What Is The Difference Between the Male Nipple and the Female Nipple

Can you tell me what is the difference between this and this:

Moobs vs Boobs


Well, the former, to the left, belongs to HIM – a man! And the other belongs to ME, a womyn!


Moobs 2

What is the difference? Somehow our modern society, where it once was considered taboo and crass to wear bikinis in public, where it was once considered crass for A MAN to be topless in public (look at old motion pictures before 1936 – when it, “male nipples” were legalized), now deems any showing of the female areola, nipple as “obscene”.


When I was driving down the pch (presumably) today, right past LAX airport, I noticed a string of men trolling the beach, riding around, driving around, bicycling on bikes, all or most “shirtless” Man Shirtlessyet people would make a big deal about ME, 20140515_130342 stop and stare, look every chance (or watch whenever they wanted while slowing down) – or talk as one nice gentleman did with me yesterday – all because I had my breasts out, sticking out. Why make such a big deal?? I guess the answer lies in the objectification, sexual and even – to an extent – racial fetishization and sexualization of the female breasts by the male gaze, indoctrinated into us by a society founded on (unfortunately) and based on the puritanical morals of christians aka hypochristians who saw womyn a whores and inherently evil with dirty bodies (as in sexually “impure”) not open for “public “consumption!

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