Astral Vision Shows That Veronica Edwards aka Barbara Reina With The Two White Boys Rapes And Murders Young Black Girl

Astral Vision Shows That Veronica Edwards aka Barbara Reina With The Two White Boys Rapes And Murders Young Black Girl

I got word in the spirit world the girl’s name is Alyssa Atunde.

I had a hard time uploading this which I don’t really have with other videos….

I saw this not too long ago.

It starts off with me seeing a white tiled kitchen, light blue tile on the walls and some wood panneling and I see cholorox bleach, ammonia and blood stains and two knives.

This was not a flight of fancy or a mere dream.

That said, I then see Veronica Edwards in a car with two young white boys. They were driving and I saw them pick up a young black girl off the corner who was wearing from what I recall jean jacket and skirt. She was not a sex worker.

Quite possibly Veronica Edwards.

She gets in. From what I recall they turn down a corner and go into an alley and rape the girl repeatedly for hours on end then end her life with knives.

I saw alot of shit about these people I stay talking about.

I saw one with a military haircut, bald, and another who is involved in the dark web coven they got going on (it just came to me that they are on the dark web cause they do human and child sacrifices, as their own roach spirits revealed to me). Here is how one of the guys involved looks and sounds:

From what I seen in the astral plane he looks like a mix of Nick Carter and Machine Gun Kelly:


I heard from someone he looks more like Shawn Mullins.

He called at the commencement of this curse!

That is how I know this shit is real.

That said, after revealing this info they have REALLY been sending their roach attachments to attack me in the astral plane, fucking up my body and everything.

They almost killed me like early this morning:

You Gotta Kill Paul and Veronica Edwards In Their Sleep To End The Curse

That said Imma need you all’s prayers to survive.

You gotta kill these mofos in the physical as well as the spiritual to end this curse.

They have ALOT of protection from the roach realm they made a deal with:

To Destroy The David and Barbara Reina Curse Destroy The “E” and “Z” On Mars That They Made A Deal With In The Astral Plane

But I teach you all how to get rid of them here:

The Key To Defeating The Paul And Veronica Edwards Aka David And Barbara Reina Curse Is To Aim For The Subconscious

– To kill them in their sleep become “one” with their spirit guides.

The voice for his consciousness is ironically, Buddha.

That said that is how we can take these evil mofos out.

I have seen in the spiritual realm as well as the physical that they have killed SO many people so it is high time to annhilate these mofos from both the physical as well as the spiritual plane!

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