The Identity of Veronica and Paul Edwards Finally Revealed

The Identity of Veronica and Paul Edwards Finally Revealed

I think that Arianne and Hank (I heard the name “Hank” while in jail) Thompson or Thornton may be their name based on what I have seen and heard in the spirit world:

That said I saw how another one who is involved – whose name is either Michael O’ Terrence or Brian Gleeson – look:

Lou Diamond Phillips:

Wes Studi:

He has the facial structure of Lou Diamond Phillips and the face of the actor, Wes Studi!

That said after I made this video here – and after I almost escaped the curse this weekend – these evil ass spirits, namely Pallet Numbre, the roach attachment, is hellbent to keep me stuck to it:

The Possible Identity of Veronica Edwards The Bitch Who Cursed Me

Just as Michael O’ Terrence’s higher self said, “I want you to stay stuck to this curse.”

– Identifying that boy in that article seems to have set things off.

That said they got me in the astral plane to a point where I am barely my Soul consciousness, not even.

Help me.

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