Malibu shaman Brian Gleeson aka Michael O’ Terrence working with em – after revealing their identities, they decided to really come for me.

Ever since – I have felt – such as one night – tiny hands of Michael O’ Terrence’s or Paul Edwards’ ancestors, combing me, picking at me like demons, and removing my consciousness till I was down to my Soul consciousness energy, which I lost yesterday. Ever since it has been a freefall where they have raped me of EVERYTHING in the astral plane, including my spirit guides and spirit protection.

I tried to build myself up last night and they tore me down.

Apparently they made a pact to keep my astral body destroyed so that I can never get back up again and fight them.

This means they want me to be near death.

That said, now they are trying to pull me into one of their hell realms as I sleep and quite possibly replace me with a roach attachment as I saw in the astral plane last night where they did that to a policewoman and another lady.

That said they did to my parents from one timeline and, the way these roaches looked is the scariest shit I have ever seen, as one spirit guide and a Goddess told me.

A bunch of spirits told me.

That said, from what I have heard – and seen – in the astral plane – these evil mofos don’t stop
until they energy harvest off of you all the way then they kill you in your sleep.

That said, you gotta kill them. It is the only way to end the curse:

Michael O’ Terrence looks like Lou Diamond Phillips and Wes Studi.

Get em!

Their roach attachments are designed for conquering the world via consciousness. I heard in the astral realm they plan to “take over” Santa Monica (they already got Malibu) and the rest of Los Angeles using their roach attachments.

David Reina And Barbara Reina and Michael O’ Terrence Made Deals With Entities Called “E” and “Z” from Mars To Invade People’s Minds and Kill Them In Their Sleep

I went to a coupla spiritual stores recently and found they were out of black candles, which are good to ward off black magic and evil.

That said, they gotta go. Their roach attachments rely on them to “feed” them for survival. They are the hosts. Get rid of these motherfuckers so no one else has to deal with what I am dealing with.

Becareful cause they got folks ancestors,spirit guides, etc. in spirit jars in the astral plane, especially Michael O’ Terrence.

In the middle of the night, the lights went out all of a sudden.

I heard that meant death was coming for me.

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